Nowadays, calculating BMI is a tedious process. That’s why we are here to help you out by giving easy to use FREE BMI calculator and complete an analysis of your BMI chart. 

So let’s begin.

What is BMI?

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, BMI is a fat percentage numerical value that is calculated based on height and weight. 

How do I calculate my BMI?

On given below FREE BMI Calculator, first, you have to enter your age, and later, you have to enter your height and weight. Click on the submit button, and you will get your BMI graph under fitness calculation. 

Based on this, you can seek consultation from your healthcare professional. 


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Categories of BMI?

Sr NoWeight CategoriesValue
2Normal weight=18.5-26.9
3Overweight= 25-29.9
4ObesityBMI = 30 or above.

What can I do to maintain a healthy weight?

Eat multiple food options; do not rely on just one food. Take a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, fats, and lean proteins.

Take limited processed food. According to the NHS, processed food contains a high amount of sugar, fat, and salt, which is not good for maintaining a healthy body. That’s why it is recommended to limit your intake of processed foods. 

Stay Dehydrated: Here is the recommended daily water intake according to HSPH Harvard.

Sr NoAgeGenderDaily Water Intake Recommendation (In Ounces)
11-3Both (Male & Female)32
24-8Both (Male & Female)40
39-13Both (Male & Female)56-64
414-18Both (Male & Female)64-88
519 and aboveMen  104
619 and above Women 72
7Not DefinedPregnant women 80
8Not DefinedBreastfeeding women 104

Do regular workouts. Most of the time, we escape by giving various excuses, but working out is good for our physical and mental health. Send at least an hour a day outside for cycling, swimming, walking, etc. 

Take plenty of sleep. Always aim for high-quality sleep for 7 to 9 hours. It not only supports your overall well-being but also influences your weight. 

Do meditation:- various research and studies have shown that meditation and yoga make her body fit and help to manage your weight. 

Track your health for motivation: set a target for one month on a piece of paper and observe weekly progress. As you progress, you will feel motivation internally.

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