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Is Noxzema Good for Sunburn? Is it Sunburn Savior?

You might use noxzema cream for various purposes, but when sunburn happens, you might think, Is Noxzema Good for Sunburn? 

The answer is Yes, you can use Noxzema for Sunburn, but you have to follow the complete guide given in this blog post for better and quicker results.

Is Noxzema Good for Sunburn?

Yes, it protects you from sunburn and treats sunburned skin as well because noxzema cools down the affected area by moisturizing it.

If you’re serious about treating sunburn with noxzema, we’ve highlighted some useful points for you, so read till the end for better results.

The best time to use noxzema for skin burn

Just after sunburn: when you realize that you have sunburn, you can apply noxzema immediately after it so that it helps to cool down that area.

After bath: If you had someone and you chose to take a shower, then after the shower you can apply that cream by patting the affected area. Moisture from the water helps to penetrate the skin and gives the ultimate benefit.

Just before bed: You can apply noxzema cream just before bed so that it can work overnight. Most dermatologists recommend that patients apply creams and lotions just before bed.

How do I use noxzema for better results (for skin burns)?

Step by Step Guide to use Noxzema for Sunburn

Cleanse the affected area properly: cleanse the affected area from the sunburned property with the help of old water. Do not use any harsh soap; otherwise, it will make sunburn worse.

Dry the affected area: After cleaning the affected area with cold water, make sure you have to use a cotton or soft towel to dry it.

Apply a small portion of Noxzema: Make sure you use a small amount of Noxzema and apply it to the affected area. You can use a Potter 9 single tip to apply.

Massage in a circular motion: gentle massage helps to cool down the affected area, but when you do it vigorously, it makes the situation worse. You can make a circular motion after applying noxzema.

Protect skin from the sun: make sure you have covered the affected area whenever you go outside because sunburn-affected skin is more sensitive as compared to normal skin.

You can also take a shower when you are outside, wear loose clothes, and use sunscreen with a high SPF.

Stay hydrated: When your skin gets affected by sunburn, it dehydrates. That’s why it is necessary to drink plenty of water. Drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water to maintain body hydration.

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Dos and don’ts for sunburn 


Cool down the skin: After you get affected by sunburn, make sure you take a shower or use cold water to cool down the affected area.

Hydrate the affected area: Aloe vera is one of the best and most natural remedies to hydrate your sunburned skin.

Drink plenty of water: Sunburn may dehydrate your body, so it’s important to drink plenty of water for a fast recovery.

Take pain relievers: You can take NSAIDs (for example, ibuprofen), which helps reduce inflammation. 

Apply sunscreen: Once you have recovered from Sunburn, make sure you use broad-spectrum and high-SPF sunscreen so that your skin does not get affected by UV rays.


Avoid using Harsh skin-based products: Do not use soap or any kind of body cleanser that contains alcohol. Make sure you’re using non-fragrance and natural shampoo to avoid any kind of further damage.

Do not expose your skin to the sun: Avoid exposing your skin to the sun because it may make the situation worse. You can take a shed when you are outside, or you can cover that area with clothes.

Don’t neglect side effects: there are various levels of sunburn. If you’ve had extreme sunburn and are facing problems like pain or dizziness, don’t forget to take advice from a dermatologist.

Do not pop blisters on your own: When sunburn happens, there are chances that blisters will form due to extreme heat. Do not pop that blister; let it heal naturally.

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What home remedies can you follow to treat sunburn?

You can apply cold milk with the help of a cotton ball. Cold milk helps cool down and soothe the affected area.

Can noxzema treat sunburn?

Yes, noxzema helps cure sunburn, but make sure you have a consultation with a dermatologist about the issue.

Is high-SPF sunscreen good for sunburn?

Yes, sunscreen with a high SPF helps protect against harmful UV rays.

Conclusion on “Is Noxzema Good for Sunburn?”

Noxzema is one of the best and cheapest ways to cure sunburn because it cools down the affected area.

Applying only noxzema cream may fail to cure sunburned skin; you have to follow certain precautions for better results, like drinking plenty of water, applying aloe vera gel, and using sunscreen with a high SPF.

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