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Blueprint diet: Recipe, Benefits & More

In this unhealthy era, every one of us wishes to live longer and healthier, and this is possible with the help of a blueprint diet. In this blog post, we are going to dive into how this diet may reverse your aging process and increase your lifespan.

The founder of this diet is Bryan Johnson, and here are some benefits observed by him after following this diet plan.

Let’s check the results Bryan Johnson got after 2 years of blueprints.

  • Slow phase of aging
  • Enhancement in cardiovascular capacity 
  • Improvement in bone mineral density
  • Improvement in leg press and bench press
  • Perfect liver markers
  • WMHs were reduced by 50% and came into MRI.
  • Reduction in Alpha Klotho’s biological age It was reduced by 21 years in just 5 months.
  • Reduction in gray hair by approximately 80%

What is a Blueprint Diet?

what is blueprint diet

Blueprint Diet is a male program in which a dietitian called Johnson spends approximately $2 million so that his health gets closer to that of an 18-year-old human.

Under this, he takes various meals, vitamins, and other tablets, a proper workout routine, and other healthy stuff.

Why has this diet gained popularity?

Today, everyone wants to look younger, healthier, and fitter. Due to the social media presence of the founder of the Blueprint Diet, he gained a lot of popularity on YouTube and crossed 500k subscribers on his channel.

What is the intention of this diet?

The many intentions of this diet are to reverse the aging process, and that’s why he built a new world record. Under this, he published the results, which show a reverse of his epigenetics by 5.1 years in 7 months.

Do you know, that Bryan Johnson also takes Red light Therapy? Here is a review of Mito Red Light Therapy.

Blueprint diet Recipes

Things you can eat in blueprint diet

Johnson eats various kinds of multivitamins and takes them regularly, but now we are going to discuss only his morning tea, medicines, and breakfast, which may reverse his age, according to him.

When Bryan wakes up in the morning, he takes a tea called Green Giant. Here is the way to prepare this tea:

1:- Green Giant:- 

Sr No. IngredientsDosage
2 Amino7.6g
3Creatine2.5 g
4Collagen peptides20g
5Cocoa flavonoids500mg
6 Cinnamon1 tsp.

Now mix it with a shaker and drink it.

Note: With this, he also takes some morning pills that contain ingredients like ashwagandha.

2: Super Veggie

Sr No. IngredientsDosage
1 Black lentils300g
2 Broccoli250g
4Maitake Mushrooms50g
6Hemp seeds1 tbsp.
7GingerRoot 3 g
8Garlic1 clove
9Apple cider vinegar1 tbsp.

Here is the way you can prepare a super veggie.

3: Nutty Pudding

Mixed Nuts and Seeds: You can mix walnuts, macadamias, ground flax seeds, etc.

Sr No. IngredientsDosage
1Pomegranate juice2 oz.
2Macadamia milk1 cup
3Pea protein60g
4Mixed berries1/2 cup
Read List of things you can eat in this diet and how to prepare them:- Full Blueprint diet Plan

Is the Blueprint diet a fad diet?

is the BluePrint diet, A fad diet

No, the blueprint diet is not a fad diet. It contains various vitamin-based capsules, healthy foods, and shakes.

If you want to continue this diet, then you can visit the official website, where you’ll find the complete recipe for this diet plan.

Note: Before following any diet plan, consult with your health care professional.

Things you can do besides this diet to live younger for a longer period 

Apart from diet, sleep, and workouts, many things increase the quality of your life. Those are

Stress Management

In this busy schedule, most people forget to manage their stress. To manage your stress, you can engage with a particular community that is close to your mindset. You can also join meditation classes and meet various people. Overall, our intention here is that you have to meet different people and be socially active.

Mental stimulation:

 You can play all those games that make your mind active and alert. For example, you can play puzzles, read books that you like, and learn new skills that help in your career. Overall, you must engage yourself in all those activities that make your life stress-free. 

Regular Health Checkup: 

Always try to visit your healthcare professional and don’t skip regular health checkups. If there are any issues with your health, they can be detected early.

Avoid Smoking:

 If you’re a regular smoker, try to quit this habit gradually because it causes major health problems, which are sometimes irreversible.

Sun Protection: 

Taking a moderate amount of sunlight is good, but excessive sun exposure may cause skin cancer and premature aging. Choose the best sunscreen with a high SPF and wear protective clothing.


 Dehydration causes various health injuries. So make sure you’re hydrating yourself. Try to drink 7-8 glasses of water every day. For this, you can also set reminders on your phone.


What does Bryan Johnson eat every day?

Bryan Johnson eats green giants, super veggies, and fermented foods.

Who is the founder of the Blueprint Diet?

Bryan Johnson is the founder of the Blueprint Diet. 

Who is the age-reversing man?

Bryan Johnson is known as an age-reversing man.

Conclusion on the Blueprint Diet

As of now, Bryan Johnson has dedicated himself to the blueprint diet, and he is just focused on what he is eating and how much he works out with proper sleep.

We also discussed various points apart from diet, workout, and sleep which increase your life span. 

Overall this diet works but there are other factors that you need to consider to live longer. 

Thanks for Reading. 

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