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How to get a body like Baki? Become Stronger than Ever Before!

Do you want to achieve a muscular body like Baki? We explained in detail his workout routine, mental training, and some diet plans so that you can become muscular like him.

Note: Baki is a fictional character, and to be muscular like him is not possible in the real world. Before making any changes to your diet, seek advice from your healthcare consultant.

Why does Baki is a respected character?

As in Shonen anime, Baki neither has superpowers nor belongs to the Ninja family. The characters of Baki Anime are some of the hardest-working characters of all time.

They are strong enough to beat an Olympic athlete and can even destroy a giant beast with a bare hand.

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How to get a body like Baki?

Mindset: As discussed above, Baki does not have any superpowers or energy sources but only hard work, which can be achieved with mental toughness.

If you want to develop a physique like Baki, then you have to read about the top martial artists like Mike Tyson and Bruce Lee.

Perseverance: When the hard time comes, most of us quit the journey, and this is the biggest mistake towards success. Perseverance means you have to stay on track no matter how hard it is to achieve your goal.

When you watch Baki, you will feel that the characters train themselves in almost every martial art to make themselves the strongest.

Discipline: The word discipline comes from a Latin word called disciplina, which means object of knowledge.

If you want to become a strong personality like Baki, then the code of martial arts is the perfect discipline you can follow.

Discipline gives a correct path to attaining mastery over a particular thing.

Recovery of the body: Baki characters are fictional characters, but in real life, you have to follow a proper recovery routine because if you train like an anime character then recovery is a vital part of building a muscular physique.

For sports players, most coaches suggest that to focus more on recovery than training because the recovered body naturally trains hard.

7-day Diet plan to get a Body like Baki

how to eat like baki

1st Day

  1. Breakfast: Oatmeal with a slice of yogurt and berries.
  2. Snacks: 20 grams of almonds and 50 grams of nuts
  3. Lunch: Salmon (grilled) with sweet potato.
  4. Snacks: Green vegetable salad.
  5. Dinner: Chicken breast (grilled) with veggies.

2nd Day

  1. Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and whole grain toast.
  2. Snacks: Sliced fruits with black salt.
  3. Lunch: Tuna Salad with Avocado
  4. Snacks: Protein Bar and 50 grams of nuts
  5. Dinner: asparagus (roasted) with brown rice.

3rd Day

  1. Breakfast: Eggs (poached) with avocado and whole grain toast.
  2. Snacks: Cheese (cottage) with berries
  3. Lunch: Brown Rice with turkey breast (grilled)
  4. Snacks: Protein Shake
  5. Dinner: Asparagus (steamed) with sweet potatoes (roasted).

4th Day

  1. Breakfast: almond milk with mixed berries and chia seed pudding.
  2. Snacks: Boiled Eggs with Tomato Slice
  3. Lunch: Chicken grilled with mixed salad.
  4. Snacks: A handful of a variety of nuts
  5. Dinner: Tofu (Baked) with stir-fried

5th Day

  1. Breakfast: mushroom and spinach omelet and whole grain toast
  2. Snacks: a handful of nuts
  3. Lunch: Chicken (grilled) with curry and tortilla.
  4. Snacks: Greek yogurt with sliced almonds
  5. Dinner: Baked cod and Quinoa

6th Day

  1. Breakfast: banana milkshake with protein powder
  2. Snacks: sliced Apple with black salt
  3. Lunch: Quinoa salad with green leafy vegetables and cherry tomatoes
  4. Snacks: protein bar
  5. Dinner: Tofu with broccoli and brown rice.

7th Day

  1. Breakfast: scrambled egg with whole grain toast
  2. Snacks: Hummus and carrot sticks
  3. Lunch: Tuna Salad with Avocado
  4. Snacks: Banana milkshake
  5. Dinner: Brown Rice with turkey breast (grilled)

7-day workout plan to get a body like Baki

how to train like baki

Note: Before making any changes to your workout routine, don’t forget to seek consultation from your fitness professional or healthcare provider.

Upper Body Training (1st Day )

Sr No.Exercise NameSets & Reps
1Pull Ups4 sets * 10 reps
2Bent Over rows4 sets * 10 reps
3Overhead Press3 sets * 10 reps
4Tricep Dips4 sets * 8 reps
5Bicep Curl3 sets * 10 reps
6Bench Press5 sets * 5 -7 reps

Lower Body Training (2nd Day)

Sr No.Exercise NameSets & Reps
1Calf Raises4 sets * 20 reps
2Leg Press4 sets * 8 reps
3Squats5 sets * 10 reps
4Deadlifts3 sets * 7 reps
5Bulgarian Split Squats4 sets * 12 reps

Martial Arts Training (3rd Day)

Sr No.Exercise NameSets & Reps
1Ladder Drill5-10 minutes
2Punching Bag Workout4 rounds for 2 minutes (Practicing kicks and punches on a punching bag)
3Skipping5-10 minutes
4Shadow Boxing3 rounds for 2 minutes (Gradually increase the duration)
5Different Kicks 3 rounds for 3 minutes (Practicing roundhouse, hammer, and side kick)

Rest Day (4th Day)

Strength Training (5th Day)

Sr No.Exercise NameSets & Reps
1Plank5 sets 1:25 minute hold
2Dips3 sets * 10 reps
3Dumbell lunges5 sets * 6 reps/leg
4Inverted Rows2 sets * 10 reps
5Weight Pull5 sets * 6 reps

Cardio Workout (6th Day)

Sr No.Exercise NameSets & Reps
1HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training)20-25 minutes
2Running 30 minutes
3Burpees2 sets * 10 reps
4Medical Ball Slamps4 sets * 10 reps
5Mountain Climbing2 sets * 30 seconds

Rest Day (7th Day)

How do I recover quickly after working out to make my body look like Baki’s?

How to recover quickly

Sleep: When you sleep, your body releases certain growth hormones that help your body recover, and it’s important to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep.

Use home rolling machines: Home rolling machines are nothing but a roller that helps to perform self-myofascial releases. It improves flexibility, reduces muscle tension, and helps to recover fast.

Nutrition: As we discussed above, follow the complete 7-day diet plan for 2-3 months to get a physique like Baki. Apart from this, your main focus should be on protein-rich foods like chicken, turkey, eggs, and nuts.

Hydration is also one of the key ingredients in the recovery process.

Stretching and mobility: The main role of stretching is to reduce the risk of injury. Apart from intense training, make sure you maintain a flexible body.

Taking proper rest: Give yourself a complete day to recover so that your body gets recovered and you can perform other workouts properly.

Wearing proper workout equipment: Having proper knowledge about the equipment you are using is a must. For example, having a knee band for the gym, sports shoes that are built for running, and other equipment


Is it possible to get a body like Baki?

Yes, you can achieve physique like baki but genetics and other factor also plays an important role. 

What is Baki’s diet?

Protein and dairy-based foods help to build muscles. 

Why is everyone in Baki so strong?

Everyone is strong because of their genetics 

Conclusion on How to get a body like Baki

It is not possible to get an exact body like Baki because Baki is a fictional character and we humans require a lot of factors to reach that level.

However, we discussed a workout routine diet plan and some tips for recovery after a workout and getting a body like Baki.

It is important to take a consultation with a healthcare professional before making any changes to your existing workout routine

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