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Premier Protein vs Muscle Milk

Premier Protein vs Muscle Milk. The Ultimate Guide.

Do you want to fulfill the protein requirement but are still confused between Premier Protein vs Muscle Milk?

After reading this blog post, I am 100% sure that you won’t be confused because, as a taekwondo, at least I used both drinks and based on my experience, I am writing this blog post. 

So let’s begin.

What is Premier Protein?

Premier Protein is a brand under which you will get shakes and other products that mainly work as male replacements. Almost all their products contain fewer calories and more protein. According to, protein helps to repair old cells and helps to build new ones.

What is Muscle Milk?

If we talk about muscle milk, then they mainly focus on athletes who want to fulfill their protein intake as well as gain calories. Mainly, muscle milk is not for those who want to lose weight. Below is a detailed comparison of body products. 

Comparison between Premier Protein and Muscle Milk. 


The taste of Premier Protein is a little bit sweeter as compared to muscle milk because Premier Protein contains more calories and sugar as compared to muscle milk. 


Premier protein costs $24.82 for 12 packs, whereas muscle milk costs $27.99 for 12 packs. It means that muscle milk is a little bit expensive here as compared to the premier protein.

Ratings by other e-commerce markets:

Sr NoE-Commerce PlatformPremier ProteinMuscle Milk
1Amazon4.5/5.0 for (2,05,765) customer4.5/5.0 for (4071) customer
2Walmart4.6/5.0 for (66,351) customer4.5/5.0 for (152) customers
3Target4.6/5.0 for (861) customer4.2/5.0 for (140) customers

Note:- If we compare both the brands on all E-Commerce then we found that Premier Protein is little bit better and more satisfactory as compared to Muscle Milk.

Target customers 

Premier Protein targets those individuals who want to meet the protein requirement at the maximum level, whereas muscle milk focuses on normal individuals.

Diet support 

Premier Protein supports the keto diet, whereas muscle milk supports gluten-free as well as kosher diets.

Nutritional value comparison.

Sr NoNutritionPremier ProteinMuscle Mik
1Sugar 1g0g
2Calories 160g100g
3Protein 30g20g

Reviews were given by both.

Premier Protein Reviews by Customers 

Antonio (name changed says)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Almost every month, I get ready to drink protein because I am a frequent traveler. I tried both shakes, but Premier Protein is one of the best, and Muscle Milk is a great ready-to-go protein shake. 

James (name changed says)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It tastes good and even has 1 g of protein. All thanks to Premier Protein.

Fialho (name changed says)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I am a frequent traveler, which is why I always use ready-to-drink protein, and this is the best one. 

Sheamus (name changed says)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Highly recommended. One of the best instant proteins ever. 

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Muscle milk reviews by customers 

Jonathan (name changed says)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The taste of this protein is outstanding. I ordered 2 packages—a total of 24 bottles. Kudos to Muscle Milk.

I think they’ve added more additives, which I didn’t expect. 

Lucas (name changed says)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Great. This is the best.

Robert (name changed says)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Initially, my whey protein is out of stock, but Muscle Milk helps me fulfill the requirements, if you want to lose weight, then try another instead of this. 

Which one to choose between Premier Protein vs Muscle Milk?

Both protein shakes are good enough to meet your protein requirements, but if you are an intense athlete, we would recommend Premier Protein because it contains more protein as compared to muscle milk. 


Is muscle milk better than protein shakes? 

If you want to gain weight, then muscle milk is best because it contains additives that help you gain weight. 

Can I drink muscle milk every day? 

Yes, it is completely fine to take muscle milk every day.

Conclusion on Premier Protein vs Muscle Milk. 

Both protein shakes are good enough, but for athletes, premier protein is best, and for normal individuals, individual muscle milk is good. Muscle milk may contain additives depending on the flavor, whereas premier protein contains fewer calories and more protein as compared to muscle milk. 

If you are confused between both, then it is better to get a consultation from your health care professional or nutritionist before taking them. 

Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.

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