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Open Sky Wilderness Therapy reviews

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy Reviews. Good for Healing?

We have received a lot of queries and emails regarding “Open Sky Wilderness Therapy Reviews.” After researching for hours and hours, we created the masterpiece so that you can choose whether we have to enroll in “Open Sky” or not. 

About Open Sky

Open Sky was started in 2006 by Aaron Fernandes in Durango, Colorado, and the reason behind choosing this place is its natural beauty. From that day on, they were dedicated to their work and engaged with thousands of students and groups of people to achieve their highest potential. 

As the CEO works with other wilderness therapy programs, he realizes that sending children alone is not a perfect solution. That’s why they introduced the family package, under which a child experiences nature with a family member.

He felt that the involvement of parents leads to great natural healing as compared to when a child deals with other groups of children. 

What are the certifications they have? 

  1. OBH (Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare)
  2. Sky’s The Limit Fund
  3. NBCC
  5. Aee
  6. Prosper Healthcare Lending 
  7. US Forest Service Department of Agriculture

Programs under Open Sky Wilderness Therapy.

  • Early Adolescence: Under this program, those between the ages of 13 and 14 will learn how to be confident and self-sufficient.
  • Adolescence:- it is for those in groups to belong 14-17. Under the guidance of a clinical therapist, a professional student can explore more. Yeah, you will find both male and female groups divided separately. 
  • Young adult: It is for those individuals who just started their career and are between 21 and 30. 
  • Family package: Under this family, you are allowed to be with the child. Some individuals find it difficult to live without parents; that’s why facilities are provided.

Where can I experience Open Sky Wilderness Therapy?

base camp of open sky wilderness therapy

There are two base camps.

  1. Southwest Colorado 
  2. Canyon country of southeast Utah.

Both locations are safe and beautiful to experience openness. If you want to experience it from here then given below videos are the best suitable climates for both regions.

Colorado Environment 

South East Utah 

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy provides gear and equipment.

First and foremost, they have partnered with all suppliers who provide quality gear and equipment. This is because they make the safety of individuals their top priority. 

Also note that when the gear is of high quality, individuals experience everything without any hesitation. 

List of gears you’ll get as per season.

For winter gear 

  1. Winter socks 
  2. Waterproof outer layer
  3. Sturdy over boots
  4. Insulated winter hiking boots
  5. Thick, long underwear 
  6. Deep winter sleeping bags
  7. Fleece jackets
  8. Insulated gloves 
  9. Knit hats
  10. Neck gaiters

Spring/Summer gear and clothing.

  1. Clothing during this season is suitable for warm weather, and it includes 
  2. Breathable camp shoes
  3. Nalgebe water bottles
  4. A full set of raingear
  5. Two tarp
  6. Lightweight long-sleeve sun shirt 
  7. Note: For comfortable sleep, they also provide two insulated sleeping pads. 

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What about meal preparation?

Under this, every student has to prepare their meal, which gives a sense of independence and resilience. 

While sourcing the raw materials, they make sure that they are from organic farms. Under that, you will also get vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and other vegetarian foods. 

Also, note that meals prepared by students are under the guidance and experience of professionals and experienced individuals. 

What are the skills you’ll learn under Open Sky Wilderness Therapy?

What are the skills you'll learn under Open Sky Wilderness Therapy?
  1. Development of self-care activities 
  2. Meal preparation skills 
  3. Water purification 
  4. Generating file 
  5. Self-created shelter 
  6. Navigational skills
  7. Brotherhood and relations 
  8. Forming knots

What are safety precautions? 

This therapy organization is well known for the training and development provided to field guides. 

You will learn about medical emergency response. CPR, emotional safety, self-harm prevention technique, wilderness safety, and first aid. 

How can I be admitted to this program? 

Talk with the executive: The first and foremost thing is to explain about yourself and your family. Based on your situation, the executive will provide the best plan and solve all your queries. 

Apply: After a detailed conversation with the executive, he will send you an email that includes the admission form. You have to fill out that form with the correct details so that it will get processed as early as possible. 

Under review process: After your application, your form will be under review, and this process takes place for one complete day. 

Enrollment: If you have been selected for this therapy, you will get another form under which you have to fill out additional information to complete the process.

Arrival day: After the completion of the admissions process, you will get a date of arrival, and based on that, you can plan. 

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy Reviews by Customer.

Rihanna (name changed says)

I am completely satisfied with the cost and the service they provide. An amazing adventure for me. 

Florina (name changed says)

Over there, I made lots of friends, and we still meet every weekend. Before this therapy, I was an introvert and quite shy person, but later on, I opened up with people, and that was the change I felt. 

Lativa (name changed says)

What an amazing therapy! I mean I can’t even imagine this level of adventure in my life. I used to visit my grandma’s home but never felt like having such an adventurous experience.

Daiana H (name changed says)

As a mother, I can observe the positive change in my 16-year-old son. He was always low in academics as well as socially, but now he has 5 to 6 friends, and I hope he will do better in his life. 

Jonathan Gonzalez (name changed says)

I always had a fear of the unknown; that’s why I do not visit unknown places, but this therapy has brought a lot of changes to me. The best thing about this therapy is learning how to read a map, and the second one is how to prepare a meal for yourself. It was a great journey for me.


Is Open Sky Wilderness Therapy safe?

Yes, Open Sky Wilderness Therapy is safe.

How to contact Open Sky Wilderness Therapy

Mail them to 1970 E 3rd Ave, STE 205, Durango, CO 81301, United States, or call 970-759-8324.

Conclusion on Open Sky Wilderness Therapy Reviews. 

This wilderness therapy is one of the best therapies for individuals as well as family members. Under the civil service, learn lots of skills like meal preparation, medical skills, and other self-reliant skills. 

Other wilderness therapies are for individuals, but they also allow family members, and that makes him unique as compared to others. 

Still, if you have any confusion or doubt, then comment below. 

Thanks for reading.

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