How to sleep alone without getting scared in 5 minutes

how to sleep alone without getting scared

In life, there are situations where we live away from our family, and at that moment we have to sleep alone. But one question arises in our mind: “How to sleep alone without getting scared?

Let’s discuss 20 tips, guidance, and precautions you have to follow.

Why do we feel scared while sleeping alone?

Why do we feel scared while sleeping alone

Fear of the Unknown:- 

Darkness and silence are two main factors that foster our fear. Due to the wrong perceptual mindset, we interpret harmless things as potential threats. 

Evolutionary Response: 

This is the fear that can be traced back to our ancestors and their experience in an ancient era.

Bad experience: 

If a person has experienced unexpectedly fearful things in the past, then there are chances that he may get scared while sleeping.

At that moment our mind gets conditioned that’s why we feel fear.  

Over imagination:

 When we are alone, our minds run in many directions and most of the time negative things flash. Our mind makes an imaginary world where we get scared by unusual things like the sound of an opening door or rainfall.

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20 Tips on How to sleep alone without getting scared.

1. Self-observation

 When you feel that something wrong is running in your mind, then self-observation is one of the best ways to overcome that fear. Let’s say “You noticed someone calling your name”, then ask yourself, Is it my wrong perception or someone is there? Most of the time, nobody is there, and it’s only our perception.

2. Check doors and windows

Opened doors and windows may create enough sound to scare you. Make sure you close the door and windows before going to bed. If you are feeling suffocated, switching on the exhaust fan or AC also works but keeping the door or window open is not the safest option at night.

3. Talk with your friends and family members

A 10-minute conversation may help to give mental relief and reduce the feeling of fear. Avoid the conversation regarding your fear and other negative things, and try to memorize positive things. For example, remember those moments when you are with that person or talking about any childhood memories.

4. Play mind games

playing plain mental games like chess and sudoku on your smartphone makes your brain tired, and hence you will sleep. Maintain a dim light while playing chess on your smartphone because high-intensity screen light may reduce your chances of sleeping.

5. Have a walk

 If possible, walking is also the best way to reduce fear. You can also plug in earphones and play positive music.

6. Avoid heavy meals before bed

When you eat food, it takes time to digest, which also disturbs your sleep pattern. Try to take your dinner as early as possible to avoid any disturbance while sleeping.

7. Do Prayer

Being spiritual also helps and it doesn’t matter from which religion you belong. Prayer in any way brings mental peace to a practicing practitioner. In my opinion, you can show gratitude for whatever you have in life.

8. Do some physical workouts

Let’s see if you’re tired both physically and mentally. Are there any chances that you would feel fear? Of course not.

You can do a physical workout at home so that your body becomes tired so that you can fall asleep easily. You can do push-ups, jumping jacks, and sit-ups.

9. Take a consultation

 If you want to sleep alone for a certain number of months and still you’re facing this issue then it’s important to take a consultation with a mental health professional because shallow sleeping may impact your health and reduce the quality of your focus. 

10. Take a warm bath

A warm bath relieves tension and prepares the body for sleep.

11 Adopt a Pet

When you adopt a pet, especially a dog, it gives you some mental support that somebody is there with you and reduces the fear. Some people sleep with their pets, and you can also do the same.

12. Use dim nightlights

Keeping a completely dark room will foster fear. You can use a nightlight bulb to maintain a calm and comfortable environment for yourself.

13. Take a deep breath

Deep inhaling and exhaling increase the oxygen level in our body, which helps to keep our body and mind calm. You can also practice the Yogic breathing technique for this.

14. Practice the secret sleeping technique

When I was a kid, this technique was taught by my grandfather. According to him, if you want to sleep, then you have to lie on your back by closing your eyes and taking breaths from your mouth instead of your nose. Make sure your mouth is open normally, not closed.

There is no scientific evidence why it works, but it works for me every time, even today.

15. Take a body pillow

hugging a pillow while sleeping is another way to reduce loneliness and the feeling of being scared. When you hug anything, our brains think that you are not alone and that somebody is there with you.

16. Practice savasana

Shavasana means you have to light on your back arms with both hands facing towards the roof. Do not forget to close your eyes and try to lose your body. Districts relax every muscle without any massage. Try to visualize yourself sleeping in a comfortable bed because visualization also plays a vital role in sleep.

Things you should avoid when you are sleeping alone

Things you should avoid when you are sleeping alone

1. Avoid negative thoughts:

Negative thoughts in any form make you fearful, and that’s how most people get scared when they are sleeping alone at night.

2. Do not watch horror content: 

For entertainment purposes, most of the time we watch horror content at night, but as our feelings change, this content harms us psychologically. Avoid watching such web series, movies, and serials, especially at night.


Can I sleep without medicinal drugs?

Yes, you can sleep without any medicinal drugs by practicing yoga and creating the perfect environment for sleep, but if you are facing mental health issues, it’s better to seek a consultation from a mental healthcare professional.

How do I fall asleep alone?

You can fall asleep alone by practicing savasana yoga and focusing on your breath. This helps relax your body.

Why won’t I let myself fall asleep?

You won’t fall asleep because of screen time, stress, or a disturbing environment for sleep.

What are the songs I can listen to to fall asleep?

You can listen to a soft and melodic song that makes you fall asleep. I prefer to listen to the droplets of rain.

How to sleep alone without getting scared in a few minutes?

We discussed in this blog about various tips and techniques so that you can sleep in a few minutes.

Conclusion on How to sleep alone without getting scared

There are challenging times when we are alone and we have to sleep alone, but we provided 20 ways and how to sleep, like self-observation, practicing yoga, taking a warm bath, playing plain mental games, doing prayers, and walking.

Try to avoid consuming horror content because it will increase your scariness. 

You would be glad if you shared in a comment below your unique way to overcome the fear of sleeping alone.

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