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Can Neutrogena Sunscreen be used as a Moisturizer?

Can Neutrogena Sunscreen be used as a Moisturizer? This question may arise if you are left with Neutrogena sunscreen and lack of availability of any moisturizer.

In this blog post, we are going to explain whether you can use Neutrogena sunscreen as a moisturizer or not and some other topics as well.

What is sunscreen, and how does it work?

How does sunscreen work on your body

Sunscreen is a skin care product that creates a barrier on the skin so that the UV rays that fall on it reflect or scatter. UV rays are harmful to our skin, and they cause sunburn and increase the risk of cancer and premature aging.

When should I use sunscreen?

When you should use Sunscreen

Everyday: If you are American, applying sunscreen should be a habit for you because even on cloudy days, UV rays may cause skin damage.

30 minutes before sun exposure: Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you decide to expose it to the sun.

Reapply every 24 hours: If you sweat heavily, it is recommended to apply sunscreen every 2 hours, and normally every 24 hours because sunscreen vanished due to water.

Swimming or sweating: If your sunscreen brand claims that it is water-resistant, it is still recommended to reapply it after swimming because using a towel removes the sunscreen.

During extended outdoor activities: If you are engaged in intense outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, or other sports, then it is recommended to use sunscreen regularly.

After Toiletries: Applying sunscreen just after toiletries may be a good option because wiping activities may wipe off your sunscreen.

Note: It doesn’t mean you have to apply sunscreen all day; just check whether your sunscreen has been wiped out or not; if so, only you have to apply it.

What is moisturizer and how does it work?

Moisturizer is a skincare product designed to hydrate and nourish dehydrated skin types.

When should you use moisturizer?

On cold weather: During colder months, cold temperatures may make your skin dry because they strip the skin of its natural moisturizer. It’s crucial to apply moisturizer, especially on cold days.

Hot shower: There are chances that hot showers strip your skin of its natural oils, which is why it is important to use moisturizer after a hot shower.

Dry air: When you spend most of your time in an air conditioner, your skin gets dry and loses moisture. That’s why it’s important to use moisturizer.

Sun exposure: It has been seen that without proper sun protection, skin gets damaged which results in dry skin.

Aging: As we grow older, the capacity of our body to retain moisture decreases. That’s why it’s important to use moisturizer.

Dehydration: This is the biggest reason behind dry skin because when the water quantity in your body decreases, your body loses moisture, resulting in dry skin. It is important to drink 7 to 8 glasses of water to avoid skin dryness.

Can sunscreen be used as a moisturizer?

Can sunscreen be used as a moisturizer

The use of sunscreen as a moisturizer depends on your skin. If your skin is normal or oily, then you can use sunscreen as a moisturizer, but if your skin is heavily dry, then sunscreen may not work.

This happens because sunscreen contains a few ingredients that are used to prepare moisturizers, whereas moisturizers are manufactured just to provide hydration to the skin.

What is Neutrogena Sunscreen?

It is a skincare brand that provides various products and sunscreen is one of them. Their sunscreen comes in multiple formulations like sticks, lotions, sprays, and creams. 

Ingredients used in Neutrogena sunscreen

We classified the ingredients of Neutrogena sunscreen into two parts: active ingredients and additional ingredients.

Active Ingredients (chemical filters): These are the combinations of chemical filters and blockers that are responsible for providing sun protection.

Active Ingredients (physical blockers): Under this, the two main ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which help to reflect the UV radiation.

Additional Ingredients:- 

Glycerine: to retain water so that skin remains hydrated for a longer period.

Ceramides: They are also a moisture retainer and work as the skin’s natural barrier.

Botanical extracts: They work as antioxidants for the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid: It is a hydrating ingredient that helps keep your skin moisturized.

Can Neutrogena Sunscreen be used as a Moisturizer?

Can Neutrogena Sunscreen be used as a Moisturizer

Yes, you can use Neutrogena sunscreen as a moisturizer, but first, you have to check your skin type because Neutrogena sunscreen only works on oily and normal skin as a moisturizer and not on heavily dry skin.

As per the ingredients given above, we can clearly understand that Neutrogena can be used as a moisturizer.

Please note: If it is still hard to find moisturizer in your area, you can prepare it at home by following the remedies given below.

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The homemade moisturizer you can prepare easily

Homemade Moisturizer

These remedies are effective for dry skin and easy to prepare at home in a few minutes

Coconut oil and aloe vera moisturizer


  • Two tablespoons of coconut oil
  • One tablespoon of aloe vera gel

How to prepare

  • Take a small bowl and mix aloe vera gel and coconut oil until you get a smooth, creamy consistency.
  • Apply a small amount to a dry skin area.
  • Massage properly so that moisturizer gets absorbed.

Honey and Yogurt moisturizer


  • Two Tablespoons of unsweetened yogurt
  • One teaspoon of honey

How to prepare

  • Take a ball and mix yogurt and honey.
  • Apply this paste to your dry skin area.
  • Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Olive oil and Shea Butter moisturizer


  • Two tablespoons of Shea butter
  • One tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil

How to prepare

  • Microwave the butter so that it melts.
  • After melting, cool it down to room temperature and add olive oil to it.
  • Mix it well and refrigerate it for 30 minutes.
  • Apply this paste to your skin.

Home-made moisturizer vs. Commercially prepared moisturizer

Homemade moisturizer works very well on your skin, but the problem here is that the shelf life is shorter as compared to commercially prepared moisturizer.

We have given you a homemade moisturizer recipe so that you can use it until the commercially prepared moisturizer is available in your area.


Can you use sunscreen like a moisturizer?

Yes, but first understand your skin type, and you can use it temporarily.

Can you use Neutrogena sunscreen as a lotion?

Yes, you can use Neutrogena sunscreen as a lotion because it has hydrating properties.

Is moisturizer with SPF the same as sunscreen?

Moisturizers with SPF are similar as compared to sunscreen, but they are not the same.

Can I apply powder after sunscreen?

Yes, you can apply powder after using sunscreen.

Final words on Can Neutrogena Sunscreen Be Used as a Moisturizer?

Yes, you can use Neutrogena sunscreen as a moisturizer, but first, you have to understand your skin type. If your skin is heavily dry, then you should not rely on Neutrogena sunscreen to solve your dryness problem.

You should use Neutrogena sunscreen when your skin is normal or oily, but avoid using it on dry skin.

In the above blog post, we shared some homemade remedies that you can prepare in a few minutes with just 2 to 3 ingredients.

If someone asks, “Can Neutrogena Sunscreen be used as a moisturizer?” then I would recommend first checking your skin type and then deciding.

Thanks for reading.

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