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My experience between The Man Shake vs Optifast

Man Shake vs Optifast. My Personal 60 Days Experience. 

Want to lose weight instantly but are confused between Man Shake vs Optifast? After reading this post, I am 100% sure that your problem will be solved because we compared both shakes from every angle. 

Note: To write this blog post, we met various customers and personally used both products for 1.5 months each. That’s why we recommend you read the entire post for better clarity, and you’re sure that after reading this post, you won’t have to read another one.

What is the Men Shake?

The Man Shake is the most popular company in Australia that provides weight-loss shakes for men.  Now you might be thinking that both are about women. The name itself indicates that they only target the male gender.

Now it is not just another protein shake; it is considered a male replacement shake that contains low-sugar-fiber vitamins and protein.  The founder himself was a rugby athlete, and to avoid all the mail preparation, he discovered “The Man Shake.”.

What is Optifast?

Optifast is a full-fledged diet program in which a person gets personalized attention with expertise. They also provide meals as well as diet plans with weight-loss-oriented workouts.

Here you will also get medical monitoring, education about nutrition, which brings changes, and a full meal replacement schedule. 

Man Shake vs. Optifast. Which one is best?

man shake vs optifast. comparison


If we talk about Man Shake, due to its low sugar, it tastes less sweet as compared to Optifast. Men’s shakes are recommended to be prepared with water; that’s why the taste might not be that good.

Products provided by Optifast are a little bit sweeter because they contain more sugar value as compared to the product offered by “The Man Shake.”.


The starter pack of Man Shake begins at $99.95. Later on, if you proceed, you will get a free discount of 149.85.

The starting price of Optifast is $110.00, and it contains 24 servings. This ready-to-drink shake has a chocolate flavor, and we consider it because it is one of the popular products of Optifast. 

Ratings given by other e-commerce platforms.

Sr NoE-commerce platformsThe Man ShakeOptifast
1WalmartNot availableNot available
2AmazonNot available4.8 rating (17 customers)
3E-commerce platformsNot availableNot available

Note: On most of the e-commerce platforms, men’s shakes are not available. If it gets placed in the future, then we will update the above data.

Intent of use

The sole purpose of the “Man Shake” brand is to assist Aussie men in their weight-loss journeys. For this, they also launched some snack options. 

However, recently they also launched the lady shake and the kids shake. This means that they want to cover kids and young age groups with both males and females to lose weight. 

The intent of Optifast is the same as in “The Man Shake,” but both have different business models. The Man Shake Just provides products, whereas Optifast provides knowledge and hands-on support with products.


We found that the flavors they provide and the ingredients they use to prepare their shakes are vegan-friendly. We also observe that they have products that mainly focus on veganism. That’s why we can say that “The Man Shake” is good for those who are already following a vegan diet.

Optifast Support VLCD stands for a very low-calorie diet. On their diet, they always keep in mind that a dieter should consume less than 800 calories per day. 

Comparing nutritional values.

Sr NoNutritionThe Man Shake (avg Qty per serving)Optifast (avg Qty per serving)
1Energy (kcal)209840
3Total fat44.5

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Optislim vs Optifast

Reviews given for The Man Shake 

Thomas (name changed says)

That’s what I was looking for. But please make it available without a shaker. I am saying this because whenever I purchase something, I always get a shaker, which is of no use.

Richard (name changed says)

If you want to lose weight, then no one can beat “The Man Shake.” I lost 50 pounds in just 2 months. For everyone, it’s not a big achievement, but for me, it’s everything. 

William (name changed says) 

It makes me feel full throughout the day. Before taking this, I was always craving food and snacks. Finally, it worked for me.

Reviews given for Optifast

John (name changed says)

This product is worth it, and I can say that everyone should try it at least once. 

Robert (name changed says)

One of my gym mates recommended this product, and initially, I was skeptical about it, but later on, I felt that it worked for me. I have been using it for the last 2 months. 

FAQs on Man Shake vs Optifast

Which costs less? The Man Shake or Optifast?

If we talk about the beginner plan, then “The Man Shake” is at a low cost as compared to Optifast. 

Can I switch from The Man Shake to Optifast?

Yes, after the completion of the existing product, you can switch from The Man Shake to Optifast. 

Which one to choose between Optifast and The Man Shake?

If you’re knowledgeable about diet and nutrition, then The Man Shake is better; on the other hand, if you don’t have a basic understanding of nutrition, then Optifast is better. 

Final Words on Man Shake vs Optifast.

Overall, both services are good for weight loss, but both work on different business models. The Man Shake only provides products with basic information about how and when to use their product for weight loss, whereas Optifast provides complete guidance and hands-on support for dieters. 

If you’re confused about which one to choose, then it is better to get a consultation from your healthcare professional and choose the best one. 

Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Thanks for reading.

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