Step 1

Buy PC, WIFI connection, printer, and coding knowledge:-

PC with 8 GB RAM, WIFI speed minimum 30 MBPS and little bit technical knowledge required to start online vegetable business

Step 2

Create a website and App:

Can you imagine an online business without Website and App ? If you want to build your personal brand then website is important

Step 3

On-field vegetable market knowledge

Market knowledge means you have to study the price fluctuation of vegetables according to season.

Step 4

 Buy Net and Poly bags:

Net bags are eco-friendly and specially made to pack veggies. Using net bags instead of plastic gives good impression on customer

Step 5

Vegetable Weight Machine

When a customer orders veggies then you have to measure the weight of veggies according to order size, at that time small weight machine is required

Step 6

Delivery boy

The vegetable business is purely based on the delivery system. Initially hire 2-3 delivery boys who are ready to work with you.

Step 7

Wheeler(Vehicle): Delivery boy

Initially, you can take 4 wheeler on rent for business. After some profits, gradually invest in vehicle


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