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What is Ketobiotic Diet? Is it better than Ketogenic Diet?

Do you follow the keto diet? We have an advanced diet that can supercharge health with all the benefits of the keto diet, and that is the “Ketobiotic Diet”.

In short, a Ketobiotic Diet is a combination of a ketogenic diet and probiotic consumption (Good gut health bacteria).

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

keto diet

In simple terms, a Ketogenic diet means that your body uses fat as a source of energy instead of carbohydrates. Normally, we get energy from carbohydrates, but in this diet, you have to use fat as an energy source.

This leads to an increase in energy levels with the benefit of weight loss.

What are Probiotics?


In simple words, our body has millions of good and bad bacteria, especially in the gut. Now, good bacteria support our immune system and maintain overall health. This good bacteria is found in foods like curd yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, etc.

That’s why in Ayurveda, the curd is recommended after lunch.

What is a Ketobiotic diet?

ketobiotic diet

A ketobiotic diet is nothing but a combination of a ketogenic diet and the consumption of probiotics.

Just imagine that you are losing weight by burning enough fat and taking probiotics for good health.

This diet is an upgraded version of the keto diet, in which special attention is given to gut health. While following the keto diet most of the time, dietitians ignore probiotics, and to overcome that, this has been prepared.

Why Gut Health is Important?

why gut health is important

To Improve Digestion:- There are lots of microbes present in our gut. When we eat food, essential microbiota extracts nutrients and facilitate them into the bloodstream.

Improves Immune System:- Pathogens & Toxins are bad for our immune system, and hence this probiotic helps to improve the immune system so that it can protect our body.

Good for Mental Health:- It is said that your gut is your second brain because it is connected with the central nervous system. The gut-brain axis helps the gut and brain communicate with each other.

When an imbalance is created due to bacteria, it may cause depression and other mental health conditions.

Maintain Metabolism:- Certain evidence suggests that good bacteria help to maintain weight and improve metabolism. A healthy gut optimizes metabolism, improves weight management, and solves the problem of obesity.

What can you eat on Ketobiotic Diet?

Things you can eat in ketobiotic diet
Sr No. Diet Foods to Eat
1Healthy FatsAvocado, Grass-fed butter or ghee, Low-Carb Vegetables, Olive oil, Coconut oil
2High-quality sources like grass-fed beef, Plant-based protein, Eggs, Fermented Foods, Yogurt, SauerkrautCucumber, Bell peppers, Zucchini
3ProteinHigh-quality sources like grass-fed beef, Plant-based protein , Eggs, Fermented Foods, Yogurt, Sauerkraut
4Prebiotic FoodsHigh-quality sources like grass-fed beef, Plant-based protein, Eggs, Fermented Foods, Yogurt, Sauerkraut

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What are the Benefits of a Ketobiotic Diet?

benefits of ketobiotic diet

Weight Loss:- This diet includes the advantages of the keto diet because your body goes into ketosis and uses body fat for energy. In this process, the body loses weight because you are not consuming less carbohydrates.

Improves Metabolism: This helps to maintain the lipid profile and blood sugar level, and this happens because your body uses fat as a source of energy instead of carbohydrates.

Happy Gut Health! By following this diet, you are consuming good bacteria, which is good for your health and gives you tremendous advantages like better gut integrity and reduced inflammation.

Reduced Inflammation: This has the advantage of good, friendly probiotic bacteria and dietary fibers, which help to reduce Inflammation.

Top 5 Recipes of Ketobiotic Diet.

recipe of ketobiotic diet

Here is the list of recipes you can eat while following this diet.

Egg & Avocado Breakfast

Ingredients: Spinach, egg, avocado pepper, salt, olive oil, and cheery tomatoes.

Instructions: Slice the avocado and take out the flash to create a space so that you can fill the egg. Bake this avocado in the oven so that the egg gets cooked properly.

Now serve this with cherry tomatoes and spinach.

Grilled Asparagus & Salmon

Ingredients: Asparagus, Salmon fillets, lemon, pepper, and salt.

Instructions: Season the asparagus and Salmon with lemon peel, olive oil, and salt. Grill asparagus and Salmon and check whether they are properly cooked or not.

