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Yoga with Adriene Flow Day 7 

In this blog, we are going to understand deeply what Areiene expressed in her 7th session and how you can take the most benefit out of it. So let’s explore Yoga with Adriene Flow Day 7 

What did Adriene teach on the 7th day?

On the 7th day, Adriene focused on synchronizing between breath with movement and movement with breath.

How do I practice?

You have to sit comfortably on the ground (a yoga mat is recommended). From here, the observation part starts. Just observe how you feel and express the feeling of gratitude in your heart for the things around you.

Take a deep breath and forget every essential thing for a moment. Slowly practice ujjayi pranayama. This pranayam enhances your overall body energy and is good for longevity. While doing ujjayi pranayama, observe your breath.

Practicing breathing with movement and movement with breath.

cobra pose

Take a cow position and put your hands on the ground by widening your fingers. To practice this, you must know how to practice the cow-cat position. 

While practicing the cow position, you have to inhale, and when you’re practicing the cat position, you have to exhale.

Practice this at least times for better results.

Now take a tabletop pose and gradually take a balancing tabletop pose (do this while inhaling). Now come back to the tabletop position and practice the same process 5–6 times. After that, continue with the same process with your right hand and left leg.

Cobra positionNow you have to take the Cobra position. Now sync the cobra position with breathing, and for this, you have to inhale by lifting your upper body and exhale while touching your upper body on the ground.

Relaxing movements

downward dog pose

Here, you need to practice some relaxing movements; all movements practiced by her are given below.

Froggy squat pose: In this pose, you need to sit in a squat position in a froggy way. Make sure your body is relaxed. Now touch both palms on the ground and move your upper body slowly.

Forward bend position: Now stand still and bend your upper body from the hip. You can also bend your knees for a relaxed approach. Now slowly get up without any effort.

Shoulder rotation: Now stand still and rotate your shoulder. While lifting your shoulder, inhale, and while moving down, exhale.

Downward dog pose: Now take a downward dog position and lift your right leg, strain, and stretch. Do this for both sides. 

Warrior Pose: After the downward dog pose, gradually take a warrior pose. In the warrior pose, bend and straighten your front leg continuously while brushing. After that, go back to the cobra pose as we discussed above.

Half Moon Pose: For this yoga pose, you can also take blocks or a pill. After the half-moon position, you have to take a plank position and hold it for a few seconds.

End of the session: After holding the plank position, you have to sit with folded legs and widen your hands. Inhale, join your hands and touch your chin to the chest area. Now retain the breath, join your palms, and keep it back in your head.

Now lift both hands and bring them down while exhaling. Repeat this process 4-5 times.

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Viewers Review on Yoga with Adriene Flow Day 7 

Georgia says

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It is one of the best yoga practices for creating coordination between body and mind. I loved the way she explained.

Amelia says

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Yesterday we worked on core, and today we worked on breathing practice. Thats amazing. I am excited about tomorrow.

Susan says

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Feeling relaxed after this. Thank you so much, “Yoga with Adriene.”

Barbara says

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Due to this practice, I became more aware, and my presence of mind developed.

Ella says

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I am completely satisfied with what she teaches.

Thanks for reading.

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