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ClearVite Diet: Recipe, How to Follow & How it Works?

Are you serious about detoxifying your body? Here is a complete, ClearVite Diet that helps Detoxify your body. We also share “How to use, meal plans, foods you can eat, and ingredients of this diet”.

What is Clearvite?

Nutrition plays a vital role in detoxification, but as we grow older, these nutrients degrade with time. As per research, some botanicals strengthen cells and increase the detoxification process.

That’s why we take Clearvite products to consume these botanicals so that our bodies can detoxify the toxins effectively. The protein source of this supplement is rice, which has the prime quality of being hypoallergenic.

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Vitamins & Minerals present in Clearvite Diet?

Vitamins and minerals present in clearvite diet

Clearvite is a program that helps detoxify your body with a few clear white products. Ingredients in the Clearvite diet are:- 

Sr No. Amino AcidAntioxidantsDigestive Enzymes Other ingredients
1N-acetyl Herbs ProteaseJerusalem artichoke Marshmallow
2L-cysteineQuercetinCellulaseGamma oryzanol
3Glycine and L-glutamineHerbal ExtractsGlucanaseHesperidin
5Evening primrose powder
6Medium-chain triglycerides.

These amino acids play a vital role in detoxification.

The vitamins and minerals prepared for clear white are of high quality, soluble, and biologically available from various herbs so that they can be easily digestible.

Please Note: To balance rice protein, the amino acid Lysine is added. 

Toxins are present in fats and tissues. The body should be mobilized before removing toxins, and then it goes into detoxification.

Both detoxification and mobilization are time-consuming processes to become fully effective, so have patience.

Before making any changes to your diet, have a consultation with your health specialist. There are chances that your healthcare specialist may suggest some other products before using Clearvite. 

How to follow the ClearVite Diet? A Complete chart

how to follow this detox diet
Two Weak Plan Three Weak PlanServing of ClearVite-SF
Days 1 & 2Days 1 & 4Preparation Phase 1
One Serving Daily: Just Before Breakfast
Days 3 & 4Days 5 & 7Preparation Phase 2
Two Serving Daily:
1. One Before Breakfast
2. One Before Dinner
Days 5 & 10Days 8 & 14Detoxification
Three Serving Daily:
1. One Before Breakfast
2. One Before Lunch
3. One Before Dinner
Days 11 & 12Days 15 & 17Completion Phase 1
Two Serving Daily:
1. One Before Breakfast
2. One Before Dinner
Days 13 & 14Days 18 & 21Completion Phase 2
One Serving Daily:
Just Before Breakfast

Note: During the Detoxification Phase, include all products given in the list below but eliminate animal-based products. Also, avoid all foods under the list (Foods to Avoid Eat/Drink) given below.

During the Completion of Phases 1 & 2 take any foods given in the list below and avoid all foods as per the list given below.

While taking clear white products, dieters follow a specific diet plan instead of the regular one.

It is known as an “elimination dietary program,” in which you have to exclude certain foods while following this diet.

Let’s first check what nutritional information is present in this diet.

A serving of the Clearwire Diet presents 120 calories. 12 grams of protein, 15 grams of complex carbohydrates, and the basic guidelines you have to remember while following this diet are “as per your appetite do not overeat.”. Make sure you’re eating soluble and insoluble fibers and plenty of water.

Foods to Eat/ Drink & Foods to Avoid in ClearVite Diet.

Foods to eat and foods to avoid
Sr No. Fresh fruits and vegetablesFoods to Avoid Eat/Drink
1Fresh Water (8-10 Glass/Day)Dairy Products like (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter)
2Green Tea & Herbal TeaEggs
3Fruits and Vegetable Juices (No Added or artificial sugar)Margarine
4Shortening barley and all those ingredients which present in pasta, and bread. Corn, Sauces, Tomato, and other tomato-based products like tomato sauce
5MilletFresh fruits and vegetables
6QuinoaAlcohol & Caffeine (Soda, Black Tea)
7Buckwheat or tapiocaSoy and other related products related to it like soy milk and tofu
8Fresh fruits & VegetablesPeanut and its related products like peanut butter
9Beans (navy, white, red kidney, etc.)Cold cuts,
10Fish, Turkey, Lamb and Chicken (Moderate Amount)Corn, Sauces, Tomato, and other tomato-based products like tomato sauce
11Fish, Turkey, Lamb, and Chicken (Moderate Amount)Canned meat,

Why is Body Detoxification Important?

Our bodies accumulate lots of toxins from various sources, like the environment and processing food. That’s why we need to detoxify our bodies.

Here are some reasons why you have to detoxify your body:

To Eliminate Toxins: detoxification of the body mainly focuses on the liver, kidneys, and digestive system. As it is a natural process, we have to use certain natural products to flush out toxins. It is believed that after this process, your body will become healthier.

Boosts Energy: advocates of detoxification claim that after removing all toxins, our body works at peak performance. When toxins are present, they lead to homogeneous fatigue and other health consequences.

Improves Immunity: Advocates of detoxification believe that our immunity can be improved if we remove the burden of toxins from our bodies.

Manage Weight: Some detox programs eliminate processed foods and promote healthy foods, which results in weight loss.

Do you know some people join these programs just to lose weight instead of detoxifying the body?

This also promotes healthy gut bacteria and microbes.

Improves Skin: Promoters also claim that toxins are the reason for acne and people on our faces. When we detox our body, all toxins get removed, which results in better and healthier skin.

Why do people fail to follow the ClearVite Diet?

Here are some reasons why people fail to follow this diet:

Lack of information: information about this diet is very limited on the internet, and there are also few books available that explain it in detail. So you have to read this complete article with focus and also watch the useful embedded video using headphones.

Lack of Motivation: Motivation works when it comes internally, not externally. A person should realize a “Strong Why” while following this diet.

Limited Choice: Certain diet plans limit or restrict the list of foods you have to eat. This would create boredom, and that’s why most people quit.

Emotional Eating: There are times when emotions and eating habits relate to each other. For instance, when we are stressed, we eat comfortable and tasty foods to avoid the health consequences caused by these foods.

While falling is right, make sure that you are internally happy so that it becomes easier to follow.

Frequently Asked Question

Does ClearVite work?

As per our customer’s reviews, we found that nearby Volkswell was good. for weight loss and detoxification.

In which liver is Clearvite-PSF available?

It is available in chocolate and Vanilla flavors.

Which brand provides this supplement?

Apex Energetics provides this supplement.


Clearvite helps to detoxify our body from toxins so that we can get benefits like weight loss, clear skin, and other health benefits. It is not just a powder or tablet in which you have to eat certain foods with pills and powder. 

This product has a good rating, and customers recommend it. Share your experience in the comment section below and help others. Stay Healthy.

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