You are currently viewing May Lindstrom skin care review. 

May Lindstrom skin care review. 

There are lots of skincare brands, but have you ever thought about why “May Lindstrom” skin care products are unique and why they are called luxury skincare brands? This blog post is all about May Lindstrom skin care review and we are also going to understand the insights about this brand and find various questions related to it.

What is May Lindstrom?

The story of May starts with when she was born. She used to be very skeptical and allergic to various skincare brands and natural remedies.

Due to her research instinct, she collected clay from the river located behind her backyard.

She was a lively 10-12 year old girl at the time.

After various permutations and combinations, she discovered a formulation that suited her skin, and that’s how May Lindstrom was born.

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Why has this brand gained popularity?

This brand gained a lot of popularity due to its blue cocoon treatment, a facial oil that is water and waxless.

But this is not just about ingredients; the story of May also influenced many skin care enthusiasts to try this product.

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The product range of May Lindstrom

Sr No. Product
1The Blue Cacoon:To cool down your skin and make it hydrating. (Cream)
2The Youth Dew provides a cocktail of serious vitamins made from botanical oils (serum).
3The Jasmine Garden works as an antioxidant protector. (Facial Mist)
4The Honey Mud: Protects from highly addictive masking and cleansing rituals. (facial Pudding)
5The pendulum position: an oil rich with antioxidants that cleanses your skin(Cleaning Oil)
6The Clean Dirt Helps to take out impurities with activated Vitamin C.
7The problem solver is an inflammation healer made up of raw cacao and activated bamboo charcoal. (Masque)
8The Happy Galaxy: It reduces years of dullness and resets your body from head to toe. (Body Oil)
9The Good Stuff: It is designed especially for your hair and skin. (body and hair oil) 

Key ingredients used by May Lindstrom

This brand uses 84 ingredients in its product, but here are four featured ingredients that they use.

Avocado Oil: Most of the time, they use avocado oil in Pendulum Potion because vitamins A and E improve skin texture.

Cacao: You might have heard about this ingredient for the first time, but cacao is rich in antioxidants, blocks free radicals, and helps to renew skin cell tissue. It also contains omega-6 fatty acids and reduces inflammation.

Blue Tansy:- As per May’s experience, Blue Tansy is the oil that is used in most of its products. It contains almost all active compounds, such as those with anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, and it also helps to combat depression as well as insomnia.

Raw Honey: Honey is also a key ingredient for this, and it is mentioned in every ancient scripture and religious death. This is one of the best remedies for skin care. Anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties are present in a natural form, and it also retains moisture.

Are May Lindstrom products safe?

As per the reviews on various platforms and websites, we found that May Lindstrom products are safe, but you have to use them as they recommended.

Price vs. Value

Products provided by this brand are natural and save money; that’s why prices are a little bit luxurious.

Its value for money or not always depends on personal choice and your skincare budget.

But when we compared it, we found that this product is value for money for those who are sensitive to skin.

Some alternative brands of May Lindstrom

Here are some alternative brands of this brand that are also pocket-friendly with high customer retention and ratings. Those are

The Ordinary:- This brand offers affordable and effective products. They’re also very clear about their ingredients, which is why they gained a lot of popularity in the skin care industry.

CeraVe: CeraVe is a brand that is recommended by dermatologists and also made by dermatologists. Again, this brand is pocket-friendly and used by most Americans. 

Pixi by Petra: Last but not least, Pixi by Petra is an affordable brand known for its innovations and unique skin formulas.

May Lindstrom skin care review

Maylindstrom skin care products are amazing and have natural ingredients. After using it, customers felt a difference in their skin.

According to CultBeauty, this brand has a 4.17-star rating, which is more than enough for a skincare brand. 

Testimonials of May Lindstrom

Madonna M. (name changed) says

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I bought it after an ad popped up on my Instagram story. Thankfully, I bought it, and they never disappoint in what they promise. Recommended.

Anisa G. (name changed) says

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I don’t know why, but it is overpriced. I know there are natural ingredients, but due to their prices, I have to think twice. I must say that they should recover their price.

Amelia R. (name changed) says

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What a product! Hat’s off to May’s effort to build an amazing blue cocoon. It is so hydrating as well as relaxing, and it’s my facial stress buster.

Maya P. (name changed) says

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I compared it with other skin care products, but I found it costly.

Luna K (name changed) says

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It just feels like WOW. It works like magic for my skin. I used many products but never found my skin so relaxed and smooth. Try it once, and you’ll feel how good their products are.


Is the blue cocoon worth it?

Yes, blue cocoons are good, especially for sensitive skin, and they are worth it.

What are the benefits of blue cocoons?

Cocoons help regenerate cells and exfoliate the skin.

Does cocoon therapy work?

Yes, a cocoon helps to detox, improves cardiovascular health, and reduces stress.

Conclusion on May Lindstrom Skin Care Reviews

After diving into this brand, we found that this product is worth it, but it is designed for individuals who have highly sensitive skin.

We also found that this brand completes what they promise from their product.

Most people complain that their prices are higher, but due to their natural ingredients, it costs a lot.

Overall, if your skin is sensitive and you want to shift yourself from your current skincare brand, then try May Lindstrom once.

Thanks for reading.

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