You are currently viewing E2M Diet, Testimonial, Recipe, and Benefits. 

E2M Diet, Testimonial, Recipe, and Benefits. 

Over the internet, you might hear about the E2M diet, what it is, for whom it is made, what the recipes are, and all other related queries we are going to discuss in this blog.

So let’s begin.

What is the E2M Diet?

E2M stands for Eager to Motivate, and considering it just a diet plan is a myth. E2M is an 8-week program that consists of a meal plan, motivation, coaching, and workouts. There are several trainers with whom you can train, and every week, diet plans change.

The reason behind different diet plans every week is that you won’t get bored by following just one single diet plan.

The amazing thing about E2M is their community. This creates uniqueness in their program as compared to other diet programs.

Overall, we can say that E2M is not just another diet plan or program; it is loaded with various trainers, coaches, motivational stories of fitness gurus, various diet plans, and professional workout plans as per your body.

What will you get after joining E2M?

add-on after joining e2m program

Above, we said that you’ll get lots of things, but what exactly are they? Here is the list. 

  • Circuit Training
  • Gym workout
  • Zumba
  • Cardio Kickboxing
  • Sprint
  • And so on, because more things needed to be added to this.

All these workouts you’ll get from various trainers because each one has their expertise.

What is the purpose of the E2M diet?

People think that the E2M diet is just for weight loss, but this is not true. Irrespective of what your goals are, under E2M, you can discuss them in their private Facebook group with your trainer and get whatever diet or workout they recommend based on your body type.

For whom the E2M diet is made

Mainly, E2M is joined by those individuals who want to lose weight, and if you check their official website, you’ll find that most of the subscribers have either fat loss or muscle gain goals.

Subscription plan for E2M

They had two simple plans: 

Per-week Plan: This plan costs you US$40.00, and after finishing your first plan, you need to renew for the second one. It means if you’re satisfied with the first week, then you can decide whether you should go for the second week or not. 

One-Time Plan: This plan costs you US$320.00, and after enrolling in it, you’re added to their private Facebook group, where they’ll guide you from start to finish. 

What do health specialists say about E2M?

know what specialist says about e2m

Dr. Penelope Pauley, says that this diet is completely safe because it includes all the healthy advice and meal plans that we generally recommend to our patients. Things like proper hydration, a balanced diet, intermittent fasting, cardiovascular workouts, and focused muscle training are involved with the help of the loving community.

Dr. Barbara Joy Jones says that I also joined this program, and it is effective, no doubt. I also suggest my patients enroll if they can afford it because it has everything a person needs to be fit.

Is this a face-to-face program or a virtual one?

E2M is not a face-to-face program. Under this program, you’re added to a private and secure Facebook group, and there you’ll find your workout routines, diet plan, live support, and other benefits mentioned in their plan.

Recipes to follow on the E2M Diet

Under this fitness program, coaches and dieticians would recommend a diet plan as per your fitness goals. For example, some individuals want to make themselves slimmer, while others want to lose fat, some want to get rid of skinny fat, and so on.

As this program is paid, we can’t reveal which diet comes under the E2M program.

How long should one follow the E2M diet? 

This program is followed for 8 weeks, and if you want, you can take suggestions from the dietician because we are not sure which diet they have suggested. 

Other Weight Loss Diet Plans

other weight loss diet for you

Raw Food Diet: Under this diet, a dieter should eat uncooked plant-based foods like raw spinach and green salad.

It is believed that when food is uncooked, it won’t lose its nutritional value, but the problem with this diet is It’s hard to follow this diet for the long term because of the limited food choices. 

Whole30 Diet: Under this diet plan, you have to discard certain foods from your regular meal, for example, grains, dairy,

legumes, and sugar (added) This diet plan is followed by those who want to reset their relationship with food.

Vegan Diet: Under this diet, a dieter eliminates all animal-based foods and shifts their diet towards plant-based foods like 

fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, etc. This diet is considered an ethical and environmentally friendly one. 

Ketogenic Diet: Under this diet, a person burns fat for energy instead of relying on carbohydrates.

Ketobiotic Diet: Under this diet, a dietician eats a low-carb diet with gut-friendly microbes. This diet is a combination of xenobiotics and probiotics.

Some diet plans followed by famous personalities: 

Other Diet Plan followed by famous Personalities

Eddie Abbew Diet: The Eddie Abbew diet plan is one of the most effective diet plans for those who are looking to lose weight and increase muscle mass. Eddie is an ex-bodybuilding champion and a qualified psychiatric nurse. Read more about Eddie Abbew’s Diet

Chuando Tan Diet: Chuando Tan is a man who looks 22 at the age of 55. Due to his amazing lifestyle, he has maintained himself as one of the best-looking personalities in the world. Read more about Chuando Tan’s Diet

IU Diet: IU is a Korean singer who followed a diet that was intense to reduce her body weight. This diet is followed by her for a few days. However, we won’t recommend anyone follow such an unhealthy diet. Read more about IU Diet

Wonyoung Diet: Wonyoung is also a South Korean singer who follows a diet plan to maintain a lean body. Read more about Wonyoung Diet

Testimonials of the E2M Diet

Aleena Gomez (name changed) says

The main difference between this program and other programs is that E2M is not just a group of people; it is a family where you can discuss your goals and get proper solutions from experts. I joined this program, and at the end of the few

sessions, I saw a major difference in this. This is one of the best diet programs I have ever enrolled in. If you want to lose weight, then you can subscribe to this and take benefit from it. Highly Recommended. 

Clara B. (name changed) says

I don’t know why, but my weight has been recommended by doctors my whole life. I joined various physical activity classes like yoga, Zumba, and even a cycling group, but no results were there. Later on, I heard about e2m with one of my gyms. 

trainer and I joined. The motivational stories they discuss in the community are next-level. This time I worked physically as well as mentally, and surprisingly, I lost 20% of my body weight without any drawbacks. 

It works well, but it should be face-to-face instead of a virtual program. Overall, I can say that I got the expected results. Coaches, trainers, and dieticians provide the best possible advice.


What is the E2M diet?

E2M is an online weight loss program that runs for 8 weeks.

How much does the E2M diet cost?

For 1 week, E2M costs US$40, and for 8 weeks, it costs US$320.

How does the e2m diet work?

E2M diets mostly focus on various foods that are beneficial for health, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. 

Does E2M use intermittent fasting?

Yes, E2M also includes elements of intermittent fasting with intense workouts to build muscle and hydration.

When did e2m start?

The journey of e2m started on January 1, 2000.

Conclusion on the E2M Diet

E2M is not just a diet; it is a program under which a person can achieve various fitness goals, but mainly people enroll in this program for weight loss.

After enrollment, you’ll be added to their private Facebook group, and after that, you’ll be guided accordingly.

Overall, if you want our suggestion that I should join this program or not, then definitely you should go because various testimonials are there that claim that they achieved fitness goals.

Thanks for reading.

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