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Can you drink Premier Protein Shakes while pregnant

Can You Drink Premier Protein Shakes While Pregnant?

 Can You Drink Premier Protein Shakes While Pregnant? This question might arise in every woman’s mind. With this, you may also think, Is this safe for my baby? How long can I take Premier Protein and so on? 

Note: We tried various sources to support our post, but still, we would highly recommend that you seek consultation from an obstetrician.

Premier protein and its nutritional value.

Premier Protein is a ready-to-drink protein shake that helps you fulfill your instant protein requirements. 

Here is the nutritional value of 1 pack of premier protein.

Sr NoNutrition Value
1Protein 30g 
2Calories 160g
4Vitamins and minerals,24g
5Cholesterol 20mg
6Dietary fiber3g
7Total carbohydrate5g
8Sodium 180mg
9Total fat3g

Comparing the nutritional value of premier protein with the daily requirements of a pregnant lady. 

Protein Requirements: 

According to the National Institute of Health, the protein requirement of pregnant women depends on the trimester.

Sr NoTrimesterDaily Protein Requirement for Pregnant Women
11st 46 g/day
22nd 71 g/day
33rd 71 g/day


Now if we compare the protein a pregnant woman gets from premiere protein with her daily protein requirement, she will still be in a protein deficit. 

To fulfill the daily requirement of protein, she may take beans, lentils, dairy products, beef, chicken, and turkey. 

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Calorie Requirements:

 As you can see above, 1 pack of premier protein contains just 160g of calories, which is not sufficient. 

Here are the calorie requirements per day for pregnant women: 

Sr NoTrimesterDaily Calorie Requirement for Pregnant Women
11st 1800
22nd 2200
33rd 2400

Source:- MedlinePlus

Still, she requires more calories, and for this, a pregnant woman can take cereal, oatmeal, cheese, 100% fruit juice, and whole grains.

Sugar content: 

Low sugar content is beneficial, and it won’t exceed more than 30 grams of free sugar daily. 

Can you drink Premier Protein Shakes while pregnant?

As we have seen above, premier protein can fill the nutritional gap after taking natural nutritional foods. So overall, the answer is yes. You can take premier protein, but only after eating natural pregnancy-supportive foods. 

Is it harmful to take Premier Protein during pregnancy?

As of now, we haven’t seen any ingredients that create a risk in pregnancy, but we would still highly recommend that you seek consultation from your obstetrician and discuss all your queries with them. 

What can I take instead of premier protein during pregnancy?

As you know, just taking premier protein is not enough. As a knowledgeable woman, you should understand which 20% of foods fulfill the 80% nutritional value. 

Here is a list of foods that are suitable for pregnant women.

  1. Lean meats:- They’re a good source of high-quality protein, which is good for both the mother and the baby. It enables the repair and growth of tissue.
  2. Dairy products: Dairy products are rich in calcium, which is good for fetal bone.
  3. Legumes: Legumes are beneficial to regulate blood sugar levels and provide fiber.

Nuts and seeds are good sources of fats and essential nutrients.


Can you drink Premier Protein every day? 

First, check the amount of protein you’ve already consumed, and later, calculate if you are in a protein deficit or surplus. Then decide whether you should take Premier Protein or not.

Are protein shakes safe during pregnancy? 

According to Kinfertility, it is safe to take a protein shake during pregnancy, but it is still better to seek consultation from a healthcare professional. 

Is it safe to drink protein shakes while breastfeeding?

Yes, it is safe to drink protein shakes while breastfeeding, but do not take protein shakes as a meal replacement. 

Final takeout: Can you drink Premier Protein Shakes while pregnant?

The nutritional value of premier protein is not enough for pregnant women. If we consider the sources above, the daily requirement of protein is 46 g in the first trimester and 71g in the second and third trimesters for a pregnant woman. This indicates that premier protein can be taken to fill the nutrition gap and is not a meal replacement. 

Still, we would highly recommend first getting a consultation from an obstetrician and later deciding whether to take a pram or not in pregnancy. 

If you have any experience regarding this or want to submit your queries or suggestions, then please message me below. 

Thanks for reading. 

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