You are currently viewing Optislim vs Optifast. Which is the best meal replacement? 

Optislim vs Optifast. Which is the best meal replacement? 

In today’s era, many milk replacement supplements have flourished in the market, and Optislim vs Optifast is the most common query we’ve got.

In this blog post, we are going to compare Optislim with Optifast, and we are also going to highlight related queries with this. By the end, we will recommend the best one at your convenience. 

Let’s take a quick review of both brands.

What is Optislim?

what is Optislim

Optislim is a very low-calorie diet, and their products help to replace your mail throughout the day. Under that, they provide various shakes and cookie options, which help in your weight loss journey.

What is Optifast?

Optifast is a diet program in which a diet gets information from a diet about a combination of foods. Under this, every individual gets a personalized meal plan. 

Guarantee of success. 

Optislim offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t lose weight, and the reason behind this is they have 25+ years of experience.

On the other hand, Optifast won’t claim any such money-back guarantee.

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Comparing USP’s

The Optislim brand focuses more on products like protein shake meal options, fitness goal-oriented products, and healthy snacking options.

If we talk about Optifast, it is a more coach-oriented plan that offers comprehensive and analytical monitoring with proper education. Based on individual body requirements, the nutritionist will suggest the best product Optifast. 

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Man Shake vs Optifast
My experience between The Man Shake vs Optifast

Comparing the products of Optislim and Optifast. 

As there are distinct products in both brands, we found that shakes are similar.  That’s why we compared Optislim shakes to Optifast shakes.

We compared chocolate flavors because it is the most popular and preferred by customers.

Sr NoMode of comparisonOptislim (Chocolate Flavour)Optifast (Chocolate Flavour)
1Quantity per pack21*25=525g53*18=954g
3Total carbs7.7g7.7g

Which is better, Optislim Vs Optifast?

Optislim Vs Optifast

To answer this question, I visited a nutritionist, and she recommended that if you have better nutritional knowledge and know what your body wants, then Optislim is the best.

This is because they offer every kind of product that helps you lose weight without any consultation or personalized guidance.

On the other hand, Optifast provides consultation, and based on that, they’ll recommend the best food options that will help you in your weight loss journey.

If you do not know what to eat or how much to eat, then Optifast is the best.

Still, if you are confused, they would recommend that you visit your nearby nutritionist or take an online consultation. 

Success stories of Optislim.

Success stories of Optislim.

Alexy B. (name changed says)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Good product. Everything matched my needs.

Givonne (name changed says)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Good taste with quality protein.

Fernando (name changed says)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

It works well, but it never makes me feel filled. Today I took it for breakfast, and by 1 p.m. I felt hungry. 

Success stories of Optifast.

Success stories of Optifast.

Nalanda (name changed says)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Nutritional values are good, and taste is awesome.

Aleena (name changed says)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Delicious. I mean, what a taste! I frequently replace meals to see which tastes good, and this is something outstanding. 

Ava (name changed says)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Outstanding deal. It cost a little, and I got this product at a discount. 

FAQ on Optislim vs Optifast.

What is the difference between Optislim and Optifast?

Optislim offers meal replacement products, but it does not provide a personalized and expert diet plan.

Which one to choose, Optislim or Optifast?

If you have in-depth knowledge of what to eat, then Optislim is best, but if you want a consultation with a meal, then Optifast is a better option.

How much weight can I lose in a week on Optislim?

According to their official website, you can lose up to 1 kg a week. 

Does Optislim offer a protein shake?

Yes, Optislim offers a protein shake named Optislim “VLCD Platinum Shake,” which has 10g of protein. 

Do I need to get a consultation from a professional before taking any meal replacement?

Yes, it is better to seek consultation from your healthcare professional before starting any meal replacement service.

Who should not take Optifast?

If you’re over 65, then it is not recommended to take Optifast. 

Conclusion on Optislim vs Optifast.

Both meal replacement plans have their own USP. Optislim focuses on products like cookies. Protein shakes have gender-oriented goals and accessories, while Optifast focuses more on providing consultation for weight loss, and your nutritionist will give you a customized meal plan. 

However, we compared the chocolate protein shakes of both brands.

Still, if you are confused, then it is better to take a consultation with your nutritionist and select the best replacement plans.

Thanks for reading.

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