You are currently viewing IU Diet, Benefits and Results. 

IU Diet, Benefits and Results. 

Lee Ji-eum, A popular K-pop singer recently revealed in one of the interviews that she follows a specific diet, which helps her to reduce weight. From that moment on, everyone was amazed by the IU diet plan.

In this blog post, we are going to explain what diet IU follows, a testimonial from a YouTuber who followed this diet and gained a lot of weight, and various questions related to this diet plan.

Who is IU and why does her diet gain popularity?

Why diet of IU is so popular

Lee Ji-Eun, popularly known as IU, is a Korean (South Korean) multitalented woman. She is a composer and songwriter, as well as a singer and actress. She was born on May 16, 1993, and her nickname is IU. Currently, her net worth is $45 million. 

What is the IU Diet?

The diet that IU follows is a restricted, low-calorie diet, which she followed to lose weight for the role in “Dream High” (a drama). Under this diet, she cut down on various snacks that

have calories. This diet also stresses only one group of foods. 

Complete IU Diet

IU Diet

IU has a restrictive diet; that’s why we always insist you consult with your healthcare professional before following this diet blindly.

Morning Breakfast: 

IU starts her morning with fruits. But those fruits should be taken daily if they are chosen. For example, she can take bananas, either one or two, as per her appetite. After that, she takes healthy tea, like any herbal tea, without added sugar.

Lunch Time: 

IU either takes boiled veggies or sweet potatoes. To make your lunch a little bit tasty and healthy, you can also add natural flavors like olive oil. Here, the main motto is to acquire essential nutrients like fiber, iron, zinc, vitamins, and minerals.

Snack Time: 

You can take any fruits, like pineapple, pomegranate, or 1-2 bananas, for short-term hunger.

Protein Shake:

 Now at night, you can take protein-rich foods like two boiled eggs, brown rice with yogurt, or a protein shake. It helps to recover your body with the whole-day wear and tear of muscles.

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How long can you follow this diet?

There is no such time limit to follow this diet, but it has been observed that this diet might not be a great choice because it lacks calories, carbohydrates, and other vital vitamins and minerals that your body wants.

To check how long you should follow this diet, you can consult with your healthcare professional and decide.

Expected results after following the IU Diet

There is no doubt that after following this diet, you’ll lose a lot of weight. There is now a difference between healthily losing weight and losing weight by weakening your body. This diet helps you lose weight by weakening your body.

That’s why, in every section, we always highlight your need to meet your nutritionist and discuss your fitness goals with him.

How much does this diet cost per day?

If you’re following this diet plan seriously, it may cost you around US$5.5–US$8.75. It is just a rough estimation from our side. If you want to check how much it would cost, you can follow this diet for one day and tally the amount you’ve spent in a day. 

Testimonials about the IU Diet 

This is the story of a social media influencer who followed this diet, and she also shared her 3-day journey while following this diet.

Before following this diet, her weight was approximately 57 kg. After following this intensive diet, she checked her weight, and it was 53.9 kg. It means that she lost almost 3 kg in just 3 days. Later on, she also shared that you should not follow this diet continuously.

because it is not healthy at all. You’ll lose weight, but your overall health will suffer a lot.

A Testimonial video on diet followed by IU

Some loopholes in this diet plan.

Yes, there are numerous side effects of this diet, and here we list a few of them.

Lack of Variety: This diet restricts you to a single diet plan all day. This diverts your attention from various foods and fluids that contain essential vitamins and minerals.

Lack of Whole Grain: This diet has very little or no whole grain. Due to this, a person misses complex carbohydrates and fibers, which are essential components for energy and gut health.

Less caloric intake: This diet also has a lower calorie intake, which affects the energy level of a person who follows it.

Lack of Hydration: A healthy diet contains fluids like coconut water, electrolytes, and natural fruit juices, but this diet lacks all of them.

What is the healthiest way to lose weight?

Set realistic goals: Setting realistic goals and achieving them in time helps you be motivated to lose weight. You can set a target to lose 1-2 pounds in 7 days, which is realistic and healthy. 

Stress Management: You can also practice techniques to get relief from stress, like yoga, mindful meditation, breathing exercises, or playing puzzle games.

Sleep Control:- When we don’t get enough sleep, the body’s hunger hormones get disturbed. That’s why sleeping at a fixed time is good for weight management.

Physical Activity: You can join a nearby Zumba class or yoga group to move yourself physically. It is time to take a break from your life and engage yourself in a little bit of physical activity.

Healthy Snacking: Healthy snacking always depends on your environment. If you make your environment healthy, then by default you’ll somehow achieve your health goals, and vice versa.


Is it okay to follow the IU Diet daily?

You can follow this diet for 2–3 days because it lacks lots of essential vitamins and minerals.

Is there a healthy way to lose weight?

Yes, we shared some healthy ways to lose weight other than following this intense diet.

If I follow the IU diet for 3 days, how much weight can I lose?

You can lose up to 3 kg if you follow a diet followed by IU. 

Conclusion on the IU Diet 

The popularity of IU is growing day by day, and her fans also get curious a lot about what she eats.

Meanwhile, she confessed her intense diet, which she follows, but this diet is not recommended for everyone because it lacks lots of essential vitamins and minerals.

We also shared how long you can follow this diet and how much it costs per day. Apart from this diet, we also recommended some ways to lose weight healthily.

The overall diet recommended can be followed for 2-3 days, but more than that may cause various health-related issues.

It is better to discuss with your nearby nutritionist and discuss your fitness goals with him/her. 

Thanks for reading.

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