Hismile Purple Toothpaste Review. Know What Customer Says.

You might have used various products for teeth whitening, but today we are going to review Hismile Purple toothpaste.

Under the Hismile purple toothpaste review, we explained our personal experience, a guide on how to use it, a review by other customers, and other oral care whitening tips.

What is Hismile Purple Toothpaste?

Generally, High Smile is sold in a 30 ml purple bottle and is marketed as a color corrector.

V34 helps to make your teeth white by restoring their brightness, and it also neutralizes the yellowish tone of your teeth.

What Ingredients are used to make this toothpaste?

Sr No. IngredientsHow do these element works?
1GlycerinIt works like hydrogen peroxide and stays in contact with teeth
2Hydrated SilicaPolish the surface of teeth without damaging the enamel layer
3SorbitolIt helps to bring a sweet taste to toothpaste and it does not have a direct relation to making teeth whiter
4Aqua/WaterIt provides consistency to toothpaste and helps to clean the overall mouth.
5XylitolIt prevents tooth decay and contributes sweet flavor as like sorbitol
6Cellulose GumIt makes your toothpaste thick and works as a stabilizing agent to maintain the consistency of toothpaste.
7Polysorbate 80It gives a creamy texture to a toothpaste
8Peppermint OilHelps to contribute a minty flavor that’s why you feel fresh breath after using toothpaste.
9SucraloseIt is an artificial sweetener that is present in toothpaste without making your tooth decay.

My Personal Experience with Hismile Purple Toothpaste.

Hismile Purple Toothpaste Review

Observation: I used this toothpaste for a month and got the above result by using 1.5 bottles. The results are incredible! I used it in the morning and evening because everyone recommends using this 2 times a day.

Most of the time I skip brushing my teeth in the morning and with time my teeth become pale. I tried various home remedies but nothing worked.

I Would like to continue with the same and will update you about it. I WOULD RECOMMEND!

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Price of Hismile Toothpaste

The lowest price observed is $22.45 since it was launched, and now it is available for $23.20.

How to use Hismile toothpaste for better results

How to use hismile toothpaste (purple)

Step 1: Take two pumps of HiSmile toothpaste on a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Step 2: Brush your teeth in a circular motion and do not rush.

Step 3: Expel it after 2 minutes and rinse the formula from your mouth.

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Hismile Purple Toothpaste Review by 5 Random Customers

Hismile Purple toothpaste Customer Reviews

Review by Joshua Carthy (Name Changed)

I just want to say, Buy it, and I am saying that because I used lots of charcoal-based toothpaste from various brands, but one of them gave me results like Hismile. It almost took 17 days for the results.

I am a coffee lover, which is why I am blessed with yellow teeth, and I would recommend that you use coffee as medicine and keep your regular toothpaste as it is.

Review by Antonio (Name Changed)

It is a good product with great advertising. I used this product for a month and noticed a minor difference, but if I compare it with other toothpaste, then this is better.

Review by Anita Samuel (Name Changed)

It works well, but the taste is terrible. I purchased this product after reading the review that said it tasted like mint but had a terrible aftertaste. I always prefer to wash my brush after using it.

Review by Alex W. Wooley (Name Changed)

I bought this toothpaste because I watched influencers promote it. My sister has a pale tooth, and she tried everything, but nothing worked. I suggested she use this toothpaste, and it works well for her.

I already had white teeth, but I still purchased them on an experimental basis. I tried it but never got more whitening elements. Overall, it is best for those who have yellow or slightly yellow teeth.

Review by Clara (Name Changed)

Works for me! Three months ago, I purchased this product, and today I am seeing a major difference, which is why I am writing this review.

Of course, the price is way better than the cost of whitening strips and a dentist. Things will take time, so wait to smile with white teeth.

Know what the Expert Says!

In how many days do tooth stains get removed?

As per customer reviews, we observed that it takes almost 2 to 3 weeks to get the desired results.

I tried this twice a day for 25 days to get results. So overall, we can say that it takes almost 23 days to get white teeth.

How does it taste after use?

This toothpaste has a slight mint flavor, but this brand claims that it is unflavored.

Whenever I purchased this product, I always found it a little bit minty and menthol after using it.

Other Teeth-Whitening tips

Quit Smoking: Smoking is great for your overall health and also the color of your teeth. If you want your teeth to be white, then you should quit smoking.

Quit Coffee: Coffee contains tannins, making your teeth yellow. If you cannot quit your coffee addiction completely, at least limit your consumption.

Do not overuse products: Using an excessive amount of teeth-whitening products may hamper your teeth’s enamel layer. Always seek consultation from a dentist or make yourself aware of how to use teeth-whitening products.

Try whitening strips: whitening strips help to remove strains, but make sure you don’t forget to read the instructions given on the whitening strips you’re using.


Why does Hismile Purple Toothpaste have a purple color?

Hismile Purple Toothpaste has a purple color because purple is a complementary color to yellow; that’s why you would find yellow and purple on opposite sides of the color wheel. Purple neutralizes the yellowish tone of teeth.

Can you replace Hismile Purple Toothpaste with other tooth-whitening products?

Yes, you can use but do not overuse products on your teeth because it may damage the enamel layer and cause tooth sensitivity 

Conclusion on Hismile Purple Toothpaste Review

As per our experience and reviews from customers, we can say that Hismile Purple Toothpaste makes a difference in your yellow teeth because it contains V34 treatment, which has to make your teeth white.

For customer reviews, we chose five random customers from various eCommerce platforms and commented on their social media apps. Hismile is also one of the best alternatives to whitening strips from the customer’s point of view.

Overall, it can be concluded that Hismile makes positive changes and makes teeth white after using it. If you got results, then share your experience in the common section below so that others can benefit from it.

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