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Are Sleep Number Beds Pet Friendly?

Are Sleep Number Beds Pet-Friendly? Now this question has been asked to us by my most frequent visitors.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some important questions, like the hygiene process you need to follow if your pet sleeps on your sleep number bed, alternatives you can use for your pets instead of sleep number beds, etc.

In short, yes, Sleep Number beds are pet-friendly, but you need to follow certain precautions before your pet takes a nap in your bed.

What are sleep number beds, and why is this bed different from other beds? 

The comfort of every individual varies from person to person. That’s why SleepNumber Beds manufactures types of sleeping beds that come with air mattresses, which you can adjust as per your requirements. The amazing thing about this bed is that you can adjust it on each side independently.

Adjustable Firmness: In the SleepNumber bed, you can adjust the bed’s firmness either with a remote or a smartphone app, depending on which model you’re using.

Comfort levels always vary from person to person; that’s why SleepNumber beds are one of the best adjustable beds compared to normal beds. 

Dual Air Technology: Dual Air Technology means that if two people are sleeping on a single SleepNumber bed and both want comfort as per their requirements, then each one of them will adjust to sleeping on a single bed. This is the advantage of dual-air technology. 

Pressure Relief: A person knows which sleeping pose is best to get relief. That’s why this bed is designed to provide ultimate comfort.

Sleep Tracking:- Not all but some models of sleep number beds are built to provide information about “quality of sleep”, “the number of hours of sleep you’ve taken,” and various other information related to it.

Different models are available: SleepNumber also cares for all its customers. They provide basic beds to advanced multi-featured beds. Under this, users can choose which bed is suitable according to their budget and preferences. 

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Are Sleep Number Beds Pet-Friendly?

Pets are like family members, and we always want to sleep with them, but here is a question that arises in our minds: Are Sleep Number Beds Pet Friendly? The answer is yes; you can SleepNumber beds are pet-friendly, but you need to consider some points. 

Pay attention to allergens: Your pet, mostly a dog or cat, brings allergens, and if you or your partner have allergies to this, then this may raise concerns for your health.

Your pet might contain allergens like pet dander, dust, and fur, and this creates problems. 

Claw Damage:- Another thing you should remember is pet claws, especially if your pet is a dog or cat. There are chances that your mattress will get damaged by claws; that’s why. 

It is recommended to trim the nails of your pet before they go to sleep beside you. If possible, you can also add an extra layer to protect the firmness and softness of your bed so that it won’t get damaged by your pet.

Cleaning: If your pet is not well trained for the washroom, then it is better first to train it.

Although most SleepNumber mattresses have washable covers, which makes them easier to clean, if your pet is trained, you won’t face unnecessary issues. 

Comfort: It is not necessary that if you’re comfortable, then your pet will also get comfortable in the sleeping position. Check to see if your pet is comfortable and, if possible, adjust the sides.

Maintain pet hygiene: If your pet is sleeping with you, then it’s important to maintain good hygiene like bathing and grooming so that dirt won’t get transferred.

Which pets can use sleep number beds?

First of all, SleepNumber beds are not primarily made for pets; they are for humans, but still, as a pet owner, you can take your pet beside you while sleeping.

If your pet is a dog, cat, or rabbit, then it is completely fine, but always remember their size and hygiene.

After how many weeks do I clean the sleep number of pets if it is used by pets?

The cleaning frequency of your SleepNumber beds, when they are used by pets, depends on various factors given below.

Bedding: For general cleanliness, it is better to clean your bedsheets, blankets, and pillows (including pillow covers) every 2 weeks.

Pet Hair: If your pet sheds a lot of hair, then you can use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum all the hair on the bed. Shedding depends on the pet, so act accordingly.

Pet Accidents: Using a waterproof mattress protector is one of the best ways to protect your SleepNumber mattress.

Alternatives I can use as a sleep number bed for pets

Orthopedic Pet Beds: These beds are specially designed for those pets who are older and have joint-related issues. These beds are made with special materials like memory foam and other supporting materials.

Traditional Pet Beds: These beds are normal and traditional sleeping beds on which your pets can sleep comfortably instead of your SleepNumber beds.

Elevated Pet Beds: Elevated beds are also one of the best choices to keep them warm in cold weather. 

DIY Pet Beds: If possible, you can also make customized beds for your pets using pillows, foam, and blankets. There are various tutorials available on YouTube regarding DIY beds for your pets.


Can dogs be on Sleep Number bed?

Yes, your dogs can sleep on sleep number beds but it depends on the size of the dogs. 

Can you have a Sleep Number bed with a cat

Yes, you sleep with Sleep Number bed with the cat

Should pets be allowed to sleep in your bed?

If you’re facing allergies then sleeping with your pets should be restricted. 

Conclusion: Are Sleep Number Beds Pet Friendly

Yes, SleepNumber beds are pet friendly but before taking pets on your bed there are certain things you need to remember. Forex, maintaining pet hygiene cutting nails of pets, etc.

Overall we can say that you can sleep on SleepNumber beds with your pets. 

Thanks for Reading. 

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