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Can I Eat Takis with Braces? Is it Risky?

Maybe your mouth is watering, and after braces treatment, you’re thinking, “Can I Eat Takis with Braces?” This blog is a complete guide on whether you can eat Takis or not if you’re in braces.

What to do when takis get stuck at your braces, other spicy snack options you can take instead of Takis, and all other queries related to it 

So let’s begin with some Takis!

Do takis get stuck in your braces?

do takis stuch when you eat them with braces

Yes, there are high chances that takis may stick to your braces because of their shape. The nature of braces also plays a vital role, whether takis is stuck at your braces or not.

When these particles enter wires, they may get stuck between brackets and wires. That’s why we dentists always advise you not to consume such hard snacks as takis and to try to clean your teeth after consuming them.

it to avoid any brace damage. You may have seen other articles on Google that advise you to eat takes, but in general, it is not recommended because you may find difficulty cleaning your braces and teeth. 

What happens if you eat Takis with braces?

what if you eat takis with braces

Here are some risks and challenges you might face when you eat takis with braces.

Brace Damage: Takis can potentially damage the wires of braces because it is too hard to chew when it comes to braces. If you’re currently facing any issues, don’t forget to visit an orthodontist.

Cleaning Issues:- Another reason why we’re not recommending you eat takis while wearing braces is cleaning issues. There are chances that when these small particles get stuck in your teeth, they may cause plaque and tooth decay.

Poor Taste: If your braces are recently adjusted, then eating with them may cause discomfort. People also faced soreness.

can you workout with braces

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How to fix Takis stuck in braces

Here are some ways you can use to pull out particles of Takis that are stuck on your braces.

Soft-pointed tools: To pull out the particles, you can use pointed tools like toothpicks or tools that are made specially for baked foods.

Interdental brushes: You can also brush gently on the area where Takis are stuck. Make sure that the brush is soft so that it won’t bend your braces wires.

Take an orthodontist consultation: If you’ve tried and the problem is still not fixed, then it is better to get a consultation from an orthodontist.

Can I eat taki with braces? 

On the internet, you’ll find most websites recommending that you eat Takis with braces, but what about hygiene? What if the shape of your braces changes? What if some particles get stuck on your braces?

Recently, I underwent “root canal treatment,” and the contact number of my dentist (also an orthodontist practitioner) said that it is not recommended to eat Takis or any other hard foods that are stuck in your braces bracket.

Other foods to avoid

Here is a list of foods that you must avoid if you have braces.

  • Popcorn: Kernels are stuck between the braces.
  • Hard candies: Candies and toffees can change or break the shape of your braces and wires.
  • Hard pretzels: They’re crunchy; that’s why they are not recommended.
  • Nuts and seeds: Nuts and seeds are also restricted if you’re on braces.
  • Hard rolls: These rolls are too thick and may break your braces.

Some foods are safe to eat

Here are some tasty foods that you can enjoy when you’re at braces.

  • Soft fruits: Soft fruits like watermelon, bananas, and berries are braces-friendly. 
  • Soft breads: Soft breads like white and whole wheat breads are best.
  • Boiled veggies: When veggies get boiled, they become soft and easy to chew.
  • Pasta and rice: Pasta is also one of the delicious snack options you can take instead of Takis.
  • Boneless sea foods: Not all but most of the sea foods are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Choose all those foods that are boneless.
  • Soups: You can also make broth-based soups. They are delicious and healthy as well.
  • Dairy products: Dairy products are loaded with calcium, and you can take soft ice cream, milk, or cheese.

Chips that you can eat, instead of Takis!

Pringles: Due to their texture, they’re recommended for eating.

Kettle-cooked chips: Not all kettle chips are hard; you can choose the softer ones.

Tortilla chips: Soft tortilla chips can also be one of the best options.

Soft-baked chips: Certain brands provide soft-baked chips.

Soft multi-grain chips: You can also opt for chips made from soft grains.

How to eat takis with braces (steps and tips)

The perfect guide to eating takis with braces

Above, we recommend everywhere that you not eat Takis with braces, but if you want, here is a step-by-step guide on how you can eat Takis with braces.

1: Break Takis into smaller pieces: Instead of taking a bite of the whole Takis, break it into small pieces so that your braces won’t get pressure instantly.

2: Wait before chewing it: After taking small pieces, don’t chew immediately. Just wait for a few moments so that the takis get softer inside your mouth. Let me enjoy it.

3: Use back teeth: Try to chew Takis from the last 3–4 teeth so that your braces won’t get pressurized.

4: Drink water frequently. Take a sip of water whenever you feel Takis getting harder. Water makes it softer and helps you chew easily.

5: Maintain hygiene: After following all the safety tips, there might be chances that Takis may stick in your teeth. Brush your teeth with an orthodontist-recommended toothbrush.


Can Takis damage my braces?

There is a potential risk of braces damage if you eat Takis without breaking them into smaller pieces.

How can I eat Takis with braces?

Break Takis into smaller pieces and take a sip of water to make Takis softer, and that’s how you can eat Takis with braces.

After how many days of braces can I eat Takis?

You have to wait a few weeks, and later on, you can enjoy it.

Conclusion on Can I Eat Takis with Braces?

On the internet, many websites recommend you eat takis if you’ve got braces. But what if SMA particles get stuck in your teeth?

If it does, then it may cause various other dental problems. That’s why it is not recommended to eat takis or any other hard substance if you’re in braces.

Thanks for reading.

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