You are currently viewing Youfoodz Review. Is it a healthy option? 

Youfoodz Review. Is it a healthy option? 

This blog post is dedicated to the YouFoodz Review, and if you’re an Australian, we prepared this post especially for you. 

In this blog post, we will decode the ins and outs of YouFoodz, the location they deliver, the food options you’ll get under that, how they work, and last but not least, how you can earn while using this service. 

So let’s begin. 

What is YouFoodz, and how does it work?

how youfoodz works

Youfoodz is a meal delivery service that provides ready-to-eat meals on the doorstep. You only need to heat the full-packaged meal for the recommended time (generally 2-3 minutes) and eat. 

This is best for those who are busy personnel or occupied students and want to save their time. 

For whom is YouFoodz made?

target audience of youfoodz

Here is a list of potential customers for these meal services.

Busy Professional:- Nowadays, not everyone has the same amount of time. A busy professional wants to reduce the cooking preparation time. That’s why these meal delivery services are best for them. 

Restricted Food Options: If you’re following a restricted diet like a vegan or gluten-free diet, then this type of meal delivery service offers them at a reasonable rate. 

Older People: Elderly individuals may find it difficult to prepare meals for themselves. These kinds of meal delivery services reduce the cooking burden for them. 

health conscious:- When we prepare meals at home, it is hard to judge how many proteins, calories, fats, and carbs are there. These meal services provide almost accurate nutritional facts for every meal. This helps you meet your dietary goals.

Comfort: Sometimes an individual who is preparing a meal for a family wants comfort. At that time, these kinds of meal delivery services played a vital role. 

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How can I enroll in YouFoodz?

Visit the landing page of their website and click “Our Plans.” You’ll be redirected to a page called Plans. 

Select plan: Under this, you need to select plants like Everyday Healthy, low-calorie, flexitarian, or high-protein.

Select meals per week: Under this, you need to choose how many meals you require per week. options are 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, As the number of meals increases, the cost of a box also increases. 

Enter the email address: Enter your email address, choose Sports, and click on Continue. 

Enter your delivery address: – Here you need to fill in your first name, last name, address type, postcode, and phone number. Check your plan again and click on Next. 

Make payment: No hidden charges are there; make payment and wait for your delivery. 

The working process of YouFoodz

You might be wondering how this plan works, right? It can be explained in just four steps. 

  1. Select your plan: Select the plan based on your preferences. 
  2. Get Variety: They had 60 meals on their menu, and they also added additional meal options inside the menu. 
  3. Select time: Select the delivery time based on your preference. 
  4. Ready to heat and enjoy: heat and enjoy your meal. 

The food options they provide

Name of Meal and Nutritional ValueEnergyProteinFatCalorie
Roast beef and chips with mushroom sauce1510 kJ22g 12.9g360 kcal
Roast Beef & Chips with Mushroom Sauce1510 kJ22g12.9g 360 kcal
Classic Roast Chicken with Mash and Veg: Energy1360 kJ23.5g11.8g326 kcal
Creamy Garlic Chicken Kyiv with Chips and Broccoli1600 kJ24.6 g14.8g328 kcal
Creamy Chicken Carbonara with Sliced Ham and Mushroom1550 kJ28.1g11.4g370 kcal

Note: There are more than 60 meals and fluids that you can enjoy. For more meal options, send us an email at [email protected]. We will send you a complete food list. 

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Is there any concession for a certain age group?

Yes, they provide special discounts for students and senior citizens. For this, you need to visit their official website and check what the current discounts are. That’s why we haven’t given information about discounts and goodies. 

Is there any discount available on YouFoodz?

You can enjoy $111 off on five boxes. 

  • On the first box, you’ll get $31.60 OFF 
  • In the second box, you’ll get $20.40 OFF 
  • The third box would have $16.40 OFF 
  • The fourth one would have $16.40 OFF 
  • And the fifth one would have $16.40 OFF 

List of locations where YouFoodz delivers

Where does Youfoodz deliver?
  • Wollongong
  • Perth 
  • Rockhampton 
  • Shepparton
  • Toowoomba
  • Launceston 
  • Mackay
  • Newcastle
  • Hervey Bay 
  • Darwin
  • Ballarat
  • Cairns
  • Adelaide
  • Gippsland
  • Launceston

How can I cancel my orders?

To cancel your order, all you need to do is log in to your account and select the My Menu option. Now you can skip or change your delivery. You can also click on “Settings,” and under the plan section, click on “Deactivate my plan.” That’s how you can deactivate your account. 

How can I earn with YouFoodz?

To join their affiliate program, it is free, and you need to join their impact radius. The percentage of commission is still unclear to them. For more queries regarding affiliates, contact them at [email protected] or else at [email protected].

Youfoodz Review (Customer Testimonials)

Aleena (name changed)

This is one of the best meal delivery services I’ve used. The quality is fresh, and the cost is a little bit higher. But when I compare it with other services, this seems good. Recommended to all. 

Fiona (name changed)

Initially, I was skeptical about this meal delivery service, but later on, I understood that it worked well. I read reviews from various sources, and later on, I ordered. 

Jessica (name changed) says

As I am a professional, skipping meals has become my daily habit. Thanks to YouFoodz. I just want to heat and eat; that’s it. 

Sarah: (name changed says)

Works well. 

Melissa (name changed)

What a spicy meal. Mouthwatering options are there, and if you want to maintain your health with taste, then your foods are the best.


FAQ’s on Youfoodz Review

How do I cancel my YouFoodz subscription?

Login to your account, and under the My Menu section, click on the “Change or skip delivery” option.

Do YouFoodz products come frozen?

YouFoodz delivers fresh meals, but you can refrigerate them. 

Who is the parent company of YouFoodz?

HelloFresh SE is the parent company of YouFoodz.

Conclusion on YouFoodz Review.

YouFoodz is a food delivery service in which a customer gets an instant meal at their doorstep as per their preferred time. 

They mainly focus on the Australian market, and we also give a list of the locations we deliver to. 

If we talk about reviews, then customers are fully satisfied with their service, but if you want, you can get a consultation from your nutritionist. 

Thanks for reading. 

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