Can you eat bananas in a cough?

Let's figure out!

Yes, it is completely safe to eat bananas in a cough.  Provides hydration, loaded with essential vitamins and other nutrition.

Is it safe ?

How to take bananas in a cough?

1. Chop 1 banana and add 1 tablespoon of honey. 2. Add lukewarm water and (sugar if required).

Benefits of taking banana in cough.

1. Easily digestible:- They are easy to digest. 2. Loaded with nutrition:-They contain Vitamin C and other nutrients. 3. Soothing:- The softness provides a soothing texture.

Some do's while taking bananas in cough

1. Stay hydrated 2. Consume a little bit of honey 3. Take enough rest

Don'ts to follow

1. Limit caffeine 2. Avoid direct exposure to cold air 3. Seek medical attention.

Fruits and berries you can eat in a cough.

– Papaya – Kiwi – Apple – Berries