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Where does Tillamook Cheese come from? Tracing its Beginnings!

You might be using Tillamook cheese, but one question may arise in your mind: Where does Tillamook cheese come from?

In this blog post, we shared from where does Tillamook Cheese come from? and whether it is safe to consume it or not.

So let’s begin.

What is cheese, and how is it made?

What is cheese, and how is it made

Cheese is a dairy product that is derived from the milk of cows, sheep, goats, or even buffalo. It is a delicious product that is accepted all around the world.

In short, first, high-quality milk is collected from cows, goats, and sheep, and it is heated to kill harmful bacteria. Cultures are added to add bacteria. This enzyme helps make milk thick. These cards are heated and stirred to control moisture. After that, the shaping process happens by adding salt for taste and preservation.

Finally, the cheese is packed and sent to stores.

How and why is Tillamook cheese popular?

why Tillamook cheese are popular

These cheeses are popular because of the following reasons:

Quality ingredients: Oregon is the region from which Tillamook milk is sourced. The Oregon region is famous for its rich soil and natural environment, which is why the raw materials used to prepare Tillamook cheese are of high quality.

Supports the local community: The production of Tillamook cheese is based on Cooperative farming, where it is produced by the Tillamook County Creamery Association (TCCA). This cooperative system helps ensure a regular supply of fresh and qualitative milk and helps the local community as well.

Following the traditional method: There are a few parts of the cheese-making process that are traditionally done by skilled cheesemakers. That is also the reason behind the popularity of this brand.

Nostalgic feelings: With the help of advertisements, those who have grown up consuming their product feel nostalgic.

Ingredients used to prepare Tillamook products

ingredients used to make tillamook products

Tillamook uses various ingredients to prepare its variety of products. As we did research, we found certain ingredients, and those are

Milk: As we discussed above, Tillamook cheese is prepared from milk derived from cows present in the Tillamook region.

Cultures: To prepare products like curd, cultures are added to the milk, and these cultures help to develop texture and flavor in cheese as well as curd.

Rennet: Rennet is an enzyme that is produced with the help of microbial fermentation and helps form curd and whey.

Where does Tillamook Cheese come from?

According to the official website of, 90% of the cheese prepared comes from their cheese-making factories, which are located in Boardman and Tillamook. Other industry partners outside of Oregon prepare cheese for them. These industry partners have the expertise and equipment to meet the standards. According to them, the cheese that comes from industry partners is very limited.

How healthy are the cows in the Tillamook region?

According to their website, their philosophy is to keep cows healthy, whether the farm has 200 or 20,000 cows.

A quote was given by Tillamook’s director of farm management.

“Cow comfort is a high priority for all dairy farmers. The more comfortable cows are, the more production they have. And, overall, they’re healthier.”

Kate Lott, DVM
Tillamook Director of Farm Engagement

For the physical well-being of cows, farmers supervise them daily and try to provide a low-stress environment. They also provide a hygienic and clean environment for cows.

They also follow

5 freedoms of good animal welfare

  1. Adequate food and water
  2. Comfort and shelter
  3. Proper handling
  4. Prevention and treatment of disease and injury
  5. Minimization of fear, stress, and suffering

The 5 freedoms of good animal welfare are

Contribution of local farmers to Tillamook cheese production

Farmers get tremendous benefits from this, and those are

Fair pricing: This Cooperative structure has the aim of providing farmers with a fair milk price. This helps boost the morale of farmers and motivates them to supply more milk to this corporation.

Technical support: This brand offers technical support to the farmers so that they can practice the Best animal care practices with healthy milk production.

Research and development: This cooperative is best in research and development for best farming practices. It helps both farmers and cooperatives maintain a consistent milk supply.

Promoting education: They also provide agriculture education programs, events, and fares so that farmers get better connectivity and share unique ways to do effective farming.

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Legal Issues faced by Tillamook concerning ingredients

According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, more than 66% of the milk sold by the Tillamook brand comes from the opposite side of the state, which is 230 miles away from Oregon. Based on that, they filed a lawsuit.

Within a month, the Animal Legal Defense Fund also asked for $200 as compensation to those who fell for the false advertisement done by Tillamook.

However, the Tillamook County Creamery Association denied all the statements and said we would defend ourselves at any cost.

Should you eat Tillamook Cheese and other products?

As we did research, we found that the ingredients used to prepare cheese and other products by Tillamook are organic and directly from their verified source.

As per their website and YouTube channel, it has been seen that they are not doing unethical things or making false advertisements.

We would all like to encourage you to consume their products without any hesitation.


Is Tillamook cheese of high quality?

According to their website, their milk meets high-quality standards, and they raise cows without artificial growth hormones in proper hygiene conditions.

Is Tillamook Cheese worth it?

Yes, it is worth it. You can eat it with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Is Tillamook Cheese premium?

Yes, the quality of their cheese is premium and high.

Conclusion on “Where does Tillamook Cheese come from?”

Tillamook Cheese comes from their cheese-making factories located in the Tillamook region. According to their website, their raw materials and final product meet quality standards.

They also claim that cows on their farms are maintained in hygienic conditions with caring standards.

A lawsuit filed by the “Animal Legal Defense Fund” makes consumers think twice before consuming their products, but overall, it is safe to use Tillamook cheese and other products.

Thanks for reading.

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