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DIP Diet Plan & Meal Plan!

DIP Diet is an acronym for “discipline and intelligent person diet.” There are various misconceptions about the DIP diet. That’s why we are going to see what the DIP diet introduces and what its health benefits are.

DIP Diet definition

It is a completely vegetarian diet in which a person completely relies on fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, sprouts, and nuts. There may be some side effects of this diet, but the founder of it claims that it helps cure various diseases.

Who Introduced the DIP Diet?

who introduced DIP diet

Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury introduced the DIP diet. He is a self-declared doctor who is well known for sharing his own diet and health advice over the Internet.

Due to some unscientific health advice, he faced frequent criticism. Most of his social media accounts were deleted because he shared misleading health information. Read more

How do I take a DIPP Diet?

How to take DIP diet

The DIP diet is divided into three steps. Morning, lunch, and dinner, and below we explained everything about the DIP diet.

1. Morning: Mostly, we Indians prefer to take tea or coffee. But in this diet, you have to take 3–4 types of seasonal fruits as per your weight. For example, Person “A” weighs 80kg.

The quantity of fruit would be 80* 10 = 800g. It means that a person should take a minimum of 800g of fruit in the morning.

Now, it’s not like these fruits should be taken collectively. There should be a gap of at least 1–2 hours. Also, note that all these fruits must be taken before midnight. It sounds a little bit tough, but after a month, you will feel good.

2. Lunch: At lunch, you have to prepare two plates. Plate 1 is full of salads, and the quantity of salad is body weight* 5 = (Answer)g. For example. Person “A” has a body weight of 80kg.

The amount of salad he would take is 80* 5 = 400 g. So Person A would take 400 g of salad.

Plate 2 includes normal homemade Indian food like cooked vegetables, roti, lentils, etc. Make sure that you do not include any non-vegetarian items.

3. Dinner: Repeat the same diet at dinner as you did at lunch. The salad quantity would be the same, but the food quantity would be a little bit lighter.

Complete Week Diet Chart

Complete Week Diet Chart for dip diet
SundayGuava+Papaya+Any Seasonal Fruits1 Plate salad (Cucumber+ Beetroot+Carrot), 1 Plate Normal Veg Lunch1 Plate salad (Carrot+ Celery+Carrot)
MondaySweet Lime+ Oranges+Any Seasonal Fruits1 Plate salad (Tomatoes+ Celery+Cauliflower), 1 Plate Normal Veg Lunch1 Plate salad (Beetroot+ Cucumber+Tomatoes)
TuesdayCoconut+Papaya+Any Seasonal Fruits1 Plate salad (Beetroot+Cucumber+Tomatoes), 1 Plate Normal Veg Lunch1 Plate salad (Cauliflower+ Radishes+Carrot)
WednesdayCoconut+Papaya+Any Seasonal Fruits1 Plate salad (Carrot+Celery+Carrot), 1 Plate Normal Veg Lunch1 Plate salad (Tomatoes+ Celery+Cauliflower)
ThursdayBanana+Papaya+Any Seasonal Fruits1 Plate salad (Cauliflower+ Tomatoest+Carrot), 1 Plate Normal Veg Lunch1 Plate salad (Red onions+ Bell peppers+Beetroot)
FridaySweet Lime+Guava+Any Seasonal Fruits1 Plate salad (Cauliflower+ Radishes+Carrot), 1 Plate Normal Veg Lunch1 Plate salad (Cauliflower+ Tomatoest+Carrot)
SaturdayOranges+Papaya+Any Seasonal FruitsCoconut+Papaya+Any Seasonal Fruits1 Plate salad (Cucumber+ Beetroot+Carrot)

Please note: This diet chart is prepared based on a random selection of fruits and vegetables. Before following this diet, please consult with your doctor or health specialist.

What things do we need to avoid on the DIP diet?

Things you need to avoid while following this diet

The table of things we need to avoid is:

  • Non-Veg
  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Mutton
  • Fish
  • Dairy Products
  • Milk
  • Curd
  • Paneer
  • ButterMilk
  • Cheese
  • Ghee
  • Butter
  • Whey Protein Powder

What are the side effects of the DIP diet?

