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Can you Meditate with Music? 9 Steps Explained.

In this chaotic world, meditation brings enough clarity, but one question arises: Can you meditate with Music? The answer is: Yes, you can meditate with music”.

Let’s check the factors and other points you can consider when deciding whether you can meditate with music or not. 

Why should you meditate with music?

Meditation means your mind is focused on a particular thought for a certain period.

Here are a few reasons why you should meditate with music:

1. Help to relax the body: Calm and soothing music creates an environment that has to relax your body and mind. This is one of the most beneficial things about meditating with music.

2. Music acts as a focal point: Most people find meditating in silence a problematic task. Music serves as a focal point for these people.

3. Take down external noises: Most of the time when we meditate, external noises divert our focus. That’s why playing a soothing and calm tune slows down all external noises.

4. Enhance your meditation experience: continuous and rhythmic melodies help a practitioner dig deep into the state of meditation.

5. Makes you creative: For those whose work is related to creativity, meditation can help elevate their creativity. A great idea can be clicked into your mind while meditating with music.

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List of 9 Music you can hear while doing Meditation.

Please Note: The title of music may be different but all the music we selected is best for mediation

1.20-Minute Awareness Meditation

2. Relaxing Music For Stress Relief:

3. 15 minutes of deep meditation

4. Morning Music For Meditation

5. Japanese Music for Meditation

6. Deep Healing Music

7. 15 Minutes of Deep Meditation

8. 10 Minutes of Deep Meditation

9. Awaken your Inner Vision.

How to do meditation with music? 9 Steps Explained.

how to do meditation with music
  1. Find a peaceful place: Find a peaceful place where you can sit down and meditate. It can be your religious place, a park, or a closed room.
  2. Select soothing music: We have given a list of soothing music below so that you can use it while meditating. We chose this music based on our experience and reviews in the comment section.
  3. Sit in a comfortable position: The Lotus position is considered one of the best meditating positions. But you can also sit cross-legged on the floor. Make sure, your spine should be straight, and you can also hold mudras to make your meditation effective. A study finds that sitting in a lotus position can increase energy level as compared to sitting in a chair posture.
  4. Start Deep Breathing: People take breathing forcefully, but while meditating, you have to do it naturally. Feel the breath coming in and out of your nostrils. 
  5. Play Music and Be Mindful: After a few seconds of deep breathing, you can start soft music by focusing on rhythm and tone. Bring awareness to every melody so that your mind can be in the present moment.
  6. Connect your Breath with Music: Now you are taking deep breaths with enough awareness of music. Try to connect with music by bringing awareness to melodies.
  7. Be mindful: While doing any focused work, our minds usually think about other things. So you have to bring awareness to the present without distracting yourself.
  8. Set a specific duration: Setting a specific duration helps for a better outcome because usually, our minds think “How long should I sit in one place”?.
  9. Thanks to God in the end: gratitude is one of the best ways to express how full you are, and to do so, give thanks to God, or the one who created you. This will bring peace and a feeling of relaxation.

Things you should remember while meditating with music

things you should remember

Choose appropriate music: soft and light music helps to calm your mind, but at the same time, if you are listening to pop or high-intensity music, it brings strong emotions, which is not good for meditation.

We had also given a list of a few songs so that you could meditate with them.

Use headphones if possible: If you are in a place where external sources create a disturbance, then using headphones is the best option. It allows you to dig deep into melodies and lyrics while meditating.

Flow with music: do not interpret music intellectually, and let music heal you. Do not try to draw any judgment or any kind of conclusion from that music.

Don’t become attached: Detachment is one of the core elements of meditation, and you have to keep that feeling when you do meditation with music.

What is the Best time to Meditate?

best time to meditate

Practicing time for meditation can vary from person to person, but morning is the best time to meditate because we are not overburdened with thoughts and gossip. That’s why most monks and gurus recommend meditation in the morning.

But due to a tight schedule, if you do not have the opportunity to meditate in the morning, then the evening is also a good option.

Some Powerful Affirmations you can repeat after meditation

Affirmation for Students

“I understand every concept from the first principle.”

“God, thank you so much for giving me an intelligent mind that grasps knowledge.”

“I had more capability to understand whatever the professor was saying; thank you so much, God.”

“I am mature enough that I am going to school for knowledge and not for certification.”

Affirmation for Working Professionals

“I am feeling happy because every day I am working on my skills.”

“I am thankful that God has made me a lifelong learner.”

“I am happy that I am working for a company that helps me a lot to learn.”


Is there any benefit of meditating with music?

Yes, Meditation with music helps you to build focus.

Which music should I hear while meditating with music?

We had given a list of music so that you can play it while meditating

Can I do yoga while listening to music

Yes, you can do yoga while listening to music and this helps to bring focus to yoga poses.

Conclusion on Can you Meditate with Music

Yes, there are lots of benefits like you can bring awareness and align your thoughts into the present moment. Make sure you have to use light music and incense stick to create a soothing environment for meditation.
Overall meditating with music is one of the best options to build a one-pointed focus.

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