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Kylea G Weight Loss Journey. Lost 208 pounds without medication. 

When we think about weight loss, it seems like an impossible journey, but here we are going to talk about “Kylea G. Weight Loss Journey.”. 

I mean, this is an inspirational story for all those who want to lose weight and be in good shape.

That’s why we recommend you read the entire blog post to understand the mindset and the efforts it takes to lose 208 pounds.

Who is Kylea G?

who is kylea g

Kylea G is a famous personality on social media and went viral when she shared her weight loss journey without any medication or supplements.

Most of his followers appreciate her in the comment section of her social media handle. She always emphasizes prayer.

What was the first step Kylea G took?

the first step of kylea g for weight loss

In one of her videos, she said, “I went to Jesus; I did.” She started her journey on July 7, 2021. At that time, she was addicted to food, and she was unable to move her legs and arms independently. 

After prayer, what did Kylea G do for weight loss?

After prayer, she made changes in her nutrition. She said that she joined Weight Watcher on 5/7/2021. After joining the Weight Watcher, she realized the importance of healthy eating, and later on, she made a gradual change in her plate.

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What are the changes she made to her diet?

She understands the importance of gradual change; that’s why she switched from fried chips to baked-top drinks. Later on, as the days pass, she shifts from Dr. Paper to a diet and sugar-free soda.

She also restricted herself from eating sugar-oriented foods like desserts and cookies. To follow this discipline, she won’t allow anyone to bring this kind of sugary food into her home. 

Did she continue to drink sugar-free soda?

No. After certain days, she shifts herself from sugar-free soda to carbonated water. She continued this for two weeks. 

In this journey, she never thought that she wanted to lose weight overnight; she always wanted a sustainable, lifelong weight, and for this, it took time.

Potato Fry Recipe explained by Kylea G

What did she take after carbonated water?

At last, she switched herself from carbonated to regular water. Now you might be thinking, What if she directly switched from Dr. Pepper to regular water?

Now here is how human psychology works: if you bring about change instantly and forcefully, then maybe you can follow that discipline for certain days, and after that, you will be back to normal. That’s why she took baby steps to shift from Dr. Pepper to regular water.

Apart from fluids, she eats throughout the day.

After getting comfortable with regular water, she can move herself on her own. Now her legs and arms are free, and she has lost some pounds. Later on, she started taking vegetables in the morning as breakfast and went for a long walk with the music. 

What is the mindset behind Kylea G.’s weight loss journey?

the mindset to lose 208 pounds

If you read the above journey, you can observe that Kylea took a small step instead of taking a big step at once. According to her, first, you need to be comfortable at one level before jumping to the next. And this is the core mindset behind her weight-loss journey.

What does Kylea G recommend for those who want to lose weight?

Do not compare yourself with others because everyone has their uniqueness, and the methods followed by everyone are different. Every individual has a different body type. She added that it takes time to achieve your dream weight-loss goal.

How much did she lose weight on this journey?

She lost 208 pounds with dedication and hard work in her weight-loss journey. 

FAQ on Kylea G Weight Loss Journey

What is one key piece of advice from Kylea to be positive in the weight-loss journey? 

Be yourself; it doesn’t matter how you look or what your skin color is. Just be yourself and love yourself.

How can I be motivated like Kylea?

For this, you need to take one step at a time, and after getting comfortable at one level, look for the next one.

Did Kylea take any medication for weight loss?

No, Kylea hasn’t taken any medicine for weight loss.

Can I lose weight like Kylea G?

Yes, it is possible to lose weight but first, you need to understand the mindset behind her weight loss journey. 

Final words on Kylea G Weight Loss Journey

Kylea G. An internet personality gains a lot of attention from those who want to lose weight without any medication or supplements. According to her, the key ingredient to losing weight is to love yourself and keep moving after getting comfortable at one level.

She shared her journey from Dr. Pepper to regular water.

Still, if you have any questions, then comment down below so that we can answer your question as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

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