Side effects of dip diet plan

1. Protein Deficiency: As this diet lacks non-vegetarian foods, dieticians may face protein deficiency, which may result in loss of muscle gains. To fulfill daily protein requirements, one must eat foods like nuts and sprouts. But still, there are chances that a person will face a protein deficiency.

2. Anemia:- When a person faces a deficiency of red blood cells in the blood, it is called anemia. Sufficient intake of iron reduces the chances of anemia, and iron absorption from plant-based foods is lower than animal-based foods.

That’s why there are chances that a person might face anemia.

3. Dry skin and hair: Lack of Protein inside the body is one of the factors that lead to dry skin and hair fall. When a person faces hair fall, Most doctors recommend the patient eat Eggs and Chicken because it has protein.

That’s why there are chances that DIP dieters might face Skin-related issues like Dry skin and Hair Fall. 

4. Calcium Deficiency: Dairy products have a sufficient amount of calcium required for the body and if you only eat fruits and vegetables, then there are chances that you might face bone-related issues like shin pain, knee pain, etc.

What are the protein sources in the DIP diet?

Protein sources available

The following is a list of vegetarian protein items:

  • Walnuts
  • Hemp seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Cashews
  • Chickpeas
  • Kidney beans
  • Moong beans
  • Almonds
  • Pistachios
  • Chia seeds
  • Flaxseeds
  • Black beans
  • Soybeans
  • Split peas

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How long should I follow the DIP diet?

How long should i follow this diet

There are no side effects to this diet, but there are a few nutritional deficiencies one may face if one follows it for a longer period.

Problems a dieter may face include a reduction in muscle density, skin problems like hair fall dry skin, etc.

Overall, we can say that apart from nutritional deficiency, there are no side effects to this diet.

In the end, it depends on person to person how long a person wants to continue this diet. We would prefer a dieter take a consultation before making any changes to their normal diet.

Can I lose weight while following this meal?

Can I lose weight

This is one of the best diets to lose weight because a dieter quits all non-vegetarian and dairy products. Dieter also quits all junk and fast food, and on daily meals, he or she takes the least amount of salt.

Eating fruits and raw vegetables also helps you lose weight because they are rich in fiber. Which helps to improve the digestive system. Overall, we can say that this is the perfect diet to lose weight.

Testimonial of DIP Diet Plan

As we analyzed the testimonials for Dip Diet, we found almost all the reviews to have a negative outcome and have only one to two stars.

Followers said that this diet plan has no scientific basis and works only on a few patients.

This diet plan is a kind of fasting, and there is no difference if you fast or follow this dead plan.
To read more about reviews of this diet plan, click the link. DIP Diet Plan Reviews

Instruction while following this meal

This diet demands pure vegetarian food. While following the DIP diet, dieters should quit non-vegetarian foods like seafood and other non-vegetarian foods.


Can I drink milk on a DIP diet?

No, even daily items are also avoided in the DIP diet; that’s why you can eat or drink dairy products, including milk.

Can I lose weight while following the DIP diet?

Yes, you can lose weight while following the DIP diet because, on this diet, you have to entirely rely on fruits and vegetables and quit non-vegetarian, packaged, and junk food.

Are the DIP diet and the Satvic diet the same?

We cannot say that the DIP diet and the Satvic diet are identical, but yes, both diets have some common things, like not having to eat non-vegetarian or fast food.

How long should I follow the DIP diet?

It completely depends on your goal and the suggestions given by your health expert. It’s better to share with your health advisor that I am going to follow this diet, and my goal is to do so for as long as possible. By seeing your past health reports, that advisor would suggest the best duration.

Is there any other weight-loss diet apart from the DIP diet?

The Weight Watchers diet, the Mind diet, and the DASH diet are some of the diets by which you can lose weight.


The DIP diet is a special diet in which dieters have to rely on fruits and vegetables, sprouts, and nuts.

The founder of this diet claims that most diseases can be cured with the DIP diet, but scientifically, it hasn’t been proven that a single diet can cure almost all health-related problems.

It’s our advice that to reduce weight, you can follow this diet because junk and non-vegetarian foods are banned. But to cure disease, it is not advised to follow such a diet, which has no basis in scientific research.

Overall, seeking consultation from your health specialist is a must before any health-related decision.

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