You are currently viewing Vitality Health Insurance Review. Is it worth it?

Vitality Health Insurance Review. Is it worth it?

Vitality Health Insurance Review: Our visitors send lots of emails regarding this. That’s why in this blog post we are going to check the claim process, customer testimonials, ratings, and certifications from various institutions, and related queries.

So let’s have a look.

What is Vitality Health Insurance, and why has it gained popularity?

Vitality is a health insurance company that provides both health and life insurance. It is a UK-based company and targets mainly the UK market.

Neville Koopwitz has become CEO of this organization, and Vitality is also a subsidiary company of Discovery Limited.

What makes Vitality Health Insurance different from other health insurance companies?

What makes vitality health insurance different from others

Vitality is not just another health insurance company; they always make sure that their policyholders keep themselves healthy and fit.

For this purpose, Vitality appreciates giving rewards to those who choose a healthy lifestyle.

Recently, Vitality also had a short-term tie-up with various sports clubs to organize a weekly mini-marathon.

How do I get a claim for Vitality Health Insurance? 

Here is a simple and easy method for your claim because this is an online process.

1. Download the Virality Health Club app and select for which purpose you’re requesting a claim. This can be eye inflammation, headache, cough, cold, etc.

2. Describe your problem in detail: After selecting the issue, you have to describe it in detail, and later on, you’ll get a Vitality GP appointment by filling out the basic appointment process, like the time slot and date.

3. Aid via appointment: After the appointment, you have to wait for a video call from a healthcare professional.

4. Booking a consultant: Later on, you will get an email regarding the booking of a consultant.

5. Find and book your consultant: In an email, you’ll find a list of consultants based on their qualifications, customer reviews, and ratings.

6. Select your consultant: After reviewing all consultants, choose one that you think is suitable for you and book an appointment by selecting your location.

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Are there any more treatment options?

If you think that the above consultation is not more than enough for you, then select the “Request More Treatment” option under the app and follow the process given.

You’ll get a list of hospitals based on your location.

Can I speak to someone about my issue regarding the claim process?

Yes, there is specific customer support that handles your queries regarding the claim process.

Are there any other health-aid services available?

Yes, you can book mental health sessions, physiotherapy, breast screening, cancer risk assessment, support services for menopause, etc.

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The types of insurance policies covered under Vitality Health.

Vitality covers two types of insurance: term life insurance and whole life insurance.

Whole life insurance: When a person dies, another person will get a lump sum amount. There is no expiration date for whole-life insurance, but when we compare the costs of both insurances, whole-life insurance costs more.

Term life insurance

Term life insurance is specific for a certain period, generally 10–30 years. It is more affordable as compared to whole life insurance.

If a person passes away within the insured period, a death benefit would be offered to their family members or beneficiaries. 

Term Life: Level.

It is the amount decided by you that your family will get if you die. This is a fixed amount, which you can also change if you want.

Term Life: Decreasing: 

This plan helps you reduce your financial obligations—for example, the repayment of a mortgage.

Term life: increasing. This is more expensive compared to leveling and decreasing. This plan is best for those who are worried about inflation risk.

Their payout index is linked, which increases in line with the RPI.

A step-by-step guide to choosing a plan from Vitality.

Here is a step-by-step process for choosing plans under Vitality Health Insurance. 

1. Choose a plan: On their official website, you will get two options (health insurance and life insurance). Above, we explained what you will get under both plans. Below both options, you can see the “Get a quote” and “Explore Cover” buttons.

Here is a list of questions you will get if you click on the “Get a quote” button.

  • Your name
  • Postal code
  • Date of Birth 
  • Gender at birth 
  • Whether you already have private medical insurance
  • Whether this plan is just for you, your partner, or your kids
  • The date when you want to start this plan 
  • Your keen interest in rewards and gifts
  • Your email address.

2. If you click on the “Get a quote” button: you will be directly redirected to a page where you have to fill out the form, and later on, Vitality Health Insurance will send you a quote.

Under the Explore Cover button, you will find the “Get a quote” button, consultation contact information, reasons why Vitality health insurance is unique, things that are included or not included under health insurance, and all other information related to it.

Rewards and achievements earned by Vitality.

Reviews and ratings given to Vitality health insurance

Moneyfacts:- It is a company that provides financial information. In 2017, VitalityHealth was announced as the “Best Private Medical Insurance Provider” in the United Kingdom. On their official website (VitalityHealth), it has a 5-star rating.

DefaqtoDefaqto is an organization that compares financial products, and it is an independent organization. Again, Vitality has been awarded 5 stars. 

CXA’20: UK customer experience award. Gold Award: An organization that gives awards based on customer experience.

How good is customer support?

As of now, we haven’t enrolled, but we can say that there has been a quick response from them. When we logged in on their website, we got an instant response from them. There is a toll-free number where you can contact them based on your query.

Here are the contact details for Vitality.

Office Add: If you want to contact Vitality, they have four overall offices. 1 registered and 3 others. 

Contact No.: 0345 602 4848, 0345 279 8877

Vitality Health Insurance Reviews (real-life testimonials)

Vitality Health Insurance Reviews by real-life testimonials

Note: Reviews from customers have been extracted from secondary sources like Trustpilot and SmartMoneyPeople.

Fernandez (name changed)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I can say that their service is one of the best because they cover all my fever expenses. Overall, I can say that their employees are energetic and kind, with great service.

Valencia (name changed)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

What customer support! I mean, this is the first time I have seen such a polite customer response from a health insurance company. I had taken an insurance plan from two other companies as well, but if I want to compare Vitality with the other two, then this is the best one. These are my honest words.

Isabella (name changed)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Fully satisfied. I think this company would lead the health insurance industry. Nobody can beat their service quality or plans. Best choice for Brits.

Is Vitality health insurance good?

After a detailed analysis of customer reviews, our experience, and ratings given by various organizations, We can say that you can trust Vitality Health. Still, we would recommend you 

to take consultation with your financial advisor and make a decision based on your understanding.


Is vitality worth it?

Yes, vitality is value for money.

Why choose vitality? 

It provides plans that suit you and financial protection. 

Is there a cancellation fee for Vitality? 

There are no cancellation fees within the first 14 days of taking it out.

is vitality owned by AXA

Vitality is owned by a parent company called Discovery Holdings.

Conclusion on Vitality Health Insurance Reviews.

Vitality Health Insurance is a worthy health insurance provider. Above, we explained plans provided by them, ratings given by various organizations, customer testimonials, and lots more queries related to them. 

We also signed up on their official website, and customer support is good enough to coordinate with us.

Overall, it is better to seek consultation from your financial advisor about whether you should go for it or not.

Thanks for reading. 

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