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Chante Moore Diet for a Youthful Look After 40’s 

Have you ever wondered why Chante Moore looks so young at 56? Well, there is a secret diet plan called “Chante Moore Diet” that she follows to manage her weight and also some skincare routine that she uses, which almost reverses her age.

So let’s dig deep into her day-to-day schedule.

Chante Moore and her amazing career 

Chante Moore is an American-born songwriter, singer, and actress. Due to this, she gained a lot of popularity. In 1992, her debut album “Precious” also influenced more people at that time.

At this point, her journey began as a professional songwriter and singer. Love’s taken over, and Chante’s got a man who’s superhit.

Apart from songs, she also participated in various plays and shows.

Eating philosophy of Chante Moore.

Chante is crystal clear about what she eats and how much she eats.

Her philosophy is to eat every bit mindfully for the promotion of overall well-being, balanced nutrition, and portion control.

You may find their philosophy of Chante a little bit strict; that’s how she lost her weight. Read more about Chante Moore

Chante Moore Diet

Chante Moore Diet

Till now, Chante hasn’t shared any diet plans on any of the social media sites, but we’re still assuming his potential diet plan.

So let’s start.

Breakfast: Oats with fresh fruits and nuts.

Smoothie or Greek yogurt (without added sugar).

Lunch: grilled chicken with brown rice.

Green vegetables with a mixed salad.

Snacks: fresh fruits with handfuls of nuts.

Complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes.

Warm water or green tea.

Dinner: lean protein like salmon, tofu, or turkey.

Baked or steamed veggies.

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Favorite food recipe of Chante Moore

Here is one potential favorite food recipe by Chante Moore.

Grilled salmon was added to mango salsa.

Ingredients Required

  • Olive oil
  • Fresh salmon fillets
  • Pepper and salt
  • For the salsa: red onion, lime juice, mango (diced), cilantro, and jalapeño.


  1. Take a salmon fillet and season it with pepper and salt. Rub olive oil on it.
  2. Grill the salmon so that it gets cooked properly.
  3. Mix all the salsa ingredients in a bowl and squeeze lime juice on it. 
  4. Serve grilled salmon with mango salsa.

Workout routine by Chante Moore

Workout routine by Chante Moore

Here’s Chante’s exact workout routine, which she follows.

Normal stretch for warm-up: Warm-up helps your body wake up and improves blood circulation to prevent muscle injury while working out.

For warm-up, she does some jumping workouts, hand stretches, and other normal warm-up movements.

Downward stretch: Downward stretch helps to improve the blood circulation on the scalp and face, which makes your face glow.

It also improves the flexibility of the body.

Squats: They put pressure on muscles like the hamstring, calf, and other thighs.

Most people quit the leg workout in the gym, but it is one of the most crucial parts of your physical activity.

Jumping Jacks: Another famous workout that reduces your body stiffness and improves body balance.

Half sit-ups: Under this, instead of full sit-ups, Chante did half to focus on her abs.

While doing an ab workout, put your awareness on your abs.

Bicycle crunch: Under this, you have to move your legs in a bicycle movement with crunches.

Make sure your upper and lower bodies are a little bit up from the floor to put pressure on your abs.

Glute bridges: Do not over- or under-stretch your glute. To make it simple, make sure your body is in a straight line when you lift your glutes.

Keep your knees straight and lift your glutes.

Instead of lifting your hips, put pressure on your heels, and automatically all your muscles get activated on each set.

  • Butterfly stretch
  • Middle stretch

Benefits you’ll get after following the Chante Moore diet.

Improved energy level: There are certain diets, like the cardboard diet, in which you have to eat fad foods, but in Chante’s diet, you have to take a balanced diet. This improves energy levels because there is no strict calorie restriction.

It works as an anti-aging diet: Have you ever wondered why she looks so young at 56? It is because of her balanced diet.

Most people think that only surgery or a skincare routine makes your skin smooth, but diet also plays a vital role.

Weight Management: In her diet, she always keeps an eye on how much calorie intake is good for her body.

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Why does Chante Moore look so young?

In an interview, she shared why her skin looks so young. She always keeps things simple and uses products that provide hydration to the skin, which makes her skin nice and plump. 

She uses AMBI Even and Clear Eye Serum, which makes her skin and eyes fresh and moisturized all day. 

In terms of lotion, she also uses lotion of the same brand.

Skincare practices performed by her.

She said that she washes her face at night without fail and removes makeup after a photo shoot. Every night, she uses a facial steamer to minimize the pores.


Should I follow the Chante Moore diet?

Yes, you can follow the diet recommended by Chante, but first, you need to seek consultation from a healthcare professional.

Does Chante Moore lose weight in her career?

Officially, there is no specific data on how much weight she lost.

Is there any healthy diet apart from the Chate Moore diet?

Yes, there are many diets that you can follow apart from her diet.

Final Words

Diet followed by change Chante Moore is a normal diet in which protein and healthy fats are present. For this, she takes various fruits, nuts, and superfoods.

In this blog post, we also shared a complete whole-day diet, which she might follow. 

Also, note that there is no official data published on this diet; that’s why we made an imaginary diet plan for you.

Thanks for reading.

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