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Nimai Delgado diet. Is vegan good for bodybuilding?

What if I say you can achieve fitness like a bodybuilder if you’re vegan? Sounds interesting, right? In this blog, we are going to understand Nimai Delgado diet and the secret behind his muscular physique.

So let’s start by first understanding the background of Nimai Delgado.

A short history of Nimai Delgado

From childhood, Nimai was a vegetarian. He always believed in religion, and due to this, he never ate meat in his entire life. The parents of Nimai converted from other religions to Hinduism, and due to this, his diet is 95% vegan and 5% dairy. 

How Nimai Delgado turned full vegan

Nimai took an internal call to manage himself, before 2015, he used to take eggs, dairy, and other animal products, but after 2015, he decided to go completely vegan.

When gym enthusiasts hear about a complete vegan, they first think about the source of protein, but in the case of Nimai, he is completely fine.

He said that it was completely fine for me to turn myself from vegan to full vegan.

Here we are happy to highlight the mindset behind choosing to be a full vegan. It is because he is against the violence and death of innocent animals like cows, goats, and chickens.

Did Nimai face any issues after switching from vegan to full vegan?

As per Nimai’s mindset, there is always an alternative to non-vegan foods in the vegan domain with similar nutritional value. As per him, if we get similar nutrition, then why are we killing animal species? 

On changing his diet from vegan to full vegan, he expressed that nothing changed in his life. Everything worked perfectly after entering a fully vegan diet.

The core message Nimai wants to give to the community is how you can become the best while living this lifestyle.

Nimai wants to break the myth for gym enthusiasts. If you check Nimai’s YouTube channel, the most-viewed video of his is 

“What a vegan pro bodybuilder eats in a day.” This means gym enthusiasts are also interested in pushing themselves to a vegan diet.

Nimai stressed that he is helping people understand that you can achieve your fitness goals and become an elite athlete while following a vegan lifestyle.

Nimai’s Bodybuilding Career Journey

He started his career with a vegan lifestyle. As we discussed above, people believe vegans won’t build muscles due to protein deficiency, and they want to break this stereotype.

Later on, Nimai also launched his website to share everything regarding fitness with its followers.

Nimai Delgado diet

In the world of bodybuilding, people think that eating animal-based foods makes you muscular, and eating vegan foods is considered feminine. 

However, Nimai stressed some foods like avocado, fruits, oatmeal, spinach, seeds, kale, lentils, asparagus, and broccoli.

If you want, we have a vegan diet plan that you can follow if you’re a professional bodybuilder.

Pre-workout: A pre-workout makes you energetic, and you can take a handful of almonds. If you’re feeling hungry, then you can also take plant-based protein powder with almond milk.

Post-workout: A post-workout is essential to recovering your muscles, and under this, you can take brown rice with tofu if you’re feeling hungry. You can also take a vegan protein shake.

Mid-morning Snacks: Whole grain toast with sliced tomatoes. If possible, you can also opt for a handful of mixed nuts.

Lunch: Lunch should contain enough fiber for digestion improvement. You can take a mixed salad with diced tofu.

You can also opt for baked potatoes with quinoa.

Afternoon Snacks: Your afternoon snack should be such that it gives you energy. You can prepare a fruit smoothie with almond milk. If you’re a little bit hungry, then you can also opt for rice cakes.

Dinner: Tofu with brown rice is one of the best options. You can also take broccoli or asparagus.

Evening snacks: You can take any fruit, like an apple or banana.

Nimai’s achievements:- 

Sr No.AchievementRank
1Fresno Classic NPC, Men’s Physique Novice Class C2nd
2Fresno Classic, NPC, Men’s Physique Novice Class C 1st
3Grand Prix Championship, NPC, Men’s Physique Class B2nd
4Fresno Classic, NPC, Men’s Physique Class C1st.
5USA Championship, NPC, Men’s Physique Class C1st: Pro Card Earned
6Sacramento Pro, IFBB Men’s Physique, 6th 
7Hawaii Pro, IFBB Men’s Physique, 8th 
8San Jose Pro, IFBB Men’s Physique, 5th 
9Vancouver Pro, IFBB Mens Physique, 7th.

Mindsets behind Nimai’s workout

The mindset of Nimai is a little bit different from that of other bodybuilders. He believes that it’s better to add more volume to the workout. According to him, if you want the highest level of muscle hypertrophy, then you have to add more reps with heavy weights.

But before the competition, he tried to decrease his weight to avoid any muscle injury.

Arms Workout by Nimai

In this process of making his arm bigger, he follows the process given above. He tried high volumes with heavy weights.

Nimai also said that he performs 4 sets of every workout, and in an additional set, weight gets increased.

Here is the list of workouts Nimai performs.

  • Skull Crusher
  • Cable kick 
  • Tricep pushdown 
  • Seated dumbbell curls
  • Heavy barbell curls

Philosophy of Nimai

In his YouTube channel, you might have heard about “You are what you eat.” 

Nimai suggests that eating soy is completely safe for men and one of the best sources of plant-based protein.

He also highlights the importance of soy because it also has amino acids. 

For competition, whenever he wants to lose weight, he takes six meals a day, and the nutrition he gets from them is 11 grams of fat, 35 grams of protein, and 15 grams of carbs.

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Is Nimai Delgado actually vegan?

Yes, Nimai decided to be a 100% plant-based protein after 2015.

Which bodybuilder doesn’t eat meat?

Paul, Keeton, and Torre Washington are some bodybuilders who do not eat meat.

Is Nimai Delgado a Hindu?

The religion of Nimai is still not disclosed, but he was raised by his Hindu parents.

What do vegan bodybuilders eat for protein?

Soy, beans, and legumes are some of the best sources of protein a vegan bodybuilder can eat.

Final words on the Nimai Delgado diet

When you read this full blog, you’ll find the mindset of Nimai to be something different.

Other bodybuilders think of meat and animal-based foods and products to give themselves a muscular figure, but in Nimai’s case, this is not true at all.

Nimai thinks that it’s not important to kill animals to fulfill the need for protein. You can take soy to fulfill your protein requirement.

Overall, it depends on your body type, and it’s important to seek consultation from your healthcare professional before making changes to your diet.

Thanks for reading.

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