You are currently viewing Eddie Abbew Diet. Is it good for Fat loss? 

Eddie Abbew Diet. Is it good for Fat loss? 

In this blog post, we are going to elaborate on and explain the Eddie Abbew diet and the mindset behind the complete diet plan. Before going ahead, don’t forget to share this post with your 

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Who is Eddie Abbew? An Overview. 

In the bodybuilding industry, Eddie Abbew is a well-known personality who is popular for his amazing physique. He was born on October 10, 1968, in England. He also competed in various bodybuilding competitions, like the Mr. Olympia contest.

Just because of his aesthetic physique, he gained recognition. Today, on Instagram, he is popular for recommending fitness tips and myths regarding bodybuilding. Learn more about Eddie Abbew

Why his diet plan gained popularity.

In the fitness industry, Eddie Abbew has a lot of respect, and currently, he is 55, but still he goes to the gym. This thing impresses people, and his fans are following how he does all this without any issue.

Eddie also promotes healthy eating, and his tips also help those who are suffering from overweight problems. 

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Eddie Abbew Diet.

Eddie shared his diet plan on Instagram, but he won’t explain why he follows this diet. But we are here trying to understand the intention behind his diet and whether you should follow his diet plan or not.

Note: He is following this diet at the age of 55. Now maybe he filled another diet when he was engaged in his bodybuilding career and this is not recommended for weight loss.

Eddie Abbew Diet = Carnivore Diet + Three Plant-Based Foods (For Example Avocado, Olives, and Macadamia or Pecans)

Eddie believes that herbivorous animals eat a few kinds of plants, so why do humans eat all types of vegetables? On the other hand, he confessed that his salt intake is very high and that he drinks 2 liters of water daily.

He also takes one family meal a week with his crew.

After following this diet, he says that his energy level got a boost as compared to when he was a teenager.

He also highlights the benefits, like that he sleeps better and his mind is alert.

He also motivates people to change the way they’re living in terms of diet and avoid medication as they get older.

Eddie is completely against sugar and processed food. According to him, these foods create disease, and this is true.

Note:- Before making any changes to your diet, consult with your healthcare professional.

Advice from Eddie Abbew.

Stay away from processed food. Well, this advice comes from every body-building athlete, and the fact is true. Processed foods are tasty, but have you ever thought about what they’re doing to your body?

They’re low in nutrients and have additives and preservatives. Instead of this, you can choose some healthy snacks.

Start eating eggs. Most people who contact Eddie have the problem of having low muscle mass. Eddie suggested eating eggs because 48% of eggs become tissue, and he also confessed this thing in one of his Instagram reels.

Sleep and rest: According to Eddie, resting is as important as your workout. That’s why he always recommends getting enough sleep to recover faster.

Eat sweet potatoes: After a workout, you can take sweet potatoes because they contain nutrients that make your muscles recover faster, and they’re also rich in copper, vitamin C, and beta-carotene.

Is it okay to follow the Eddie Abbew Diet?

The diet mentioned above is not healthy for all body types. That’s why we recommend everyone consult with their healthcare professional and discuss their health goals with them. Now the question here is whether you should follow the diet recommended.

by Eddie or not. Eddie Abbew sells his diet program, where he teaches how to lose weight and gain muscle mass. Revealing the diet plan he advises people is not ethically or morally correct. That’s why we can’t say whether you should follow his diet plan.

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What diet plan can you follow instead of Eddie Abbew’s diet? 

The weight loss courses for Eddie are a little bit higher, and many people can’t afford them. That’s why we prepared a simple diet plan that will help you lose weight.

Breakfast: A combination of oatmeal and fresh berries is the healthiest breakfast, and if possible, you can also add nuts and yogurt. If you’re not comfortable with oatmeal, then you can also take whole-grain toast and boiled eggs.

Mid-morning breakfast: fruits (you can take any fruit like an apple, banana, organ, or pineapple).

Lunch: Grilled Chicken 

Afternoon Snacks: Greek yogurt or carrot sticks

Dinner: Stir-fried tofu

Evening snacks: herbal or green tea without added sugar.

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Is Eddie Abbew a nurse?

Yes, Eddie Abbew is a qualified psychiatric nurse. 

Is Eddie Abbew’s book available on the internet?

No, the Eddie Abbew book is not available on the internet for free. You have to enroll in his diet plan to get access to his plan to lose weight.

Is Eddie Abbew’s course worthwhile?

Eddie always posts success stories and testimonials, so maybe his courses will help you lose weight.

Conclusion on the Eddie Abbew Diet

The diet plan Eddie Abbew followed was strict, and he also had a workout plan. Eddie also shares testimonials on Instagram, but what if you can’t afford his courses?

We shared a healthy weight loss diet plan that can be followed by any age group, but you have to take a consultation from a healthcare professional (be it offline or online).

Overall, his diet plan is secret, and revealing it on the internet without his permission is unethical. We also respect the qualifications and achievements he gained in bodybuilding.

Thanks for reading.

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