Avoid Caffeine 

Avoid caffeine consumption at night. It is a stimulator that may affect your sleep quality.


Fix sleep and wake time.

It helps to adjust your internal clock for better and deeper sleep.


Do Not Drink Alcohol

Ingredients present in alcohol may disrupt your sleep pattern as well as your quality of sleep.


 Make bed comfortable 

Comfortable beds help improve sleep quality and make your body feel relaxed.


Make sleep environment.

The environment should be dark and cool for a better sleep environment. Switch off bulbs and AC on.


Avoid liquids before bed

 Fluid consumption just before bed may increase the chances of a washroom. So avoid it.


Avoid Workout At Night

A workout just before sleep may stimulate and create disturbances. So avoid it just before bed.


Meditate a little bit 

Meditation makes your mind calm and reduces stress; overall, it makes your sleep better.


Manage smartphone usage. 

Blue light can disturb your sleep pattern and make you feel awake. So try to avoid late night usage of device


Keep room temperature low.

A cool room makes you fall asleep earlier than a warm room. So manage your room temperature.