You are currently viewing Point32health Reviews. Is it suitable for my health expenses? 

Point32health Reviews. Is it suitable for my health expenses? 

There are tons of health insurance policies in the USA. This blog is dedicated to Point32health Reviews. We’re going to see customer testimonials, cover plans, insurance options, and all other potential queries that might arise in your mind.

So let’s begin.

Introduction to point32health.

point32health was born due to a combination of Tufts Health Plan and Pilgrim Health Care. Both companies are old, nonprofit healthcare companies. The motive behind both organizations is to provide “healthier lives for everyone.” 

According to their vision, income, identity, age, race, and health don’t matter. The intent behind this organization is to provide health financing services; that’s why it is called “Point32Health,” like 32 points on a compass.

Under this organization, you’ll find various health plans, step-by-step guidance by professionals, and affordable health plans.

Rewards and achievements earned by point32health

Certifications earned by Point32Health

Here are some of their rewards, recognitions, and achievements.

1. Health Equity: point32health earned Health Equity Accreditation from NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance) due to their health plans and became the first in New England to earn this Accreditation.

2. NCQA: It is a non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of health care. Also note that this is a private organization, and their Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is widely used.

Learn More on: What is NCQA

AAPD: American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and Disability: IN named Point 32 Health the best workplace for disability. AAPD helps boost the power (in terms of economic and political) of people with disabilities.

3. The Civic 50: An organization called “The Civic 50”. named this organization as one of the top socially responsible companies. This is the third time that point32health came into their list. The Civic 50 shows publicly how a company interacts socially, the values of business, and other 

social responsibility factors.

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4. LGBTQ+ inclusion: This organization also recruits LGBTQ+ in the workplace; that’s why they received a 100 in the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2023–2024. 

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Various plans offered by point32health

Plans offered by Point32Health are a combination of both Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and TUFTS Health Plan companies. That’s why we’ve included plans offered by both companies. 

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Plans by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Under this, there are only two different health plans.

1: Individual and Family Plans: Under that, they provide a variety of plans made for families and provide wide contact with trusted doctors and hospitals that charge minimum fees and have trust.

2: Medicare Plan: This plan is suitable for individuals 65 and older. 

Plans by the TUFTS Health Plan

Under this, there are a total of six different health plans that cater to almost all your health needs.

1:Tufts Health Direct: Suitable for individuals and small groups. 

2:Tufts Health Together: It covers services like doctor visits, prescription costs, eyeglasses, and eye examinations. Overall, we can say that I cover petty medical expenses.

3:Tufts Health RI Together: Under this, you’ll get the benefit of Rite Care and other benefits.

4:Tufts Health One Care: Under this plan, individuals aged 21–64 would get the benefits of MassHealth and Medicare. There are also more benefits to this.

5:Tufts Health Plan Senior Care Options (HMO-SNP): If you’re over 65 and eligible for Medicare and MassHealth, then you can enroll in this plan.

6:Medicare Plans: Under the Medicare Plan, you’ll get excellent care and value as per your expectations. 

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How good is customer support?

We researched how good Point32Health customer service is, and we found that it’s “good.” We also sent an email regarding one of the plans, and they forwarded a detailed explanation regarding that plan and also showed some low-cost plans suitable for me. Overall, I can say that their customer service is “good.” 

The claim process for point 32 health

There is a pdf below to understand the claim procedure. You can save that PDF and follow that, and this process is online, so you don’t need to visit any office.

PDF source:

How can you contact Point 32 Health customer service?

Here is a way you can contact Point32Health. 

Contact No.: +1 617-972-9400

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care: 888-888-4742, 617-509-1000

Tufts Health Plan: (617-972-9400

Address: 1 Wellness Way, Canton, MA 02201, United States

Ratings from various sources

GlassDoor: 3.2

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Trustpilot: 4.7

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Google Reviews: 3.2

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Point32health Reviews (Real-life testimonials)

Zurain (name changed)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Recently, I bought a Medicare plan, and I found that the premium is low compared to other gigantic health insurance providers. Overall, I am satisfied.

Clara (name changed)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Point32Health is a one-time solution to cover all your health expenses. Recently, I got a minor ACL tear, and I was worried about surgery. Point32Health covered my expenses. 

Thank God my savings haven’t been wiped out due to Point32Health.

Valeen (name changed)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Their plans are the best, and I am considering switching from my current health insurance company to Pointh32Health. 

Is point32health still active?

Yes, Point32health is still active, but in mid-2023, Point32health faced a ransomware attack.


Can I trust the services of Point32health? 

Yes, you can trust the services provided by Point32Health. 

Is Point32health certified and recognized by various institutions?

Yes, this organization is certified by various institutions for social interaction with other stakeholders. 

Are their services reasonable?

Yes, the services provided by them are reasonable.

Conclusion on Point32health Reviews.

Point32Health is an organization that provides health insurance services and is recognized and accredited by various organizations. 

This organization is the parent company of two other non-profit health insurance companies and a provider.

Above, we explained all queries regarding this and explained the detailed plans offered by them.

Overall, we can say that it is better to seek consultation from your insurance planner or financial advisor before taking any insurance.

Thanks for reading.

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