Tip 1

Use Ketoconazole Shampoo

Using Ketoconazole repairs dandruff and help to keep scalp clean. There are various shampoos available in the market

Tip 2

Do Meditation

Stress is also another reason for hair fall. For healthy hair you can do pranayama, basic stretching and prayer.

Tip 3

Eat Healthy

What you eat is what you are. This is the basic requirement to maintain healthy hair. Eating fruits and vegetable  instead of snacks can makes your hair healthy

Tip 4

Socialize with others

When you socialize with others, it leads to reduce stress and less stress means healthy hair. Due to busy schedule, we forgot to being friendly with others

Tip 5

Using Chemical & Hair Drier 

Too much heat on hair lead to hair fall and using chemical promote hairfall. Make sure that you're using chemical free shampoo

Tip 6

Keep Scalp Clean

Dirty scalp increases chances of hair fall. Some people bath regularly but they do not wash hair regularly.

Tip 7

Regular Oil Massage

Oiling hairs regularly keeps your hair nourished and if it done with organic coconut oil, then it would make your hair thick.