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Phil Kessel diet and Workout routine Unveiled. 

What if I say a sportsperson took a rest for approximately 4,700 days and returned to his professional game with the same spirit and enthusiasm? You might be thinking about Phil Kessel, right? In this blog post, we are going to reveal Phil Kessel diet and fitness routine followed by him.

Who is Phil Kessel?

Phil Kessel is a well-known name in ice hockey and was born on October 10, 1987. An American professional ice hockey winger gained a lot of popularity after a long comeback. 

Kessel can score goals naturally, and he has scored 400 goals in his career.

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Phil Kessel diet

phil kessel diet

Now let’s dig deep into the Phil Kessel diet plan. Also, note that this is not the exact diet plan he used to follow in his career, but we can estimate what potential diet he might have followed.


Omelette with avocado toast:

Prepare a normal egg omelet and use spinach and tomatoes for taste enhancement.

Avocado toast:

Mesh an avocado and spread it on whole-grain bread. Drizzle with olive oil, a pinch of pepper, and salt.

Mid-morning snacks:-

Yogurt and berry combo

In a bowl, take mixed berries like strawberries and blueberries and add a Greek yogurt layer to it. Drizzle a spoonful of honey on it.


Grilled chicken with quinoa 

Take herbs and spices that are suitable for grilled chicken and season them properly.

Roast some veggies and mix it with quinoa.

Prepare a veg salad with chopped veggies like carrot, cucumber, beetroot, and tomato. 

After noon, snacks:

Pre-workout snacks:

Take protein powder with milk and add peanut butter (unsweetened), almonds, and pistachios. 


Baked salmon with asparagus:

Bake 2-3 pieces of salmon and season it with herbs like garlic and lemon.

Sprinkle cinnamon on the sweet potato and roast it on a medium flame.

Evening snacks:- 

Take 2-3 slices of cottage cheese and serve it with mixed dry fruits like almonds, cashews, and walnuts.

The reason behind the fitness of Phil Kessel.

reason behind fitness of phil kessel

In one of the interviews, Wheeler claimed that Kessel didn’t like to drink water.

Now you might be wondering how it is possible, but yes, it is true.

Later on, Wheeler added that he only prefers to drink blue Powerade instead of water.

Still, Kessel always trains hard in the camp as compared to other guys.

What makes Phil Kessel an aggressive player? 

One of the best qualities of Kessel is adaptability. Whatever Kessel does, he is always on top or wants to be on top.

Wheeler also added that you can talk with anyone who trained with him in the gym. He is an intense guy with a strong personality.

The comeback story of Phil Kessel 

It all started when Phil Kessel came back when he was 35 years old. It’s just about his comeback; he entered sports with full endurance.

It’s hard to enter after 4700 days, but he did.

Why did the Phil Kessel diet gain huge popularity?

What if, say, a sportsperson came after a long gap year with more energy? There is a definite question in your mind about what diet he followed and what his whole-day schedule was.

Why did Kessel leave the game for a month?

Kessel was hospitalized due to testicular cancer. At first, he was shocked by this news, but after receiving the treatment, he returned to play after a month.

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How long can I follow the Phil Kessel diet?

For this, you have to seek consultation from your healthcare professional.

Is the Phil Kessel diet effective?

The Phil Kessel diet is for athletes, and we won’t recommend anyone follow this diet blindly.

Can I eat asparagus and avocado on the Phil Kessel diet?

Yes, you can eat asparagus and avocado on the Phil Kessel diet.


The diet plan we shared in this blog post is an average diet for an ice hockey player. Till now, there is no official data that shows you the exact diet followed by Phil Kessel.

However, if you want to lose weight, then we can share some diet plans that work. 

If you have any questions regarding anything, then mail us using the Gmail address I’ve provided below.

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