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How to Get Good at Taekwondo

How to get good at Taekwondo? Tips from Dan 1 Black belt. 

Taekwondo is not just another sport; sport; it requires skills and hard work.

If you’re one of those who’s been practicing it for years but haven’t gotten any results and are thinking about how to get good at Taekwondo, then at the end of his blog you’ll get those insights that you won’t get anywhere. 

How to get good at Taekwondo? 8 Tips Explained

Do sparring every week: 

Sparring helps develop your fighting skills. With sparring, you learn the opponent’s moves, moves, and at the counter, the counter, you can perform extremely well. 

If your academy won’t allow sparring every week, week, then don’t worry. Make friends friends with other athletes and practice one-on-one sparring sessions per week. 

Gradually, Gradually, you’ll feel that you’re able to predict opponents ‘, moves, and your kicks are getting better. 

Push yourself a little bit more.

 Have you ever held the middle stretch more than you’re doing now? Have you ever pushed yourself in strength training more? If not, then why are you expecting your game to become better? 

I’m not saying you have to push yourself like wild animals, but always push yourself 1% daily so that overall results get better day by day. 

Be loyal to your coach. 

When I was a white belt, I used to lie with my coach. When the coach instructed me to do 100 pushups, I did 60-70 and said, “I did.” 

When I stood up for sparring, I lost, and at that time, my coach said, “This is the result of lying to me.” From that day on, I was always transparent with the coach. I always ask my coach if I am doing it correctly. How can I improve myself, etc.? 

Set intention:- 

Not all but a few athletes are admitted to the academy just because their partner or friends took it. It’s ok to be friendly with others, but when it comes to taekwondo, it’s better to focus on what you’re doing at the academy.

When you’re at the academy, it’s better to first set intentions: “Why I’m going to the academy” and “What I want to achieve from this practice session.”. 

Watch Sparring videos:

 Do you watch “Best Knock Out at Taekwondo?” If yes, then stop it. When you watch knockout videos, you learn a few things, but when you watch sparring videos and analyze them, you’ll only learn more. I strongly recommend you watch videos of Dae Hoon Lee‘s taekwondo. 

Use advanced equipment: 

If you’re thinking that you can achieve great results by doing things that you’ve been doing for the past 2–3 years, then you’re wrong. Use strip bands, hurdles, ladders, and balancing equipment to advance your overall mobility. For the past 6 months, I have been using strip bands, and the results are amazing. Try it. 

Practice with equipment:

 Most of the time, we practice without any equipment, and at tournaments, we feel uncomfortable with equipment and gear. Overall, we lost confidence and lost the match. Always try to wear equipment and gear before a practice session. 

Not taking energy drinks after intervals: 

After a break from every practice, do you drink enough water? If yes, then congratulations; water is not enough. 

To energize yourself instantly, you need energy drinks like electrolytes. ORS electrolyte, and brings instant energy, and I can focus on my practice session without any interruption. 

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If you’re still getting results, then what to do?

I am assuming that you followed all the above points, but if you still haven’t, then the only key is patience. 

Things take time, and improvement can be seen when you have patience. But always remember that you’re following all the above points without fail. 


How do I increase my kicking power?

You can use a resistance band for practice sessions to increase kicking power. 

How many years does it take to be good at taekwondo?

It depends on athlete to athlete, but overall, 2 years is enough to be good at taekwondo, as per my experience. 

Is 13 too late to start taekwondo?

No, it’s the perfect time to start your taekwondo journey at 13, and it’s not too late. You can achieve a lot. 

Is taekwondo OK for girls?

Yes, Taekwondo helps girls protect themselves, and it is one of the best martial arts for them. 

Conclusion on How to Get Good at Taekwondo

Becoming good at taekwondo is a time-consuming journey. If you’re a student who’s been practicing it for years but still hasn’t gotten any results, don’t worry. Just sparring with different athletes and increasing the intensity of your workout, and gradually you’ll improve. 

As I have been practicing taekwondo for the past 6 years, all of the above is based on my experience. 

Still, if you’ve got any doubts or want to ask anything, then send us an email using the below Gmail ID. 

Thanks for reading, and keep improving. I hope well in the future.

Saif Ali

Hello, fitness freaks! I am Saif, a professional Taekwondo athlete and black belt holder (Dan 1). I started my athletic career in 2018 and had 5 years of experience as a martial artist. My expertise is to provide advice on nutrition, rest, recovery, a balanced diet, injury prevention, and other aspects of mind-body connection.

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