Pear (500 Gram)

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500 Gram

Pear :-Highly nutritious, harvested from Farm. We deliver one of the premium pear that are fresh & Sweet. Here our main focus is on Organic pear that is GMO free.

Benefits of Pineapple are :-

  • 1. May Reduce Inflammation.
    2. May Boost Immunity.

    3. May Increase Antioxidant Activity.

    4. Potentially Rich Source of Fiber.
    5. Linked to a lower risk of diabetes.
    6. May boost heart health.
    7. May help you lose weight.
    8. May offer anticancer effects.
    9. May promote gut health.
    10.Pears keep your skin healthy

  • Why Order from Leafydo?

  • 1. We harvest after order placed from customer.
    2. We give 100 % Instant Moneyback Guarantee.

    3. our delivery Charge is ₹1.

    4. We provide instant customer support.
    5. GMO – Free products.

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