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Yoga with Adriene Flow Day 6 

In this blog, we are going to discuss yoga with Adriene Flow on day 6. What are the yoga poses that Adriene performed on the 6th day? 

Theme of Day 6: Core-centric Yoga 

What does core mean?

Core practice, according to Adriene, is to connect yourself more deeply.

Relaxation Technique

Yoga with Adriene Flow Day 6  Breathing and Relaxation

For core practice, you have to sit in a comfortable place. Make sure your head, heart, and pelvis are in a straight line. Close your eyes. Now rest your hands gently and fully. Now soften your jaw.

Open your mind and heart, and feel the center. Inhale with your nose and exhale slowly. You’ll feel the drawing of the muscles of the belly towards the spine. repeat this process three times.

Physical Stretch

full body stretch

Side stretch: Now open your eyes and put the left hand on the ground to the left side. Lift your right hand and stretch towards the left side. Now, rotate your hands gently. Now perform the same on the right side.

Extending legs and bending down: Now extend both legs and hands. Sit with a straight spine and gradually go down.

Inhale and exhale: Now you have to bend your knees and put your palms on your belly. Gradually inhale and exhale with a feeling.

Light crunches: Now lock your hands with your fingers and lift your shoulders and body. Lift both shins parallel to the ground. First, try to move the right elbow close to the left thigh, and vice versa. For relaxation, you can hug your knees. 

Put both palms on the ground and lift both legs straight towards the sky. Now bring your left leg down gradually; repeat the same process for the right leg, and vice versa.

After a few minutes, repeat the same process a little faster and make sure your lower back won’t get pressurized.

Bridge position: Now put both palms on the ground and take a bridge position. Now join your palms together, bring it to your forehead, and say, NAMASTE!

matsayasana yoga pose

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Review of the session by Yoga with Adriene Flow Day 6 

Avina B (name changed) says

This is one of the most relaxing yoga videos I have ever watched. Whatever Adriene says, I practiced, and now my feeling of relaxation is at the next level. Thanks, Adriene.

Liza (name changed) says:

Best of the best.

Emily (name changed) says

I joined this yoga session on day 2, and due to being obese, I can do mild stretches. The best thing about this is that I can do it at home without any fancy requirements.

Fernandez (name changed) says.

Day 6 is the best as compared to all days. I am a professional athlete, and I think these workouts are best for those who want to lose weight. Kudos to Adriene

Alvy says (name changed):

Day 5 was awesome, but I failed to perform on Day 6 because I was busy gardening. I am excited about day 7.

Clara says (name changed):

Dear Adriene, this is one of the best initiatives you took in 2024 to reshape your audience. God bless you.

Yoga with Adriene Flow Day 7

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