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One2One diet plan and does it work? 

What if I say that there is a diet program in which you’ll get a personal consultation with top-notch weight loss consultants? In this blog, we are going to cover a diet called the “One2One Diet” and why this diet is a goldmine for those who are looking to lose weight instantly.

So let’s begin.

What is a one2one diet?

In 1984, the 1:1 diet plan launched and gained a lot of popularity in the weight loss niche, and this diet is also known as “The Cambridge Diet.

It is a diet plan on which a dieter gets a 1 consultation from the best weight-loss professionals. These professionals offer advice and suggest the best products and meal plans based on your fitness goals.

History of the Cambridge Diet

One2One diet

In 1984, this diet gained a lot of popularity, and back in the 1960s, Dr. Alan Haward started his research on which diet would be perfect for everyone.

After this diet became commercial, it was accepted by thousands of people from all over the world.

In 2018, the Cambridge Diet became a 1:1 diet because the core of this diet is to give one-on-one guidance.

How the one2one diet works

One2One diet

First, you have to choose a personal consultant on the official website of One2One.

You’ll find a “Find a consultant” button, and after that, you’ll find an option to enter your PIN.

This diet program is valid for two countries (the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland). After entering your PIN, you’ll get a list of nearby consultants.

Based on charges and additional fees, you can book a consultant and discuss your fitness goals and diet plan accordingly.

After how many days does a one2one diet give results?

Every consultant has a way of managing their clients. This diet program won’t provide you with a standard and fixed meal plan, so there is no sure-fire short answer as to how many days you’ll get results.

How much does a one2one diet cost?

As we discussed above, this is not a standard diet plan in which there are fixed food options. The cost varies from consultant to consultant, but on average, it would cost around £2.78/€3.32, which is less than the price of fancy coffee, isn’t it?

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Why is this diet different as compared to other diet plans?

Here are some reasons why this diet plan is different from others:

A diet plan that works and gives results: 

Consultations registered under this program are certified and experienced. The 1:1 program helps you meet experts and experienced professionals, and that’s why this diet program works well and gives unexpectedly positive results.

A motivating factor: If we talk about other diets, like keto or any other diet, there is a structured diet and principles, but no one is there to motivate you.

This diet plan is like a personal teacher who guides its students and corrects them when they make mistakes. This teacher also motivates you to get the best results on time.

Enjoyable Products: This diet won’t allow you to sacrifice your taste buds. The products they had match high-quality standards and also taste good.

Cost-effective: As we discussed above, there is no fixed cost to this diet program because the fitness level of each person is different, and consultation charges also vary from consultant to consultant. On average, it would cost £2.78/€3.32.

Meal at home: You don’t need to visit malls and pick up the product; the 1:1 diet plan includes home delivery services for the convenience of the dieter.

How can you make money with this diet plan?

If you’re a certified consultant, then you can join the 1:1 program as a consultant. They are ready to give all the suitable support to consultants to grow their business.

Here, you can work based on your suitable time, which means there is no time restriction.

User testimonials

Here are some genuine user testimonials for you.

Ava (name changed) says

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I met with Emma (a consultant under the 1:1 brand), and she understands exactly what I want to look like.

Sometimes I also cancel our meeting, but she is so flexible with it. I am completely satisfied with what she suggests, and it’s been 3 months since I got results. Now we are friends.

Emilia (name changed) says

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I can’t ignore the value they provide. There are lots of listed dieters who are ready to help you with their quality experience and knowledge. I can say that this diet plan works well for me.

Hannah (name changed) says

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Just go for it. It helped me. 


Can I become a consultant for this diet program?

Yes, you can become a consultant in a 1:1 diet program.

Is it mandatory to take products from 1:1 shops?

Yes, because the consultation provided the diet plan based on their products.

How long should I continue with this diet plan?

Your consultant would provide a better idea of when you can discontinue this diet.

Conclusion on the one-to-one diet

A one-to-one diet is an amazing concept in which a dieter loses weight under the guidance of an experienced and certified healthcare professional.

Under this, you can choose the best consultant and enroll in it.

If you ask yourself if it works, then we would recommend you take the first 2-3 sessions to understand how much this diet costs you overall.

Thanks for reading.

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