Pine Apple (500 Gram)

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900 Gram – 1,500 Gram

PineApple :-A tropical plant that loaded with nutrients, contains disease fighting antioxidant, boost immunity and suppress inflamation. Leafydo assures that our consumers would get totally fresh Pine Apple.

Benefits of Pineapple are :-

  • 1. Reduce blood pressure.
    2. Strengthen your gums.
    3. Help prevent cancer.
    4. Treat colds and cough.
    5. Keep your eyes healthy.
    6. Reduce stress.
    7. Reduce blood clot.
    8. A great remedy for sinuses and allergy swellings.
    9. Strengthen your bones.
    10. Boost your immune system.

  • Why Order from Leafydo?

  • 1. We harvest after order placed from customer.
    2. We give 100 % Instant Moneyback Guarantee.

    3. our delivery Charge is ₹1.

    4. We provide instant customer support.
    5. GMO – Free products.

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