Top 8 Exercises for improving your push up test.

Baby pushup

 If you're a beginner, then start pushing up by keeping both knees down. After maintaining proper form, do proper pushups and increase intensity and counts.


Planks make your core strong; beginners can start with 30 seconds and increase the duration over time. 

Shoulder press

Dumbbells are best for shoulder presses. Understand the correct form and gradually increase the number of repetitions. 


Pull-ups focus on your back and biceps, which improves your overall push-up. Gradually begin with 2-3 pull-ups if you're a beginner.


Diamond pushups are best for triceps building. Tricep dips can also help with this. 

Bench Press

Bench presses are best to build your shoulders and chest. 

Chest Press

Perform the chest press by using a barbell or dumbbell as per the weights suitable for you. It helps build muscles that make your pushup journey easy.