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Colon Broom Vs Metamucil

Colon Broom Vs Metamucil. Which is best for Constipation?

Nowadays, constipation has become a broader issue, and in this situation, there are various psyllium husk supplements. In this block post, we are going to discuss the difference between Colon Broom vs Metamucil and which one is best for you. 

What is a Colon Broom?

Colon broom is a dietary supplement that has the key ingredient psyllium husk. According to research, psyllium husks release stomach issues like constipation. 

To order the product on their official website, first, we have to fill out the quiz on their website, and later on, we are redirected to the product page. 

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What is Metamucil?

According to Wikipedia, Metamucil was introduced in 1934, and it has four-in-one fiber, which is good for digestive health. The psyllium husk is the key ingredient, like Colon Broom. 

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Comparing both Colon Broom vs Metamucil. 

Here, we have considered various factors to compare both products. 


Metamucil is an old player in the psyllium husk market; that’s why it is more popular as compared to Colon Broom. However, the effectiveness of both products is almost at the same level.


Colon Broom comes in the form of powder and capsules, whereas metamucil comes in various forms like gummies, pills, and powder.


Colon broom comes only in mango and strawberry flavors, whereas metamucil comes in berry, psyllium fiber, orange, and smooth sugar-free berry flavors. 

Nutritional Value

Sr NoNutritional Value Colon BroomMetamucil
2Total Carbohydrate3g5g
3Dietary Fiber2g3g

Servings per pack. 

Metamucil contains 180 teaspoons, whereas the colon broom offers 120 servings. 

Other features

Colon Broom provides an app through which you can track your diet and overall health, whereas Metamucil does not provide such a free service to its customers. 

Types of supplements

Colon Broom offers a night burner, a day burner, a sugar craving suppressant, and a premium blend of Colon Broom, whereas Metamucil won’t provide such a wide range of supplements. 


Metamucil costs $32.98 for 2.56 pounds, whereas Colon Broom costs $69.99. If we compare both of these supplements, Colon Broom costs double as much as Metamucil. 

Availability on E-commerce

Sr NoMetamucilColon Broom 


Colon Broom is vegan-friendly and gluten-free, whereas gluten- and keto-friendly. So you can choose between both based on the type of diet you’re following.

Psyllium husk quantity. 

Metamucil contains 3.4 grams of psyllium husk, whereas Colon Broom contains 3.6 grams. However, there is not much difference between the supplements. 

Colon Broom vs Metamucil. Which one is best for constipation?

Both supplements are best to solve constipation issues, but when we compare the costs, Metamucil is cheaper as compared to Colon Broom. 

However, if you want other features like support from the app, a dietary guide, and a workout plan, Colon Broom is best, but if you just want a psyllium husk supplement at a pocket-friendly rate, Metamucil is best. 

Do I need to have a consultation on this topic?

Yes, it is best to get concentration from your healthcare professional if you are still confused about which one to choose. Do share your fitness goals and plans so that nutritionists can guide you in the best possible way. 

FAQ and answers on Colon Broom vs Metamucil.

Is there something better than Metamucil?

Psyllium husk is considered the best alternative to Metamucil. 

What should I use instead of a Colon Broom?

If you are running out of stock, then Metamucil is best instead of Colon Broom.

Is psyllium husk powder the same as colon broom?

Psyllium husk power is the key ingredient in Colon Broom, but they’re not the same. 

Can I take Colon Broom instead of Metamucil?

Yes, you can take Colon Broom instead of Metamucil. 

Can I take Metamucil instead of Colon Broom?

Yes, because both supplements have a key ingredient, which is “Psyllium husk.”

Conclusion on Colon Broom vs Metamucil.

Both brands are best to solve stomach-related issues like constipation, but when it comes to price consideration, Metamucil is cheaper as compared to Colon Broom, and there’s a reason.

Metamucil just provides a supplement, whereas the Colon Broom provides an app, workout plan, and dietary guide.

Still, if you have any questions, leave a comment below, and we will reply as soon as possible. 

Thanks for reading.

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