Now Essential Oils vs doTERRA. Find Ultimate Relaxation

Now Essential Oils vs. Doterra. This question may arise in your mind when you find advertisements promising both essential oils.

In this blog, we are going to compare Now Essential Oils with doTERRA and check which one is best for you.

To begin our journey, first, we have to check what aromatherapy is.

What is Aromatherapy?

what is aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a method in which a person takes in pleasant scents from essential oils to improve their mood and reduce stress.

There are various ways to use these essential oils. Some people put a few drops in a bathtub, some people inhale, and a few people add them to massage oil.

This pleasant smell helps to keep the mind calm and relaxed.

How does Aromatherapy make you relax?

Smell and emotions: When you smell a good scent, your emotions improve. In the same way, essential oil helps to bring positive emotions and also reduces stress.

Improve sleep: A few essential oils like bergamot and lavender help you sleep in a deep state when you inhale them before bed. This makes you feel relaxed.

Mind-body connection: When essential oils are added to massage oil, your mind and body improve, and you will feel a deep relaxation.

Focus and concentration: Essential oils like rosemary and citrus help stimulate your mind and boost alertness.

Now essential oils and their Uniqueness

Now essential oils and their Uniqueness

Now, essential oil is one of the purest essential oils available, and here are some of its unique selling propositions and the reasons why people prefer it as compared to other essential oils.

Quality: Now Essential Oils never compromise their purity and quality, and they always conduct tests to prove that they meet high-quality standards.

Sourcing: Now essential oils are now made by sourcing flowers from different regions of the country.

Pricing: Other premium brands failed to compete with Now Essential Oil in terms of pricing because they always kept their costs low and their overall results better.

Packaging and bottles: If you observe the bottles of Now Essential Oil, you will find that they are dark colored, which helps the oil protect itself from sunlight exposure. This also increases the shelf life of the oil.

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DoTERRA essential oils and their uniqueness 

DoTERRA essential oils and their uniqueness 

DoTERRA is also one of the leading brands in essential oils, and here are some USPs. 

Quality control: This brand uses a method called “sourcing through co-impact” to source all their raw materials to make essential oil.

CPTG Certified: This brand also comes with its certificate program called “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade”. Under this program, they meet quality standards set by themselves to show their purity.

Oil blends: DoTERRA is also famous for blending essential oils. This shows how unique they are and may not be replicated by other oil brands.

Educational meetings: doTERRA also provides educational meetings like workshop literature and the winners so that consumers will know more about essential oils and the best way to use them.

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Now Essential Oils vs doTERRA. Detailed Comparison.

AspectNow Essential OilsdoTERRA
QualityMore focused on quality and purityCPTG and strict quality testing
Unique BlendsThey offer blends but the emphasis is lessWork directly with growers and use co-impact sourcing
SourcingSourcing ingredients from all over the worldWork directly with growers and uses co-impact sourcing
Benefit to growersCommitment to sustainabilityFair compensation for growers
Community supportLimited community supportStrong community support
Range of ProductWide range of products in essential oilsHaving a variety of products like oils, blends, supplements and personal care
Membership ProgrammeNo membership programs are thereAvailable
Educational materialsThey provides educational material. They provide educational material.

Now Essential Oils vs doTERRA. Which one to choose? 

After comparing both essential oil brands as per our recommendation, both oil brands are best for relaxation, but as we reviewed customer testimonials on online platforms, we found that users of new essential oils are more satisfied as compared to doTERRA.

However, we discovered that the price of doTERRA is higher than the current price of essential oils.

Overall, we can say that it depends on the customer’s skin type and preference as to which oil they should go for.

Different ways to use essential oils for relaxation

Here are some ways to use essential oils for peace, and those are

Aromatherapy Diffuser: Adding essential oil to an aromatherapy diffuser diffuser diffuses the scent and creates a calm atmosphere.

Through Massage: Massage provides a soothing effect, and you can do this by adding essential oils to coconut oil.

Inhalation: You can inhale the essence of essential oil by placing a few drops on a cotton ball or inhaling directly from the bottle.

Steam inhalation: In this, you have to put a few drops of essential oil in a hot water bowl. After that, you have to cover your body with a towel and inhale deeply. 

Relaxed Bath: While bathing, you can add a few drops of essential oil to a warm bathtub. This makes you feel relaxed.

Yoga and meditation: you can also apply essential oil before starting your yoga session.

Car diffuser: Some people also use essential oils in car diffusers to create a relaxing atmosphere while driving.


Are now-brand essential oils pure?

Yes, now essential oils are 100% pure.

What are the top three best essential oils?

Peppermint, lemon, and lavender are the top 3 essential oils.

Why is DoTERRA so expensive?

DoTERRA is expensive because of the quality of its ingredients.

How safe are DoTERRA oils?

doTERRA has created CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, which shows it is safe and pure.

Conclusion: Now essential oils vs. doTERRA

Overall, we can say that essential oils are now better than DoTERRA because of the price. However, DoTERRA is also known for its premium quality, but now essential oils are used as normal essential oils.

If you’re a frequent user of essential oils, then you must go for new essential oils because they are cheap, but if you use essential oils rarely, then go for doTERRA.

doTERRA also created its quality standards to show how pure they are. Overall, we can say that both essential oils are pure and genuine, and it totally depends on the experience of the user and their preferences.

Thanks for reading.

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