Diaper genie vs trash can. Which one to choose?

As a caring and frugal mother, you might have come across one question: “Diaper genie vs trash can“. Which one should I choose?

In short, Diaper Genie is worthy of replacing normal trash cans. We discussed some genuine reasons why you should go for Diaper Genie or other diaper pails.

What is a diaper pail, and why do mothers buy it?

Diaper pails are specially designed trash cans that are made to hold dirty diapers and maintain hygiene around them. 

There are various kinds of diaper pails, and Diaper Genie is one of them. Generally, mothers use diaper pails for their babies because of frequent diaper changes.

Why can’t we replace Diaper Genie with trash cans?

Why Diaper Pails Why not Trash Cans

Here are some convincing and genuine reasons why we cannot replace Diaper Genie with trash cans.

Hygiene Issue: Diaper pails are specially designed to hold a certain number of diapers in them. When we compare it with a trash can, it never has as many diapers.

In the case of Diaper Genie, you can take out a trash bag without any hustle, and at the same time, hygiene is maintained, but in the case of cash cans, this is not possible.

Most mothers find the diaper Genie an investment, and the ROI is a hygiene and odorless home.

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Takes less space: The diaper Genie is designed vertically so that it can take less space at your home, but in terms of trash cans, they are horizontally expanded and take up more space.

When you look at the Diaper Genie, it doesn’t look like normal ugly trash cans, but in terms of trash cans, it fades the aesthetic of your home.

Movable: The diaper Genie is movable, and it is more convenient for mothers who cannot lift the heavy bags of dirty diapers present in the bags.

You can take diaper bags by just opening the middle lock of the diaper Genie, but in terms of trash cans, you have to lift the heavy chunk of dirty diapers.

Odor Control: The diaper Genie has a unique lock system in which, when you open it, it closes down from the bottom so that the odor won’t come out easily, but in the trash can, when you open it to put another dirty diaper, the smell will spread all over the room.

When you can buy trash cans over diapers?

We would suggest you buy a trash can for holding the dirty diapers when you have a separate room where you can keep this trash can.

Also, note that that store room should be close to your exit door because transferring would be a frustrating task.

Trash cans are cheaper than the Diaper Genie. What should I do?

If we think that trash cans are cheaper than Diaper Genie or other diaper pails, then definitely trash cans are cheap.

But what about the cost of our health and hygiene? Most of the time, toddlers become naughty, and if they pull trash cans, then what?

Therefore, Diaper Genie comes with a locking system so that toddlers won’t mess up with it.

Is Diaper Genie worth it

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Diaper genie vs. trash can Which one to choose?

Diaper Genie or other diaper pails are for those mothers who want to maintain hygiene at home. 

Most mothers think that we should go for diaper genies or other diaper pails, but as mothers, we have a responsibility to maintain hygiene and keep our families safe.

The disadvantage of keeping trash cans instead of diaper pails is that they result in an unhygienic place, a room full of odor, and a room that is non-movable.


Can I use a trash can with an air purifier?

Well, using trash cans to dump diapers with an air purifier can be a good option, but you still have to switch on the air purifier most of the time because of the stinky odor.

That’s why Diaper Genie comes with an odor absorber on top of it.

Diaper Pail with regular trash bags.

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Can I use a trash can instead of a diaper pail?

Yes, you can use a trash can instead of a diaper pail, but a diaper pail provides more benefits as compared to normal trash cans.

Can you use regular trash bags with a Diaper Genie?

No, you cannot use regular trash bags with Diaper Genie because there are special, customized bags for them.

Do diaper genies keep the smell away?

Yes, the Diaper Pail keeps the smell away because of its locking system.

How often do you empty a Diaper Genie?

You have to add fresh bags at Diaper Genie after 2–3 days.

Conclusion on Diaper Genie vs. Trash Can

Using trash cans instead of Diaper Genie cannot be a good option because, after some days, you’ll feel the odor, and if trash cans are filled with diapers, then it makes the place unhygienic. 

Diaper Genie comes with an air freshener at the top of it so that dirty diapers present inside can’t smell.

Overall, comparing Diaper Genie vs. trash can, Diaper Genie always wins.

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