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Dreamland sleep sack vs Kyte baby. Which is best?

There are various choices we have to make for our little ones, and one such choice is choosing the best sleep sack for your little one so that he or she can sleep soundly and safely throughout the night. In this blog post, we are going to compare the Dreamland sleep sack vs Kyte Baby and let you know which one is better for your little ones.

What are Dreamland Sleepsack and their story? 

Dreamland is a sleep sac brand for babies that provides comfortable sleep for babies and makes them stay asleep longer. Recently, this brand gained a lot of popularity when the founder pitched for funding for Dreamland on Shark Tank and got funding from one of the investors.

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What is the Kyte baby sleep sack and its story?

Kyte Baby is also a sleep set for babies, and the founder of this brand is Ying Liu, originally from China.

Her youngest daughter was suffering from chronic eczema; she pulled her pajamas to cool down her stinking skin.

Later on, her mother started researching pre-table fabrics, and this led her to reach out to bamboo fabrics. That’s why you’ll find that Kyte sleep socks for babies comprise 97% bamboo rayon and 3% spandex.

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Cloth quality used to manufacture Dreamland sleep sacks 

BrandCloth Quality Used
Dreamland Baby Sleep sacksSoft cotton = 100%
Kyte Baby Sleep sacksBamboo Rayon = 97%, Spandex = 3%

Different sizes are provided by both brands.

Sleep sack size provided by Dreamland Baby

SizeSmall Medium Large Extra Large
Month 0-6M6-12M12-24M24-36M
Height19-26″ 26-30″30-35″35-40″

Also Note: On the Dreamland official website, you can select the size, weight, and height of your baby, and based on that, they suggest the best sleep sack size for your kid. 

Sleep sack size provided by Kyte Baby

Weight 7–13 lbs.14–20 lbs18–30 lbs.28–42 lbs. 38–50 lbs.
Height20–25 inches22-27 inches26-33 inches33–40 inches37-47 inches

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After-wash results on both brands 

After research, both brands retain their fabric and cotton quality, but you need to follow certain precautions before washing these sleep sacks to retain their softness.

Safety certifications gained by both brands. 

As of now, Dreamland baby sleep sacks have gained certification from two major institutions, and those are 

  • International Hip Dysplasia Institute 

Kyte Baby sleep sacks only receive certification from 


Color options are available for both brands.

Sr No.Dreamland’s sleep sack color options 
1Ocean Blue
2Grey Star
3Forest Green
4Misty Mauve
5Dusty Rose
6Moon Grey.
7Saga Green
Sr No.Kyte sleep sack color options 
Apart from plain colors, we found approximately 40 designs available in Kyte baby sleep sacs.

Comparing the return policies of Dreamland Sleepsack vs. Kyte Baby

Dreamland’s return policy promises 30 days of returns and exchanges, but the condition is that the returned product must be new (unworn and unwashed), and it should be originally packed with tags attached to it, whereas Kyte Baby promises that returns are initiated within 45 days.

Comparing the cost of a Dreamland sleep sack vs. a Kyte baby

Comparing the cost of the Dreamland sleep sack vs. the Kyte baby, we found that Dreamland is much more expensive as compared to the Kyte baby.

A normal Dreamland sleep sack costs $89–91, but Kyte Baby costs around $55.

Dreamland Sleep Sack vs. Kyte Baby Which one is best?

Dreamland Sleep Sack vs. Kyte Baby

When we compare both brands, first we have to check what is our top priority. As per our research, both brands are good for your little one, but if you tell one to choose one brand, then Dreamland is our priority.

We said this because it is certified by two institutions and is made of 100% cotton.

While researching, we also found damage and more negative reviews on most e-commerce platforms.

That’s why we found Dreamland one of the safest baby options.

Also Note: Our intention is not to harm any brand image; we are just expressing our findings based on the research we did.

Parents’ testimonial on Dreamland sleep sack vs. Kyte baby 

We compared both products and found that Dreamland got a 4.4-star rating when 2,209 parents posted their reviews, and Kyte Baby got a 4.8-star rating when 965 parents posted their reviews.

Now let’s check what customers say about both brands. 

Testimonial on Dreamland sleep sacks: 

Meloni K. says (name changed) 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is one of the best products that helps your kid sleep quickly, and this works magically for my little Pon, so I can confidently say that it would work.

Alina Rezay (name changed) 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I notice that our baby sleeps comfortably with this weighted sleep sac. She is almost 2 months old and has a small size. I am also confident about my next sleep sac from this brand once she sizes up.

Navalny J. (name changed) 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Everything is perfect, but one thing I can’t understand is that it says “Made in the USA” but on the product, it says “Made in China”. So if you are buying this because it is made in the USA, then you are wrong, and please correct me if I am wrong, Dreamland Baby!

Testimonial on Kyte Baby sleep sacks: 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Amy B. (name changed) 

Best for my daughter. Worth the money

Laura K. (name changed) 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Best quality, easy to use, and doesn’t shrink after washing.

Nicole K. (name changed) 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

So soft and comfortable for him. It keeps him warm at night.


Is the Kyte baby sleep sack worth it?

Yes, Kyte Baby sleep sacks are worth it, and they can be used instead of a blanket.

Are Dreamland baby sleep sacks safe?

Yes, Dreamland Baby sleep sacks are safe because they are 100% cotton and exceed all standards of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

What is special about the Kyte sleep sack?

Kyte is a special sleep sack because it’s made up of 97% bamboo rayon.

Conclusion on Dreamland Sleepsack vs Kyte Baby

Overall, we can say that both sleep sack brands met what they claimed to their customers, but one thing that makes Dreamland sleep sacks superior as compared to Kyte Baby is customer reviews. 

We researched almost all e-commerce platforms and found that the satisfaction level provided by Dreamland is much higher as compared to Kyte Baby.

That’s why we prefer Dreamland sleep sacks over Kyte Baby. 

Thanks for reading.

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