You are currently viewing Ensure vs premier protein. Which is best for weight loss in 2024?

Ensure vs premier protein. Which is best for weight loss in 2024?

Hello fitness enthusiasts, In this blog post, we will compare Premier Protein vs Atkins and consider factors like costs, customer reviews, etc. 

Note: To write this blog post, we purchased both protein shakes and tested them for 1 month each. That’s why we recommend you read the entire post and take a clear-cut look at which one to choose. 

So let’s have a quick look at both brands. 

What is a Premier Protein Shake? 

Premier Protein is a brand that mainly focuses on protein-based products. Their products are available in the form of powders, pancakes, cereal, and plant-based proteins. However, this brand gained a lot of popularity over the years, and most people know it as Ready-to-Drink Protein Shake. 

We have also taken this protein for the past 4–5 months, and it has worked well in my weight loss journey. 

What is the Atkins Protein Shake?

all about Atkins Protein Shake

Dr. Robert Atkins started Atkins with the mindset that eating right works well to lose weight instead of eating less. Atkins is not just a brand that sells protein; it also focuses on research, innovation, and education to help their clients in their weight loss journey. 

Note: To compare both brands, we chose chocolate flavor because it is the “hero product” of both brands. 

Premier Protein vs Atkins. In a detailed comparison. 

Premier Protein vs Atkins


For taste comparison, we took both one after another and found that Atkins protein tastes thick and creamy, whereas Premier protein tastes clean. However, its likability depends on your taste and preferences, but if you ask us to choose one, then we will choose the Atkins protein shake.

Also note that here we reviewed this in terms of chocolate flavor. Taste depends from flavor to flavor; that’s why it is recommended to first take a trial and later buy a full pack. 


If we compare the prices of both shakes, then Atkins is cheaper as compared to Premier Protein. Atkins costs 13.2 ¢/fl oz, whereas Premier Protein costs 18.9 ¢/fl oz. On various platforms, prices may vary from platform to platform.

Also, the price depends on seasonal offers and discounts, so it is better to check the current price and decide what to choose. 

Ratings on e-commerce platforms. 

Sr NoPremier proteinAtkins
Walmart4.6/5.0 = reviews 64,0104.8/5.0 = 2,811
Costco4.7/5.0= reviews 37,391 Product not available 
Premier Protein4.5/5.0 = reviews 200k+4.7/5.0 = reviews 24826. 


While comparing the nutritional value of both protein shakes, we found that they intend to help customers gain muscle and lose weight.

However, protein shakes themselves don’t matter for your weight loss journey; you have to maintain a balanced lifestyle, like working out, eating a balanced diet, and getting proper sleep.


Both brands are keto-friendly, but Atkins Ready-to-Drink Shakes are also gluten-free. Which gives an additional edge to the Atkins chocolate flavor protein shake.

Ingredient Comparison 

Sr NoMode of ComparisonAtkins Shake (Milk Chocolate Delight)Premier Protein Shake (Chocolate)
1Protein 15g30g
3Sugar 1g1g
4Diet Friendly Keto and Gluten FreeKeto
5Counts per pack 1212
7cost per Fl Oz$0.10 / Fl Oz$0.21/ Fl Oz
Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials of Atkins Protein Shake 

Nevada K (name changed)

It became my breakfast buddy. Recently, one of my friends recommended this, and I have been trying it for the past 3 weeks. I am completely satisfied with the result, and it makes my stomach pull till lunch. 

Jonathan (name changed) says

I was using another brand, but recently I switched to this because of the ingredients they mentioned. My previous drink contained lots of added sugar, but in this one, I found only one gram of sugar. I hope this will help in my weight-loss journey. 

Alex (name changed) says

What a wonderful product! I mean, how can a product be delicious and healthy at the same time? Super combination of nutrition as well as taste. 

Julie (name changed)

I found expired products while trying to replace them. I hope Atkins customer care will support me in this matter. 

Customer Testimonials for Premier Protein Shake 

Olivia P. (name changed)

I was underweight from childhood on. Two months ago, one of my nutritionists consulted me for Premier Protein. I healthily gained weight, and I am completely satisfied with the results. 

Zehen (name changed) says

Just one line. Best for on-the-go. 

Georgia (name changed)

I am writing this review because I tried one full box of vanilla, and now I am going to purchase a chocolate flavor. If you ask me if I should rely on this brand for a protein source, the answer is definitely yes. 

I am saying this because I am a news reporter; that’s why I am always in a rush. I always carry 425 bottles to meet my protein requirements. While browsing, I came to know about the chocolate flavor. That’s why, at this time, I will buy this one. 

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Ensure Vs Premier Protein

FAQ’s on Premier Protein vs Atkins

Can I lose weight by just drinking Premier Protein shakes?

No, Premier Protein is not the ultimate solution for weight loss. Workouts, proper sleep, and a balanced diet are also important. 

Are Atkins shakes healthy?

The nutritional value of Atkins shows that they are healthy, but it is better to seek consultation from your nutritionist.

Premier Protein vs. Atkins. Which is best?

It is better to get a consultation from your nutritionist and discuss your fitness goals. Based on that, a nutritionist will recommend the best one.

Final Words on Premier Protein vs Atkins

We compared both brands in detail, and we found that both are good for satisfying the protein requirement if you are on the go.  However, if you are thinking that these protein shakes can replace your regular protein shakes, then you are wrong.

It is also known that some people have the misconception that ready-to-drink protein shakes can replace the actual me, but they are not healthy at all.

Still, if you are confused, it is recommended that you seek consultation from your nutritionist.

Thanks for reading.

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