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Can you take pre workout on Carnivore diet? A Complete Solution. 

Can you take pre workout on Carnivore diet? Well, I came across this question when I was on a carnivore diet but a fitness enthusiast.

In this blog post, I cover the basics of the carnivore diet and pre-workout, a list of pre-workouts you can take, things to consider while taking pre-workouts on the carnivore diet, and a conclusion.

So let’s understand everything deeply like a fitness freak.

What is a carnivore diet? 

what is carnivore diet

A carnivore diet is one in which a dieter eats animal-based foods and avoids all plant-based foods. Some examples of carnivore diets are fish, beef, chicken, eggs, and turkey.

This diet mainly focuses on high protein consumption while considering low carbohydrates. Most people prefer to follow this diet because it helps to reduce weight

This diet also has a disadvantage because a dieter may lose essential nutrients derived from plant-based foods.

What is pre-workout, and why is it important for you?

what is pre workout and why they are important

Pre-workouts are powdered supplements that an athlete or gym goer consumes to enhance their physical ability and push harder as compared to a normal human being.

These supplements contain essential nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, minerals, caffeine, creatine, and other nutrients.

There are some reasons for taking pre-workout supplements. Those are.

Increased Energy: Caffeine is an essential nutrient found in pre-workout drinks that increases the focus and energy of an athlete while working out. That’s why you might have seen some gym goers drink coffee just before their workout session.

Enhanced Performance: Another source of energy present in pre-workout is creatine. Creatine helps push an athlete much harder while working out.

Reduce Muscle Fatigue: Some pre-workouts contain essential nutrients that help you last through your workout session.

Blood flow improved: Pre-workout also contains nitric oxide precursors, which help increase blood flow in the muscles and provide essential nutrients.

How does a carnivore diet affect workout performance?

The carnivore diet has a great impact on workout performance because it follows two principles: “High protein and Low carb” and eating “animal-based foods by avoiding plant-based foods”. 

If you follow this diet, you might observe muscle recovery, reduced inflammation, increased strength and endurance, and an overall increase in energy level.

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Is it okay to take pre-workout while following a carnivore diet?

Yes, it is completely okay to take pre-workouts while following a carnivore diet because pre-workouts are prepared with low-carb and high-protein ingredients.

Things to be considered while taking pre-workout on a carnivore diet

Check ingredients: Some pre-workouts contain plant-based ingredients. Do not forget to check the product ingredients before consuming it, and also keep a keen eye on whether that product has plant content or not.

Personal tolerance: Not all ingredients suit all body types. Some people are sensitive to some ingredients, like creatine and caffeine.

Hydration: When you follow a carnivore diet and take pre-workouts, there are chances that your body may get dehydrated quickly. That’s why it is important to drink enough water (3–4 liters) throughout the day.

Balanced Diet: Do not confuse a balanced diet with pre-workout. Make sure you eat a proper and balanced meal because pre-workout is not a substitute for a balanced diet.

List of things you can take as a pre-workout while following a carnivore diet.

pre workout you can take while following carnivore diet

Are you looking for a pre-workout that has fewer carbs and more protein? Here is a list of all the pre-workouts you can take while following the principles of the carnivore diet.


 A creatine monohydrate-based pre-workout helps give you instant energy to push yourself harder. It also helps to maintain strength while doing a workout.


Caffeine is an instant source of energy, but you have to check whether it is coming from plant-based products or not.


(branched-chain amino acids) are mostly found in animal-based products, and you can use them as a pre-workout. The great thing about BCAAs is that they are found in animal-based proteins and follow the principles of a carnivorous diet.


Carnitine is a form of amino acid found in animal-based products and helps with energy production.

MCT Oil:

 Medium-chain triglycerides are derived from plant-based foods and taken as quick energy. You can add this to beverages or shakes just before a workout.


If you sweat a lot while working out, then electrolytes are the best option. I also keep half a packet of electrolytes with 1 Liter of water and take small sips throughout the workout session.

Bone Broth:

 Bone broth is a good source of electrolytes and nutrients. Read more about Bone Broth


Can I take supplements on a carnivore diet?

Yes, you can take supplements on a carnivore diet because it Improves your nutrition level.

Can you work out on a carnivore diet?

Yes, you can work out on a carnivore diet because you’re consuming animal-based protein which helps to build muscle and lose body weight.

Can you drink protein powder on a carnivore diet?

Yes, you can drink protein powder on a carnivore diet, but make sure that it is not plant-based protein because it is against the principles of a carnivore diet.

Can you gain muscle on a carnivorous diet?

Yes, you can gain muscle on a carnivore diet because there are plenty of food options available that help build muscle.

Final Judgment on “Can you take pre workout on Carnivore Diet?”

Yes, you can take pre-workout supplements while following a carnivore diet because not all pre-workout supplements are plant-based.

Above, we discussed 7 pre-workout supplements you can take, and these supplements fall under the principles of the carnivore diet.

If you have any questions regarding pre-workout on a carnivore diet, then comment below your query; we will try to answer your question as soon as possible. Stay fit. Stay Carnivore.

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