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Does Ketamine Therapy help with ADHD?

According to WBUR, medication can’t fix ADHD. I hope you got the short answer to this question, but if you want to understand, Does ketamine therapy help with ADHD? Then stay with us.

The things we explained in this article are in simple words so that everyone can understand them without any effort. 

Let’s start this blog post with some interesting facts about ADHD.

  • Not everyone who has a high energy level suffers from ADHD.
  • People with ADHD pay attention to the work they like most for long periods.
  • Intelligence has nothing to do with ADHD.

Now let’s explore. Does ketamine therapy help with ADHD or not?

What is Ketamine Therapy?

what is ketamine therapy

Ketamine is a type of medicinal therapy in which a person is treated under the surveillance of various doctors.

Ketamine therapy is given to individuals who are suffering from mental health conditions like stress and depression.

At first, it was used as anesthesia for animals in 1960, and after a few years, the FDA approved it as anesthesia for humans.

It has also been used on Vietnamese soldiers to treat them.

Situations when ketamine is used.

There are various situations when ketamine is used for various purposes, and those are

Anesthesia: Ketamine is used as an anesthetic during surgery to reduce pain.

Depression: It has been noticed that when a person takes ketamine, it helps cure depression. One perfect and real-life example is “Jeffrey Winograd“.

Jeff tried almost every antidepressant, but nothing worked for him.

Back then, he was the father of two small children and struggling as a video producer. According to him, depression was so intense that later on he sought consultation from different doctors. He said that ketamine saved his life.

Chronic Pain: It has been noted that ketamine is also used to cure chronic pain, but it works temporarily.

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Some advantages of ketamine

Instant Result: Depression is a state where patients want instant relief, and here ketamine works effectively. It has been noted that ketamine works quickly compared to traditional medicines.

Alternatives for Treatment Resistance Cases: There are various methods to cure stress and depression. If nothing works, then ketamine therapy can be used as an alternative. It works effectively as compared to other medicinal and non-medical treatments. 

Helps to cure bipolar depression: A patient who is suffering from bipolar depression is hard to cure, but some positive results have been observed in these patients.

Immediate Relief in PTSD: Ketamine therapy might help with post-traumatic stress disorder and also help those who are struggling with traumatic experiences.

Dosage can be customized: There is no standard dosage for all age groups; doctors can adjust the frequency and dosage of ketamine based on individual needs.

Better neural connections: Ketamine helps stimulate the growth of neural connections, which results in long-term recovery.

Improved quality of life: If an individual completes successful ketamine therapy, it results in improved mood, high energy, and recovery from depression.

What is ADHD, and what are its side effects? 

what is adhd

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, in which individuals (especially kids) find it difficult to pay attention to a task. These individuals are hyperactive without thinking, and they can also be easily distracted.

However, it has been noted that there are various side effects of ADHD, and some of them are 


  1. Difficulty with organization 
  2. Procrastination 
  3. Impulsivity 
  4. Low Self-Esteem 
  5. Academic and work challenges
  6. Relationships and Difficulties
  7. Emotional sensitivity

Does ketamine therapy help with ADHD?

As of now (August 2023), research on ketamine therapy with ADHD is limited, which is why we can’t say that ketamine therapy would work with ADHD.

However, ketamine is neither approved nor a standard medicine to help you with ADHD.

If you have tried everything but nothing works and you’re thinking of going with ketamine therapy, then first consult with a psychologist and healthcare professional because it can be risky to take medication without guidance.

Other ways to treat ADHD

other ways to treat adhd

Behavioral Therapy: Due to a lack of attention span, most people get disturbed, and hence, cognitive behavioral therapy helps to change negative thought patterns into positive ones. Under this therapy, an individual learns various skills like time management, coping strategies, and handling impulsive reactions.

Medication: Medicines like methylphenidate and amphetamine help manage ADHD symptoms and increase focus.

Structured Routines: When we set a routine for every task, the chances of chaos are reduced. Set a time for wake-up, study period, meal, and sleep so that your circadian rhythm forms and your overall feeling of being overwhelmed is reduced.

Organization Skills: Some organization skills, like maintaining a planner and preparing a to-do list, help an individual increase their focus and level of energy.

Creatine Supportive Environment: When a person works in a professional environment, they can easily enter into a flow state. Flow state means when a person performs an activity with a lot of energy and focus.

If you’re a professional, then you can maintain a quiet environment around you. For students, a dedicated place for studying (for example, a study room or library) can also be a good option.

Health Lifestyle: A workout session not only brings physically positive results but also increases attention span. A balanced lifestyle helps support brain function and manage symptoms.

Mindfulness and relaxation techniques: Mindfulness is one of the best ways to increase awareness and improve focus.

Does Ketamine Therapy help with ADHD –


Is there any risk in ketamine therapy?

Yes, every therapy has specific side effects. It is essential to get a consultation before taking any medication. 

With whom should I talk about my ADHD issue?

You can talk with a psychiatrist or mental healthcare professionals.

How do you cure ADHD without any medicine?

ADHD can’t be treated, but you can manage it with some practices like mindfulness techniques and organizing yourself with a to-do list.

Conclusion on “Does Ketamine Therapy Help with ADHD?”

On the internet, some websites recommend using ketamine therapy to manage ADHD, but it has not been approved by any authoritative or medical organization that helps manage ADHD.

Before making any decision about any therapy, first consult with your healthcare professional, and then take a step.

You may have searched whether ketamine therapy helps with ADHD because you tried everything but got no results. For that, we would highly recommend that you seek consultation from a highly qualified psychiatrist.

Overall, we can say that ketamine therapy would not help with ADHD because it has not been proven by any authoritative or medical organization.

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