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Headstand for Hair Growth (Get Exceptional Results).

If you’re facing a hair fall then you might hear about a headstand and a question may arise in your mind, is it OK to do a headstand for hair growth? 

In Short, Headstands may help to control hair fall but you have to follow a healthy diet, a stress-free lifestyle, and a physical workout. 

What is a Headstand?

A headstand is a yoga posture in which the practitioner puts their body upside down and balances it with the help of their hands. The practitioner’s legs should be upwardly extended.

How Headstands Work for Hair Growth

The promoters of headstands claim that when a practitioner puts his body upside down, blood flows toward the scalp. Due to that, oxygen and nutrients present in the blood nourish hair follicles and promote hair growth.

However, there is limited scientific research that that a headstand is good for hair growth, but increased blood flow on the scalp indeed makes your hair thicker and healthier.

Blood circulation is not the only factor for hair growth; other factors like diet, genetics, physical workout, and stress level also play a vital role.

How to do a Headstand for Hair Growth (for beginners)

Headstand for Hair Growth

Choose a clear space near the wall—a place where you can extend your legs and arms without hitting anything apart from the wall.

  1. Take the kneeling down position: Put your both knees on a yoga mat or a soft surface below so that you can perform the next task.
  2. Make a cup-like structure with your palm: Join your fingers on both hands with each other, keep your arms on the ground with cupped hands, and keep your shoulders a little bit wider.
  3. Put your head down: Now put your head down while taking support with your hands and forearms.
  4. Lift your hip: By lifting your hip upward, you will feel a gentle pressure on your head. Make sure you balance your full body based on your hands, shoulders, and neck.
  5. Lift your 1st leg: Start lifting your one leg and pushing your body towards the wall so that you can find your balance point.
  6. Lift your 2nd leg: After finding the balance point, you can lift your second leg. Make sure you focus on maintaining balance and avoid all distractions.
  7. Fix your body posture: Make sure your body is vertically aligned with the wall support. Once you find a correct body posture, gradually you will master your sirsasana pose. 
  8. Take a deep breath: While standing on a headstand, it’s recommended to take a deep breath and maintain complete focus on your balance.
  9. Come out with safety: After completing your headstand duration, gradually take one leg down after another one. Avoid sudden moments of any injury.

How long to do a Headstand for hair Growth?

No scientifically proven duration claims the hair grows while doing a headstand. But if you are a beginner, then you can start with a few seconds up to 1 minute and gradually increase the duration.

Make sure you start this with the wall support, and if you find a perfect balance, then you can hold a headstand independently.

Other Yoga Poses for Hair Growth

Still, it is not proven that headstands promote hair growth because there are lots of factors to consider, like genetics, diet, and lifestyle. Here is a list of yoga poses that increase blood circulation on your scalp and make your hair healthy.

Matsyasana Yoga Pose

matsayasana yoga pose

 it is also known as fish pose, in which you have to stretch your chest upward while keeping your scalp down. This promotes blood circulation on your scalp. If you want to read more about how to do matsyasana, then read 13 Incredible Benefits of Matsyasana.

Balasana Yoga Pose

child yoga pose

In this pose, you have to take a kneel-down position and while folding your knee under your buttock, you should be on your heel. Make sure your forehead is on the ground. This pose released stress and made her body relax.


forward bending yoga pose

In this yoga pose, you have to bend forward without folding your legs. Your hands should touch your feet, and your forehead should touch your knees.

Shoulder stand

Shoulder Stand yoga pose

In this pose, you have to lie down on your back. Now lift your legs, hips, and lower body a little bit, and with the support of your hand, stretch up from stomach to toe. While doing this yoga pose, blood circulation increases in the scalp.

Who Should Avoid Headstands?

Headstands are not for everybody. Where is the list of people who should avoid headstands?


When beginners see someone who is doing a headstand, they get motivated and start practicing it. Beginners can start with the support of walls.

 High blood Pressure Patient: 

Headstands increase blood circulation in the neck area, and if one is facing hypertension or high pressure, it may make the situation worse.

Heart Patient: 

When your body goes upside down, it puts pressure on your cardiovascular area. But still, if you want to perform a headstand, take advice from your cardiologist.

Neck and Spinal Issues: 

those who are facing any kind of neck injury or spinal issue should avoid a headstand because a headstand puts pressure on your neck area, and there are chances that this will make your injury worse. Take advice from a healthcare professional on this.

Pregnant Women: 

Women should avoid the upside-down position when they are pregnant because it may put pressure on their abdominal part, which is risky.


Some Yogic practitioners advise avoiding the down position on menstrual days because blood circulation increases on our scalp, which is against nature.


Is a Sirsasana good for hair growth?

Yes, it is good for hair, but scientific research is still very limited.

How long should Sirsasana be done for hair growth?

15 minutes is recommended, but if you are a beginner, you can start with a few seconds or 2 to 3 minutes.

Can Sirsasana regrow hair?

Scientifically, it is not preventable, but with the help of a proper diet and healthy lifestyle, you can regrow your hair by adding Sirsasana to your yoga routine.

Can you do Sirsasana?

Yes, you can do Sirsasana every day but do not forget to maintain a proper diet and avoid junk food.

Conclusion on Headstand for Hair Growth

Headstand, also known as Sirsasana, is one of the best ways to increase blood flow on your scalp and promote hair growth.

But scientifically, there is very limited research that shows the relationship between headstands and hair growth.

If you are a beginner, then starting Sirsasana with the port of the wall is recommended. After mastering headstand balance, we can perform it independently.

There are other yoga poses like fish pose, shoulder stands balasana, and balayam that help increase blood circulation in the scalp and promote hair growth.

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