Serve it

Chicken Stir-Fry with Mushrooms

Ingredients: mushrooms, garlic, chicken breast, broccoli, sesame oil, salt, pepper, soy sauce, and garlic.

Instructions: Sauté garlic and ginger in sesame oil. Piece the chicken breast into stripes. Put these stripes in until they get brown. Add the mushrooms, salt, pepper, and soy sauce until they get cooked.

Veggie Fried Rice

Ingredients: Mixed vegetables like cauliflower, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, etc.; rice; green onions; egg; garlic; sesame oil; soy sauce; salt and pepper.

Instruction: Take a frying pan. Put in sesame oil and sauté garlic and onion. After a few minutes, add all the vegetables and cook until tender. Widen the middle space of the fry Pan by adding the veggies and eggs.

Add rice and cauliflower to it. Cook it as per your needs and serve it with soy sauce.

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Svelte Diet
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Grilled Chicken With a Greek Salad

Ingredients: Grilled chicken breast, cherry tomato, cucumber, lettuce, onion, Kalamata olives, olive oil, feta cheese, dried oregano, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

Instructions: Chop the grilled chicken breast into a chewable size. And put all the wages that we are going to use. Put a small chicken breast in that Bowl and add feta cheese. Dilute a few drops of olive oil and lemon juice and sprinkle dried oregano, pepper, and salt.

Challenges you might face on the Ketobiotic Diet

Digestive issues: when you switch from one diet to another, changes occur in your body. This can occur due to fiber intake or changing the amount of gut bacteria.

Nutritional Deficiency: when you follow a diet, there are chances that you may lose other nutrients present in fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. 

Limited Food Choices: certain healthy foods are rich in carbohydrates but also have some nutrition. That’s why this diet restricts some foods.

Social Consideration: When you follow this diet, there are chances that you may not find food as per this diet. Like when you’re engaged in a social gathering or some party, you won’t find a low-carb diet.

Full-Day Eating Plan of Ketobiotic Diet.

Note: Use headphones for better understanding

How to overcome these Challenges

Take Electrolytes: There are chances that you may lose vital fluids while following this diet. Taking electrolyte-based powder is one of the best options to replenish your essential fluids.

Gradual Change: if you are following this diet, then cutting carbs in one go is not an option. You have to reduce your carbohydrate intake gradually.

Diversify your Meals: This diet restricts low-carb eating but does not place any restrictions on what and how much you eat. Include a variety of foods to satisfy your cravings and maintain a low-carb diet.

Stay Hydrated: There are chances that you may face constipation, which happens due to a lack of water intake. Drink plenty of water so that your bowel movements become natural.

Other Eating options while following this Diet

Note: Use headphones & prepare notes for a better understanding

Ketobiotic vs.Ketogenic. Which is best?

In simple words, a ketotic diet is best because you get all the advantages of a ketogenic diet with the additional benefit of good microbes for gut health.

If you are following a ketogenic diet, you can gradually shift to a ketotic diet, but they would recommend you consult with your titration for this change.


How long should I follow this diet?

You can follow this diet until you reach your dream goal.

Is there any other advantage to this diet?

Yes, it improves the digestive system, maintains mental health, and solves other gut-related issues.

What is ketosis?

The ketobiotic diet is a diet in which you follow a normal keto diet by adding probiotic foods like curd and yogurt.

How long should I follow the Ketogenic Diet?

It depends on your fitness goal. However, you have to consult with your health specialist.

Is the keto diet good for Weight Loss?

Yes. The keto diet is good for weight loss because it has a low carb intake and the body uses fat as a source of energy.

Is the Keto Diet Expensive?

The overall keto diet is neither expensive nor cheap. It depends on your budget and which foods you’re going to include in your diet. As there is no food restriction in this diet, you have a variety of options for taking it.


A Ketobiotic diet is one in which you have to maintain a low-carb diet with a higher number of fats. Here, you have to use fat as a source of energy instead of taking extra carbs.

We discussed recipes, meal plans, and what you have to eat while following this diet.

The main motive of this diet is to maintain your gut health, and it’s not just for gut health but also improved immune system and mental health.

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