You are currently viewing Ivim Health Reviews. Cost, return policies, and customer testimonials.

Ivim Health Reviews. Cost, return policies, and customer testimonials.

Want to lose weight most smartly? Ivim is the solution. You may have heard this on social media, but little information is available on the internet. That’s why this blog post is dedicated to “Ivim Health Reviews,” and we’re also going to discuss more questions related to it. 

So let’s see what it is all about.

What is Ivim Health? 

what is ivim health

Ivim is a supplement delivery service that aims to help you lose weight with their tested formulations. 

They provide a customized plan based on your dream fitness goal. To maintain results and the absorption of supplements, they use an enhanced delivery method. 

Also, note that delivery partners are FDA-regulated pharmacies; that’s why they follow all the standards and directly ship to your doorstep.

Founders of Ivim Health.

Anthony Kantor is the founder and CEO of Ivim. He had more than 10 years of experience in product management. 

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What does Ivim Health focus on?

Longevity and weight loss are two main focuses of Ivim.

They use GLP-1 medication as per the customer’s health. According to them, their customers lose up to 15–25% weight on average. 

How do GLP-1 medications help you lose weight?

Appetite Regulations: These kinds of medications work on the brain, and after consuming them, you’ll feel a feeling of fullness. 

Improvement in energy level: Some studies have shown that after consumption of GLP-1 medications, you’ll spend more energy and burn more calories. That’s how you’ll lose weight. 

How can I register myself in Ivim Health?

how to regsiter yourself in ivim health

First, you need to visit their official website, and on the top right menu, click the “Get Started” button. Now, one by one, you’ll get the options given below.

  • Personal info: Fill out your legal first and last name, date of birth, and gender at birth. 
  • Address info:- Enter your street address, city, state, and zip code. 
  • Contact details: enter your contact number and email ID for appointment reminders and updates. 
  • After number verification, you’ll get an appointment on a plan that works well for you. 

How does Ivim Health work?

working model of ivim health

Complete your registration. We mentioned above how to register yourself, and after that, you’ll get the Ivim patient portal. Under this, you can manage all things like appointment scheduling, subscription tailoring, and recent orders. 

If you want to qualify for coverage, you need to fill out the quiz on their website. 

  • Schedule a visit or apply for prior authorization.
  • Get your appointment scheduled with Ivim. They have licensed providers, and you can attend an appointment with the help of an e-visit. 
  • See your providers:
  • At this stage, your provider will verify the information, and he will solve all your queries related to Ivim. 
  • Get your orders delivered to your doorstep:
  • After the verification process, your provider will check whether you’re approved for insurance or not. 
  • You’ll get a prescription from your pharmacy of choice. 
  • After payment of the invoice, you’ll get your orders within 1-2 weeks. 

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What will I get as a member?

Here is a list of things you’ll get as a member of Ivim Health.

  • Video appointment
  • Medication
  • Nutrition and diet chart.
  • Supplements
  • Progress tracking tools

Return policy of Ivim. 

As they deliver customized supplements, it is not possible to take back the delivered products, but if you’ve faced any issues with orders you got, you can contact them on their Contact Us page on the official website.

How can I contact Ivim? 

On their official website, visit the Contact Us page and fill out the form. They’ll revert in a few hours.

Do I need to take a consultation from a healthcare professional for this?

No matter how safe they claim, it is better to take a consultation from your healthcare professional. For this, you can visit your nearest healthcare specialist or take an online consultation 

Does Ivim Health work?

If we analyze the customer reviews and ratings given by TrustPilot we can consider that the medication provided to them works. Still, if you’re confused then take a consultation from your healthcare professional 

Ivim Health Reviews (Customer Testimonials) 

Sebastian Revana (name changed)

I enrolled in Ivim and felt that this would help me achieve a lot. At first, I was nervous with my provider, but later on, everything was solved. 

Diana (name changed)

Good service.

Fernando Vin (name changed)

What customer support! I mean, they understand every aspect of my health. Immensely satisfied.


Is Ivm health-safe?

Yes, Ivm Health is safe to use because they provide GLP-1 medications. It is safe to use. 

What does IVM cost?

Monthly Ivm costs $74.99.

Is there any discount available on IvM?

As of now, we haven’t gotten any discounts or offers from Ivm. 

Conclusion on Ivim Health Reviews

IVM is a supplement provider that helps you achieve your target. Under this, you’ll get a provider who will guide you through the journey. 

The monthly cost of Ivm Health is $74.99, and under that, you’ll get various things that might help you lose weight.

Still, if you’re confused, we suggest that you seek consultation from your healthcare professional and discuss your fitness goals. 

Thanks for reading. 

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